When it comes to your Instagram bio, you want to make sure it contains the right amount of text and spelling so that people will actually read your bio and keep it open. But, how do you know what’s the right amount?

To Instagram is to link your Instagram account in your Twitter account. When you put your account in your Twitter account, it will help you to have a link in your Instagram account. Instagram Link is important for your Instagram account. Every social media platform will have a similar tool to help you to link your Instagram account to your Twitter account.

According to the New York Times, nearly one-third of Instagram users post more than 100 times per month. We do believe that will have a lot of followings too. Instagram has been the key player in social media marketing in recent years and so, it is not surprising to find the number of its followers rising among the social media users.

best Instagram link in bio tools.thinkmaverickAre you searching for methods to increase traffic to your Instagram bio link?


Don’t know where to begin when it comes to promoting numerous links on Instagram?


Then this article is for you.


You should already be aware that Instagram only permits one link in your bio.


This “one bio link” restriction seems to work in stopping individuals (and bots) from flooding IG bios with links.


This, however, is a problem for writers, marketers, and bloggers like you and me who want to lead visitors to a variety of sites.


Changing your Instagram bio link every time you have anything fresh to offer may be a difficult job.


“Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could include more links in your Instagram bio to increase attention to your blog articles, shops, and other social media profiles?”


It’s fortunately simple to repair. All you have to do is use the RIGHT tool.


In this post, I’ll show you some of the finest Instagram link in bio solutions for generating more leads and increasing site traffic while avoiding Instagram’s “one link in bio” restriction.

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Consider the possibilities! 

You’ll be able to direct followers to particular material as a blogger or small business owner, such as:

  • Posts on the blog
  • Facebook page for a company
  • Account on Pinterest
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • An episode of the podcast
  • Videos on YouTube
  • Page dedicated to the product
  • Button for donating
  • Shops on the internet
  • Any downloaded material, such as a free course, a free book, or any other downloadable content
  • A sale occasion

So, if all you have is a link to your website’s homepage, you’re losing out on a huge potential.


Are you ready to give your Instagram bio link a boost?

Let’s get started.


Here’s a collection of programs that will allow you to generate a single clickable URL that will lead you in many places.

When someone clicks on your link, you only have one chance to create a strong first impression, so make it count.


Best Instagram Link in Bio tools. thinkmaverick

Hy.page is an essential tool for any content producer looking to monetise their Instagram account. 


Hy.page enables you to build a unique and easily-customizable page that elegantly displays all of the essential links you want to share with your audience in just a few simple clicks. 


One unique advantage is that you may earn money directly from your bio link without having to pay any fees.


You may sell digital goods, memberships, and subscription material from a single URL, as well as take contributions and special requests from your followers.


It’s never been easier to make money on Instagram!


You don’t need a website, and you don’t have to take money via sites like Gumroad or Patreon.


Hy.page is a one-stop shop.10-Best-Instagram-Link-In-Bio-Tools-of-2021

Hy.page is an easy-to-use platform for selling ebooks, movies, audios, papers, pictures, and other digital material. Everything from payment to security, user access, and product delivery will be handled by this tool.


It’s also an excellent substitute for Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee, and Ko-fi. 


Your followers may now donate to your cause, join your email list, and join your membership straight from your Instagram bio link.


Most importantly, Hy.page does not take a cut of your earnings! You get to retain 100% of your profits. o


Take use of Hy.page’s free tool to start collecting emails and earning money straight from your bio link, whether you’re just starting out or growing up your company. It’s completely free!




Sked Link is the simplest and most effective way to optimize your Instagram bio link.


Use Sked Link as your Instagram bio link to send people to many places, such as your blog articles, goods, website, email opt-in, and so on.


It’s a basic tool, but it includes everything you’ll need to create an eye-catching landing page.

  • Upload a photo for your profile.
  • On your page, provide a welcome message.
  • Choose the text, font, and color for the button.
  • You may include as many links as you like.
  • and more

1629704417_85_10-Best-Instagram-Link-In-Bio-Tools-of-2021The built-in live preview is what sets Sked Link apart. You can watch the preview altering on the right as you add items to your website using this helpful feature.


You may also customize your page by adding a mini-bio, welcome message, or opening text to grab your audience’s attention and show them who you are and how you can assist them.


Additionally, you may provide your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics ID. This allows you to properly monitor and measure Instagram traffic.


The Instagram gallery display is one of Sked Link’s standout features. It enables you to include your Instagram feed into your personalized link. You may send people to a particular website when they click on one of your Instagram photos.


