As the year 2022 approaches, it seems there is a new trend that has emerged in your social media feed. You’ve seen all these posts about people hiking on mountains and getting paid for their efforts. What’s going on? Has this been around since the beginning of time or did some science fiction novelist predict it too late to be considered plausible?

The “hiking patches to earn” is a list of 12 adventurous ways to get paid to hike in 2022. These include things such as: hiking for money, hiker payouts, and more.

12 Adventurous Ways to Get Paid to Hike in 2022

Being outside in nature is good for your health. Being in nature may help you reduce stress, anger, and fear while also decreasing your heart rate, blood pressure, and muscular tension, according to the University of Minnesota.

Because being in nature makes us feel better, it only makes sense to discover a method to be paid to walk in nature for the same reasons. Feeling well while also producing money seems to be a prescription for a long and happy life.

If you are interested for this kind of lifestyle, you will be pleased to find that hiking may be compensated. You also don’t need Mount Everest-level stamina to do this. However, prior hiking knowledge and experience may be beneficial.

Learn how to earn money hiking so that you may live a life that you like. Many of the methods to be paid to hike mentioned here will apply to you if you are an aspiring hiker or have substantial hiking experience. Take solace in the fact that you don’t have to earn a livelihood by being pent up behind a desk all day in a cramped office setting.

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12 Ways to Make Money Hiking

Examine genuine hiking jobs to see whether they might help you earn the money you want. If you find the proper employment that pays well, you may turn hiking into a profession.

1. Work as a Park Ranger.

Working as a park ranger is not only a fun profession, but it also pays well. A park ranger is a government employee of the National Park Service, which means they get a salary and benefits package.

To become a park ranger, you’ll need some kind of education and experience. Check the qualifications for each employment you’re interested in to ensure you’re eligible. There are entry-level park ranger positions available, so don’t dismiss this choice simply because you lack experience.

2. Train to be a hiking guide

Hiking guides are a terrific opportunity to earn money while getting some exercise. Learn about the hiking routes in your region and advertise your service. There are many who want to trek but don’t know where to start. Inexperienced hikers are often found on paths that are much more difficult than they are prepared for.

Be the guide they need, showing them where the simpler paths are so they may progress to more difficult adventures. Assist them in avoiding toxic plants and risky situations such as cliffs or quicksand. You have the option of charging by the hour or by the day. You may also inquire about partnering with local “Welcome Centers” to provide your services to travelers.

3. Obtain employment as a campground host

Campground hosting is a unique method to earn money while camping and hiking. Look around your neighborhood to see if any campgrounds are hiring for this position. While campsite hosts are mostly responsible for keeping the grounds clean and ensuring that guests follow the laws, they also have certain hiking responsibilities.

Trek about the campground to get a feel for the area, hike the trails to guarantee camper safety, and make options to campers who wish to go exploring. Try out any new hiking gear or supplies you have on hand that campers may purchase. You can confidently sell it to them since you’ve tried it yourself.

4. Work as a freelance writer in the outdoor industry.

Start a freelance writing career and earn money hiking while writing for hiking magazines. To write in-depth articles for such journals, you’ll need some expertise or experience in the hiking field. In this area, personal trekking becomes a necessary aspect of the work.

For each article you make for your hiking customers, you might earn money. You may charge per post or agree to write a certain amount of posts for a fixed fee. While being paid to live in the bush, go out into nature and do some work-related study.

5. Take up photography as a hobby.

Photographers have the freedom and flexibility to photograph nature at any time of day. A photographer can capture the beauty of a dawn, a brilliant sunset, and everything in between while trekking. Make a living as a photographer by selling the photos you snap while trekking.

Consider publishing your picturesque images in magazines, internet media, or local businesses. You may sell your photos to them and earn money while doing something you like. Take your family trekking to get some inspiring family hiking vacation images. Alternatively, go on a solitary hike and document what a good hike can do for your soul.

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More Hiking Sponsorship Opportunities

Couple getting paid to hikeCouple getting paid to hike

How to be sponsored for hiking is one of the options for how to earn money hiking. Sponsored posts imply that you get compensated for promoting products and businesses while hiking.

