As the internet has become more and more saturated with various forms of digital content, we have seen a rise in popularity for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are digital assets that cannot be traded or duplicated. They can represent anything from art to collectibles to game items such as cards or virtual goods. In this article, we’ll take a look at 12 top NFT projects based on their potential impact on gaming.

12 Best NFT Projects in 2022

The “upcoming nft projects 2022” is a list of the 12 best NFT projects in 2022. These projects range from decentralized exchanges to crypto-backed loans.

Fungibility is a bygone era. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the rage today! 

NFTs are the most recent cryptocurrency craze. These distinct digital tokens, unlike fungible money like Bitcoin or Ethereum, have just one location on their separate blockchains. 

Recently, NFT artworks, sports footage, and celebrity collectibles have sold for astronomically high sums. Not all NFTs, however, are worth hundreds of ETH. The majority of trade volume on Web3 markets is driven by a small number of NFT projects.

If you’re curious about which NFT projects are still the “top dogs” (or apes? ), check out the list below. 

NFT Projects: What Are They?

NFT projects are collections of non-fungible tokens created by one or more artists. Typically, this project has a narrative and style, and each NFT in the collection has its own set of characteristics. 

The most prominent NFT art initiatives produce 10,000 NFT collections. Artists often choose a few attributes and then use an algorithm to create these one-of-a-kind pictures. The value of a photograph is generally determined by the uniqueness of its qualities.

Although many NFT projects adhere to the “10,000 standard,” running an NFT project has no rhyme or reason. They might be termed a “NFT project” if all of the NFTs are created by the same team and the tokens are thematically connected.

What is the Process for NFT Projects? 

Most NFT efforts nowadays begin by creating a buzz on social media. Project leaders often offer their NFTs on their website’s marketplace, an open NFT marketplace (e.g., OpenSea), or a curated NFT platform after they have a big enough following.  

NFT creators will not know who purchased their NFTs, but they will be able to see where each NFT is on the blockchain. If you have an NFT in your MetaMask wallet, you may use it to login to the NFT project’s website to receive access to any special benefits or exclusive services. 

Each NFT initiative has its own method of publishing art and communicating with token holders. Customers should constantly check out their favorite NFT projects’ official social media profiles on Twitter and Discord. 

Today’s Best NFT Projects

Everyone and their grandfather appears to be an NFT artist nowadays. There has been a blossoming of digital art and collectibles on sites like OpenSea as anybody may publish an NFT on an open marketplace. 

Despite the difficulty in distinguishing jewels from rubbish, a few NFT initiatives have emerged as top selections in cyberspace. 

1. Crypto-criminals

12-Best-NFT-Projects-in-2022CryptoPunks (source)

CryptoPunks isn’t the first NFT project, but it is without a doubt one of the most well-known “OG” collections. There would have been no blueprint for today’s NFT market if CryptoPunks had not existed.

CryptoPunks initially surfaced in 2017 on the Ethereum blockchain. Larva Labs engineers Matt Hall and John Watkinson developed a software that produced 10,000 8-bit characters, each with its own set of characteristics. Instead of using these punk-themed NFTs in a game, the pair chose to distribute them to a select lucky Ethereum users. 

In the year 2021, CryptoPunks have evolved into valuable “pixelated art.” CryptoPunks have been sold for millions of dollars at reputable auction houses such as Christie’s. 

Unlike other NFT initiatives, Larva Labs does not provide any particular benefits to its consumers. Furthermore, since these NFTs were developed so early, they predate the Ethereum-based NFT standard ERC-721. 

CryptoPunks command a premium price owing to their aesthetic appeal and historical significance. CryptoPunks are also seen as a symbol of the revolutionary crypto movement by many developers and early investors. 

Anyone interested in purchasing a CryptoPunk should go to Larva Labs’ official CryptoPunks website. Visitors may link a MetaMask wallet and bid on any ERC-20 CryptoPunks that were available. On OpenSea, potential investors might see ERC-721-wrapped CryptoPunks.

Note from the Editor

Yuga Labs purchased CryptoPunks and Meebits on March 11, 2022, and granted the community commercial rights. The Cryptopunks web app will be relocating to in the near future.