What’s the greatest part? It’s completely free.


If you already use Sked Social, their Instagram scheduling tool, you can get rid of the Sked Link branding for no additional charge.


Here’s how to get started with Sked Link for free. You may join up for a 7-day trial to try out all of Sked’s capabilities (IG auto-posting + removing Sked Link’s branding).



In your Instagram bio, Shorby makes it simple to post numerous links.


It’s the ideal way to get around the “one link in bio” restriction. Allows you to organize all of the links you wish to post into a single, well-designed Instagram link profile.


As a result, you may now have numerous Instagram bio links on your profile.


Shorby is simple to operate.


The following is how it works:

Make a Shorby Link first.

To begin, create a free account using your your address. Shorby will also urge you to build a lovely mini landing page with rich connections to your most important content.


You may include numerous links that go to a blog, affiliate links, website, online shop, social networks, messengers, podcasts, YouTube, discounts, events, and anything else you might think of!


Take a minute to personalize your website by adding components like unique buttons and backgrounds, GIFs, videos, animated Avatars, text blocks, symbols, snappy headlines, and rich links to make it stand out from the crowd. 

1629704418_420_10-Best-Instagram-Link-In-Bio-Tools-of-20212. Include a link to Shorby in your Instagram bio.

The most essential step once you’ve finished creating is to add your Shorby link to your Instagram bio.


Simply put the URL into your Instagram bio and keep it there indefinitely. It will immediately become visible to all of your visitors and will begin guiding them to particular content.


Furthermore, you have complete freedom to swap, modify, and add as many connections as you want, whenever you want.


That is all there is to it. Allow your Shorby connection to function for you when you’re ready.


3. Keep track of how many times a link is clicked.

On the Shorby dashboard, you can also view real-time statistics, analyze clicks and traffic, and optimize your Instagram strategy.


4. Retarget your focus market

This retargeting function is particularly helpful for merchants, bloggers, or affiliates that promote their company on third-party websites like Amazon, Patreon, or Clickbank.


Allowing you to retarget people who click on the personalized link you created in your advertising and increase sales.


You just need to set it up once, then add any links you’d want to share, and Shorby will do the rest.


Nothing compares to the value of free premium tools. So, if you want to get the most out of your Instagram bio link, I recommend giving their 5-day trial a try.


1629704422_948_10-Best-Instagram-Link-In-Bio-Tools-of-2021Smart.bio from Tailwind is my go-to tool for Instagram traffic optimization.


Here’s an example of what Smart.bio can do:


When someone clicks on my Instagram bio-link, they’ll be sent to this amazing landing page, which gives my followers numerous options for discovering all of my recent work.


You may use Smart.bio to build a branded link for your Instagram account (for example, smart.bio/thinkmaverick) that displays all of your channels: courses, lead generating pages, email lists, promotions, online stores, blogs, websites, other social media, chat line connections, and so on.


You may incorporate clickable feed pictures in your Smart.bio in addition to static link buttons. Simply include a link in your most recent Instagram post, and it will immediately show in your Smart.bio feed. As a result, you won’t have to update your bio link again!


This is especially helpful for advertising goods, services, and blog articles since visitors can browse through your Instagram feed and click on any picture that piques their attention, which will lead them to the relevant material. 


Additionally, you have the option of customizing:

  • The title of your page
  • Colors for your buttons should be consistent with your brand.
  • Including emojis in your static link headers
  • Each of your Instagram post image’s CTA (calls to action) buttons


As if that weren’t enough, Smart.bio also offers real-time analytics. You can examine your results and understand what’s working by looking at statistics like total visitors to your Smart.bio link, total link clicks, and your content’s click-through rate.


You may use all of these features for free, indefinitely!


Start using Smart.bio for free right now.


You may subscribe to their Plus Plan if you want to schedule your posts and have them immediately update your Smart.bio page with fresh post links as soon as they go live on Instagram. 


This premium subscription includes a variety of useful features like as grid planning, auto-scheduling posts, Stories, and videos, finding the ideal hashtags, monitoring comments, and tracking outcomes all in one place!


Tailwind offers a free trial in which you may try out the tool and plan up to 30 Instagram posts for free.



best instagram link in bio tool. thinkmaverick


C8KE is an Instagram link in bio generator that is completely free. Create a customized landing page with C8KE to get most out of your bio link by including essential connections, social networks, shoppable pictures, and videos.


It is simple to use and completely configurable. In minutes, you may modify your profile image, background, font, style, color, and more to build your own unique link-in-bio mobile website.