6. Create a YouTube channel dedicated to hiking.

YouTube is a prominent site where people go whether they want to learn something new or just be amused. Starting a hiking-themed YouTube channel will allow you to accomplish both. Bring your audience along on live hiking adventures or share videos with hiking advice.

You may collaborate with other businesses or corporations to create a sponsored hiking video as a YouTuber. Sponsored movies may seem to show you hiking while promoting a company’s new water canteen or hiking shoes from another manufacturer. Basically, you’d have to mention the firm or brand you worked with in your film someplace.

You may also embed advertisements in your movies to earn money passively. If you’re thinking about how to be paid to walk the Appalachian Trail or go on another hiking trip, this will come in handy. Bring your viewers along on an adventure as you trek one of the most interesting paths while earning money from their views.

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7. Write hiking advice for a blog

Blogs are jam-packed with information that may help others acquire new skills or keep up with current events. As a blogger, you may provide helpful information to your audience, such as hiking advice or recommendations for places to visit. To really assist your readers in planning their own hiking adventure, rate the hiking paths depending on their degree of difficulty.

Writing blog entries on hiking equipment or businesses might help you become sponsored for hiking. Depending on the breadth of the assignment, some sponsored pieces may pay as little as $50 or as much as a few hundred dollars.

8. Gain Influence Over Other Hikers

As a social media influencer, become a professional hiker and seek out firms to support you. Create a social media page dedicated to hiking and share hiking-related material. Expand your audience and raise awareness about the benefits of hiking.

You may market your favorite hiking gear while creating your social media postings. Tag the product’s manufacturers so they can see your page. Then contact them directly to enquire about being a hiking sponsor and showcasing their items to your readers.

9. Become a Hiking Gear Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors promote brands with whom they have a working relationship. For instance, you may join up with a hiking apparel business, get some of their equipment, and then photograph yourself trekking while wearing their gear. Write comprehensive captions describing how the outfit improves trekking.

You get a commission if someone purchases the things you advertised using your unique link or code. Find companies you enjoy and apply to be a brand ambassador for them. Don’t advertise for them until you’ve reached an agreement and know how much you’ll be paid.

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More Opportunities to Earn Money While Hiking

Consider these extra methods to get paid while hiking if you want to make hiking more of a side job rather than learning how to turn hiking into a profession. These aren’t hiking occupations per per, but jobs that you can accomplish while hiking your favorite trails.

10. Act in a Hiking Movie

Being an actor allows you to travel to exotic locations, film scenes in various situations, and play a range of characters. All of these options allow you to be paid to hike while still working as an actor. Take on the role of a hiker or take part in films with trekking sequences.

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11. Go outside for your classes

Some online instructors and some in-person teachers can bring their classrooms outside. You may go hiking and teach at the same time, whether you’re teaching genuine hiking skills or just bringing your yoga students outdoors for an experience.

Additionally, you may design hiking courses and sell them on sites like Udemy, where people can learn the fundamentals of hiking and progress to more difficult hiking paths.

Hike With Your Pets

When it comes to caring for pets while their owners are away on work or on vacation, pet sitters are invaluable. This means you’ll have to assist the dog in getting exercise and staying healthy while the owner is away.

Consider bringing the dog you’re caring for on a short walk with you to get some fresh air. As a pet sitter, you will already be paid, so you will be earning money while hiking.

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Hiking should be your next career move.

If you’ve read thus far and discovered how to make hiking into a job that you really like, don’t wait any longer to start working as a professional hiker. Gone are the days when you had to work at a single place for 40 hours or more each week to generate money. A career as a hiker is calling your name.

There are several methods to turn hiking into a full- or part-time profession. Hiking allows you to at least investigate choices outside of the confines of an office building, depending on what you want to accomplish with your life.

Get paid to hike and start taking advantage of all nature has to offer. As you get more acquainted with the hiking routes in your area, proceed with care. Learn about all the methods to stay safe and hydrated when hiking, and you’ll have a great day.

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