Key Facts

2. Yacht Club of the Bored Ape

12-Best-NFT-Projects-in-2022Bored Ape Yacht Club is the source.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has quickly risen to the top of the Internet’s social hierarchy. These 10,000 amusing primates were created by a pseudonymous bunch of gamers at Yuga Labs and have generated some big money for certain investors. 

These ERC-721 NFTs were originally sold for 0.08 ETH apiece, but are now worth hundreds of ETH. Justin Beiber, Steph Curry, and Jimmy Fallon have all paid thousands (if not millions!) of dollars to have one of these primates as their profile picture. 

The BAYC’s creators are unknown, however Yuga Labs claims to have started the project in early 2021. The creators were apparently inspired by the well-known CryptoPunks project, particularly the ultra-rare ape punks. BAYC’s “backstory” is that a bunch of crypto-trading apes grew so affluent that they relocated to a run-down Everglades club. 

The rarity of a Bored Ape, like CryptoPunks, is determined by the features it has. Each ape might have a unique mix of seven characteristics, including cybernetic eyes, gold fur, and cross earrings. 

Aside from its unique looks, the BAYC became known for providing members with other distinct benefits. Only BAYC owners, for example, were allowed to access the club’s virtual “Bathroom” to spray graffiti on the walls. Long-term BAYC holders have been rewarded with unusual airdrops, party invitations, and goods. NFT holders may now use their apes on commercial items according to the BAYC. 

You’ll need a MetaMask wallet and an OpenSea account to bid on Bored Ape NFTs.

Key Facts

3. Infinity Axie

1650398312_335_12-Best-NFT-Projects-in-2022Axie Infinity (source)

Axie Infinity is a “monster” in the blockchain-gaming sector, with around 3 million active monthly players. Players may earn cryptocurrency by breeding and fighting flying monsters known as “Axies” in this Pokémon-style combat game on Ethereum. With their virtual world Lunacia, the creators of Axie Infinity are likewise preparing for a big leap into the metaverse. 

So, why are we discussing this game in an NFT article? In Axie’s metaverse, you may not only acquire land NFTs, but the Axies themselves are ERC-721 NFTs. Users must acquire three of these NFTs from the Axie marketplace to begin playing the game.

Prices for Axies have risen in recent years as demand for Axie Infinity has climbed dramatically. Indeed, Axie Infinity’s cost barrier became so high that the development team recently established a “scholarship program.” Players that meet the criteria to be a “scholar” may borrow three Axies from another player and split the profits. 

Owning, using, or exchanging these NFTs might be beneficial to anyone interested in play-to-earn games. The more proficient you become in Axie Infinity, the more crypto you may make by lending your animals, earning in-game tokens, or selling Axies on the market.  

Check out the official Axie Infinity marketplace for additional information on current Axie pricing. It’s preferable to go to for virtual land pricing in Lunacia.

Key Facts

4. Meebits

1650398313_618_12-Best-NFT-Projects-in-2022Meebits (source)

Meebits could be your best pick if you’re seeking for a more economical alternative to CryptoPunks. 

Meebits was released in 2021 by Matt Hall and John Watkinson, the creators of CryptoPunks. It’s no wonder that the Meebits sold out for thousands of dollars following their debut, given their relationship with the famed Larva Labs. 

What exactly are Meebits? These ERC-721 NFTs are three-dimensional avatars that resemble Minecraft characters. There are 20,000 animal or human Meebits, each with a unique set of qualities that are produced at random.

Meebits’ potential metaverse integration is a huge selling feature compared to the original CryptoPunks. People who hold a Meebit might utilize it as an in-game avatar in different blockchain-based games, according to Larva Labs. 

Anyone interested in buying Meebits may do so via Larva Labs’ official store or OpenSea.

Note from the Editor

Yuga Labs purchased Meebits and CryptoPunks on March 11, 2022, and granted the community commercial rights. will be the new home for this online app.

Key Facts

MekaVerse 5 

1650398314_296_12-Best-NFT-Projects-in-2022MekaVerse (source)

The “MekaVerse” collection will pique the interest of Transformers fans. This NFT project debuted in 2021 with 8,888 “Mekas,” highly stylized robot pictures influenced by Japanese pop culture that were created at random. 