C8KE’s Shoppable Gallery feature is especially useful; it allows you to build a shoppable gallery of pictures and videos on your landing page. Your audience will be able to find your material, get inspired, and buy all in one location.


Do you want to advertise affiliate services or products?

Simply connect your articles or videos to your Amazon affiliate, Skimlinks, Shareasale, or Viglinks accounts. You get to retain 100% of your profits. C8KE does not take a cut of your affiliate commissions.

instagram link in bioFeatures to look for: 

  • Posts that can be purchased
  • Function of the search bar
  • Embed your C8KE landing page into any website, blog, or product page with the Website Widget.
  • Make a unique landing page and put all of your essential links on it.
  • Detailed statistics on page visits, post views, and link hits are available.

instagram link in bio




“Not simply another link tool,” says Liinks. It’s a low-cost landing page with additional superpowers for your links!




If you can’t find a straightforward tool that does both:

a) Create a landing page with a beautiful backdrop, social icons, a logo, and a brief bio for your links.

b) Connect to Instagram to have links from your post captions automatically included.


Then you’ve come to the right place!




There are tools that accomplish one of these things, but none that do both in a simple, clean, and cost-effective manner.




All of this and more is completely free with Liinks:

🎩 Clean & elegant link page

Important links should be pinned to the top of your page.

Include your social media connections.

💃 Customize your page with a logo & tagline

Customize the colors of the links

📊 Track page views & link clicks

a hundred percent free


Do you want to make the most of your Liinks page? You may subscribe to Premium at any time for $3/month and get access to all of the following features:

Custom backgrounds, fonts, and styles will make your page stand out.

To your links, add images and descriptions.

Make your display name unique.

Schedule the addition of connections at a later time.

Instagram auto-publishing links

Redirect your Liinks page to another website for the time being.

Use an eye-catching animation to draw attention to your links.

Integrate Facebook Pixel with your website.

There’s a lot more…


The UI is sleek, basic, and practical, with just enough customisation options to make your website seem distinctive without being overwhelming.


If you find yourself regularly changing your link to reflect the substance of your posts, the Instagram connection comes in useful.


Create and personalize an attractive landing page for your links with Liinks. Connect with Instagram to have links from your post captions automatically added to your page. It’s easy to use, quick, and inexpensive. Now is the time to try it!


1629704432_543_10-Best-Instagram-Link-In-Bio-Tools-of-2021Linktree, which was founded in 2016, is widely credited as being the first business to come up with the concept of utilizing a single clickable URL in your Instagram profile to connect to numerous locations.


Celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Pearl Jam have used Linktree. Expedia, Qantas, and Red Bull are just a few of the large corporations that have discovered and utilized Linktree to improve their social media presence.


Linktree, like Sked Link, has a $0, Free Forever plan that allows you to easily add an infinite number of links to a single Instagram account.


The following is how it works:

  • Linktree allows you to create a free account.
  • Linktree allows you to share as many links as you like.
  • After that, you’ll be given a personalized link, which you should put into your Instagram bio.
  • Done. When someone clicks on the link in your Instagram bio, they’ll be sent to a page containing a variety of links you’ve created, such as connections to popular blog articles, email signups, goods, and an Amazon shop.


With their free plan, you can also monitor how many hits each of your links receives.


Upgrade to their PRO plan to eliminate the Linktree branding and get access to premium features.


Linktree PRO has three excellent features: I you can schedule your links to go live in tandem with planned posts; (ii) you can completely personalize your Linktree titles, colors, fonts, and button styles; and (iii) you can retarget your Linktree visitors on Facebook and Instagram.


You may use Linktree for free if you don’t mind Linktree branding on your Instagram landing page. Get their PRO plan for $6/month to get all premium features.

Lnk.Bio (number 8)

1629704432_281_10-Best-Instagram-Link-In-Bio-Tools-of-2021Lnk.Bio is another basic yet effective tool for optimizing your Instagram bio link.


It may seem to be similar to Linktree at first sight. But it’s not like that.


The free version of Lnk.Bio will generate a random unique URL instead of a branded URL (like Linktree).


Apart than that, they’re utilizing Instagram’s official API. As a result, you don’t need to disclose your password to utilize this service, making it ideal for companies who handle numerous client Instagram profiles.


Here are some of the other things you can do with Lnk.Bio:

  • Make your own URL (paid plan)
  • Connect all of your social media accounts.
  • You may add as many links as you like to your landing page.
  • Stats and link tracking (paid plan)


Lnk.Bio is a completely free service. If you want a personalized link and to monitor the success of your link, you’ll need to subscribe to their premium plans, which start at $0.99 per month. A one-time payment of $24.99 is needed to remove the Lnk.Bio footer and logo.

1629704437_198_10-Best-Instagram-Link-In-Bio-Tools-of-2021In comparison to the other businesses on the list, Link in Profile is a bit different.


Link in Profile will grab pictures from your Instagram post instead of building a landing page with your links, words, or images. Then you may add a link to the particular picture to lead your followers to the location you want them to go.


Use Instagram to share a picture of your new product, blog article, or giveaway.


Then, in your Instagram post caption, utilize Link in Profile to add a link. Your Instagram pictures will appear when your followers click the link in your Instagram bio. They’ll be brought straight to the material they’re interested in after they click the one they want.


It may be used to connect to your most recent blog post, affiliate links, your Etsy store, or your shop page.


Sign up for a 30-day trial before committing to a $9.99/month membership.


Both vendors and buyers will find Linkin.bio to be very helpful. Instagram can help sellers increase their visibility and income. Also, simply browsing through your Instagram feed, your followers may quickly purchase online.


The problem is that most Instagram bio link solutions will direct users to your online shop or website, where they must search for the goods they want. Unfortunately, many customers will leave your business before finding the item they’re looking for.


When your prospective consumers touch on your Instagram pictures, Linkin.bio skips this step and takes them directly to the particular product page.


Here are some of Linkin.bio’s key features:

  • Add up to five links to each Instagram post. 
  • Without altering the link in your profile, connect each Instagram posts to particular articles, websites, videos, product pages, online shops, and so on.
  • Connect your Shopify shop and use tags to categorize items in your articles.
  • Keep track of how many times your Instagram posts have been clicked and how many times they have been seen.
  • With UTM Tracking for Instagram, you can track your ROI in Google Analytics.
  • Later is a great place to schedule your articles with links.


As you can see, you can use this sophisticated Instagram bio link tool to convert your Instagram feed into a shoppable landing page.


I’d think it’s better suited to internet merchants, affiliate marketers, or companies who already have a product to offer and are profitable.


To use this fantastic tool, you’ll need to sign up for one of their Business plans, which start at $19 per month.



This is a more professional method of creating a powerful Instagram bio link with a lot of customization options.


Leadpages, unlike other solutions with restricted capabilities, offers you complete control over your landing page. It’s not your usual link in bio tool; instead, it’s a full-featured landing page generator that lets you create your own mobile-friendly page!


You may even host your landing pages on their platform for free if you don’t have your own website yet.


I’ll confess it. It’s simpler to utilize an Instagram bio tool like Linktree or Lnk.Bio, but you’ll probably end up with a page that looks like every other Instagrammer’s.


In the long run, Leadpages is well worth the cost if you’re serious about creating an Instagram landing page that matches your business.


In just a few minutes, you can create a completely personalized page with your own logo, branding, footer, navigation bar, and any other branding components using its simple drag and drop page builder and ready-to-use templates.


The following is how it works:

  • Choose a mobile-responsive, conversion-optimized template that fits your brand.
  • Add the words, buttons, and links you wish to share with your audience to make it your own.
  • Make your landing page public.
  • In your Instagram bio, provide your unique URL.


When people click the link in your Instagram bio, they’ll be sent to the landing page you just built.


You may conduct A/B testing to further improve your landing page and marketing campaigns using the simple analytics dashboard.


Leadpages offers a 14-day free trial if you want to test out this tool. Their standard plan is available for $25 per month where you can create unlimited landing pages, unlimited traffic & leads and get a free custom domain name.


There you have it: 10+ of the finest Instagram link in bio tools to help you improve your Instagram Business profile and create a better first impression.


Because the Instagram bio link is often ignored, here is your chance to create an engaging Instagram landing page that optimizes your Instagram traffic with clickable links, messages, and social networks. Most importantly, increase traffic to your website, blog, or online shop, as well as leads and sales.


Use your Instagram bio link to its maximum potential; it’s the one and only link you’ll ever receive on Instagram.


Each tool has its own set of advantages and characteristics. So, perhaps, this list will assist you in selecting the best tool for your Instagram bio.


Do you want to learn more about how YOU can become an Instagram superstar? Learn some insider secrets and techniques by watching this completely free webinar!


What are your thoughts on these Instagram bio link generators?

What applications do you use to make your Instagram landing pages?

Is there anything I’m missing that you think I should know about when it comes to bio link tools?

Please feel free to leave a remark in the box below.



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