According to founders Mattey & Matt. B, these “Mekas” are subdivided into four “Factions,” each fighting for domination in a future dimension. NFT holders may soon compete with other Mekas in a metaverse-style “Meka Universe.” 

On its Discord and Twitter sites, this futuristic NFT initiative currently has over 200,000 members. Developers are also hard at work on new MekaVerse-related NFTs, such as new art projects and films. 

Anyone with a MetaMask may link it to OpenSea to view the newest Mekas for sale.

Key Facts

VeeFriends #6 

1650398315_243_12-Best-NFT-Projects-in-2022VeeFriends (source)

The VeeFriends initiative may be more about its inventor than the tokens themselves. Each of the 268 creatures in this collection of 10,255 NFTs was hand-drawn by Resy creator Gary Vaynerchuk. Most individuals, however, do not purchase a VeeFriend just because it is a cute picture with a positive quality. Investors are more concerned with the VIP access that their NFT provides.

The benefits of having a VeeFriend will vary depending on whether you have an Admission, Access, or Gift voucher. Until 2024, however, every VeeFriend owner receives complimentary admission to Gary Vaynerchuk’s entrepreneur-focused conference “VeeCon.” 

Those who purchase a more limited “Access” token will have the option to talk with Gary Vaynerchuk in person or over the phone. Several of these NFTs also enable token holders to play video games, ping-pong, or tennis with Vaynerchuk! 

Finally, until 2024, holders of 555 “Gift Goat” tokens will get at least six gifts each year.   

A VeeFriend NFT may provide a lot of value to those who are primarily interested in networking. These ERC-721 NFTs may be found on the official VeeFriends website as well as alternative sites like OpenSea and Rarible.

Key Facts

Mutant Ape Yacht Club is number seven.

1650398316_529_12-Best-NFT-Projects-in-2022OpenSea – Mutant Ape Yacht Club is the source.

The BAYC underwent a dramatic “mutation” in August 2021. During this month, anybody with a BAYC NFT in their wallet may have gotten one of three “serums” to turn your ape into a fantastically macabre version.  

The Mutant Ape Yacht Club, unlike the original BAYC collection, contains 20,000 NFTs. When Yuga Labs released the Mutant Ape on OpenSea, anybody who didn’t already own a BAYC could get one for 3 ETH. 

Interestingly, a number of the serum NFTs are still available in OpenSea’s Bored Ape Chemistry Club. The rarity of these serums ranges from “common” M1 to ultra-exclusive M3. 

If you give M1 or M2 to your ape, it will “mutate” into an NFT that looks and acts like the original. M3 serums, on the other hand, produce a whole new—and perhaps very rare—mutant NFT. That might explain why individuals are prepared to spend $6 million for M3 NFTs! 

All BAYC privileges are available to Mutant Ape members, including membership to the unique online community. MAYC NFTs aren’t as pricey as original Bored Apes, but they’re still among the most expensive NFTs available.

Note from the Editor

In addition, BAYC holders received complimentary dog-themed NFTs from the “Bored Ape Kennel Club.” While these NFTs aren’t as expensive as BAYC or MAYC NFTs, they are getting progressively prohibitively expensive! 

You can find all of them on OpenSea, whether you’re looking for the MAYC or the BAKC.

Key Facts

  • N/A (no website)
  • Items: 18.7K
  • Owners: 12.4K
  • 322.4K ETH was traded.
  • N/A on Twitter
  • N/A for discord
  • MAYC at OpenSea Collection

Cool Cats (nine)

1650398318_561_12-Best-NFT-Projects-in-2022Cool Cats, Inc.

Even if you prefer dogs, you have to realize that Cool Cats is one of the most adorable NFT initiatives. Mike Tyson had to have one of these blue animated kittens because they are so adorable! 

Cool Cats is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum that consists of 9,999 blue cat NFTs (due to a cat’s nine lives, of course!). These ERC-721 tokens might have had one of 30,000 trait combinations, according to the Cool Cats team, and each NFT has a rarity score ranging from a low three to a “exotic” ten. 

Cool Cats may not have the same internet cache as BAYC, but it has emerged as one of the more popular initiatives in recent years. Aside from Mike Tyson’s profile picture, Cool Cats and Time magazine collaborated in 2021.  

The Cool Cats crew works hard to make its elite club as welcoming and inclusive as possible. Cool Cat owners may participate in a variety of competitions and raffles throughout the year, and developers retain 20% of any ETH received for redistribution. 

Cool Cats may issue a MILK cryptocurrency in the near future to expand its metaverse efforts. Furthermore, the Cool Cats team has already introduced new pet NFTs via “eggs,” and it claims that NFT breeding may be possible in the future. 

OpenSea is the greatest location to find genuine Cool Cats NFTs. 

Key Facts

9. Decentralization

1650398319_358_12-Best-NFT-Projects-in-2022Decentraland (source)

Although Mark Zuckerberg is credited with popularizing the phrase “metaverse,” crypto teams have been working on virtual worlds long before Facebook’s rebranding. Since 2015, the Decentraland Foundation has been working to create an online “metaverse” based on Ethereum. 

While it has parallels to games like Minecraft, Decentraland includes a decentralized governing framework (thus the name). True, the Decentraland Foundation assists in the direction of this project, however players might buy MANA tokens to vote on protocol improvements.

So, what does all of this have to do with NFTs? Virtual land, in two terms. 

While LAND is not required to play Decentraland, many players desire to “stake their claim” in this new game. Atari and Sotheby’s have already invested millions in Decentraland’s LAND NFTs. The Decentraland Builder allows owners of one of these 90,000 LAND lots to build anything they desire on their land. 

In Decentraland, NFTs are available for more than only LAND. The Decentraland Marketplace also allows players to purchase in-game accessories and avatar names in the form of NFTs. You might also buy art NFTs or NFT tickets to special events at Decentraland’s museums. 

Although Decentraland is now the biggest and most active metaverse, NFT investors should keep in mind that it is not the only alternative. For example, NFT property sales to major corporations such as Warner Music Group, Gemini, and Adidas have created a lot of press for The Sandbox.

If you’re interested in purchasing LAND NFTs on Decentraland or The Sandbox, go to their official marketplaces or their OpenSea sites. MANA and SAND coins are readily available on exchanges like as Gemini, Coinbase, and, since both platforms have increased in popularity.

Key Facts

10. Bitcoin Baristas

1650398320_251_12-Best-NFT-Projects-in-2022Crypto Baristas (source)

Crypto Baristas is the NFT initiative for you if you love coffee and cryptocurrency. This NFT project features a bunch of charming animated figures pouring a steaming cup of coffee, as the name indicates. 

Crypto Baristas claims to be the world’s first NFT initiative to build a real NYC café, having launched in 2021. Yes, the profits from Crypto Baristas will be used to start a company outside of the metaverse. 

When the café opens, everyone who purchases one of these ETH-based Crypto Baristas will get unique advantages. NFT holders get discounts on merchandise, entry into coffee-themed lotteries, and a vote on the project’s future plan. 

Crypto Baristas’ first season included sixty hand-drawn characters, each with their own rarity rating. The top five baristas were one of a kind, while the 20 middle-tier NFTs were one of five, and the most common 35 were one of 10. 

The Rarible NFT marketplace has Crypto Baristas. On Crypto Baristas’ official website, you may discover more about impending NFT drops.

Key Facts

The CryptoDads (#11)

1650398321_912_12-Best-NFT-Projects-in-2022The CryptoDads’ source

If you’re an experienced crypto investor, you may like to flaunt your personality with a CryptoDad NFT. 

This collection of 10,000 NFTs includes individuals with unusual characteristics who were produced at random. Developers say these fathers were going through a “midlife crisis” as they plunged further down the crypto rabbit hole in a tongue-in-cheek description of the project. Some CryptoDads seem to have made new fortunes, while others appear to have been “rekt” by the volatility.

Members of the CryptoDads community may participate in the project’s entertaining activities, which include a popular “lawnmower racing challenge.” The makers of CryptoDads also want to include a metaverse game and the possibility to gather CryptoMoms and CryptoTots. 

Even more intriguing, CryptoDads revealed that an animated series will be in the works in the near future. 

OpenSea has these ERC-721 NFTs available.

Key Facts

Punks of Fast Food 

1650398322_887_12-Best-NFT-Projects-in-2022Fast Food Punks is the source.

Are you searching for a “Happy Meal” deal on a CryptoPunk NFT? If that’s the case, Fast Food Punks may be the project for you. 

This set of 1,000 hand-drawn NFTs was created in 2021 using the ERC-1155 contract and looks very similar to Larva Labs’ famous Crypto Punks. However, it seems that these “punks” need a supplement to their crypto aspirations! Every character in this collection wears a uniform from a well-known fast-food establishment.

Fast Food Punks’ designers say that these NFTs are a parody of the “bear market meme,” in which every “rekt” crypto investor ends up working at McDonald’s. Fast Food Punks’ creators also make it clear that their concept is a comedic take on Larva Labs’ invention.  

The FFP team originally sold their NFTs for 0.01 ETH apiece on OpenSea. The ERC-1155 and ERC-721 variants of the Fast Food Punks are still available on marketplaces like OpenSea. You might also use FFP’s migration tool to convert older ERC-1155 NFTs to ERC-721 NFTs.

Anyone with an ERC-721 FFP will have exclusive access to future NFT projects as well as the ability to play games on the FFP platform. FFP now offers a “burger flipping” simulator and a metaverse in which token holders may serve virtual “McMeals.” 

OpenSea is the ideal site to look for FFP NFTs.

Key Facts

What to Look for in a Nonfiction Teaching Project 

It shouldn’t seem like investing in NFTs is a “coin flip.” While no one can predict which project will be the next BAYC, there are several indicators that an NFT initiative will succeed. 

Before adding an NFT to your wallet, look for the following characteristics to protect yourself against fraudsters. 


In the NFT sector, transparency is a significant plus. 

Unfortunately, many developers take advantage of the anonymity of the Internet to establish bogus projects in order to profit from the NFT frenzy. 

If your project has a dedicated development team with experience in cryptocurrencies, art, or technology, you can be certain that it will be held accountable. Having outspoken and upfront founders may also help your NFT idea get traction. 


NFT initiatives that are successful should never be stagnant. Unless you’re investing in NFT art with aesthetic or historical significance (e.g., CryptoPunks), your project is unlikely to gain value without a plan. This paper should outline the NFT team’s future development objectives.

A effective roadmap should include attainable objectives that contribute to the advancement of the NFT project’s key functionality while also increasing the motivation to retain these tokens. To gain a sense of the project’s direction, carefully check the roadmap on your NFT team’s website. 

Many individuals purchase NFTs more for the sense of belonging to an exclusive group than for the artwork. Building a feeling of community has become a critical component of an NFT project’s success post-BAYC. Company executives must develop a distinct design and ambiance that encourages NFT holders to bond. 

Consider if this NFT initiative is something you’d like to join in real life. Is it enjoyable, thrilling, or cool? Are developers really interested in responding to members’ issues and questions? 

If there is a strong feeling of community, then this NFT initiative is likely to succeed. 

Social Indicators

If developers aren’t social media aware, no matter how lovely an NFT project is, it won’t get momentum. If an NFT team isn’t getting fans on Twitter or Discord, there’s no way they’ll have a successful OpenSea auction. 

Examine how active your NFT project is on social media and how many likes and followers their NFTs get. These are excellent indicators of NFT demand and the strength of your project’s community. 


NFT initiatives of high quality extend well beyond the cryptosphere. You want a project like CryptoPunks or BAYC that can penetrate mainstream pop culture. 

The Cool Cats, for example, aggressively sought up connections with conventional periodicals such as Time magazine. This action helps introduce the Cool Cats community to folks who may not be interested in cryptocurrency. 

The more high-profile collaborations NFT initiatives form, the greater their exposure and reach will become. 


Because the NFT industry is so hot right now, copy-and-paste projects may perform rather well. However, in contrast to the originals, demand for these clone collections is unlikely to hold its value in a weak market. 

There are now many of NFT collections featuring apes, but BAYC remains the most popular. Why? Because BAYC was the first to shift public perceptions about NFT art and community development. 

Only inventors (or dogs or monkeys) earn millions, not copycats (or dogs or monkeys). If you want your NFT project to be a trendsetter, you should seek for originality and distinctive characteristics. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best NFT Projects 

Do you want to learn more about NFT? If that’s the case, you should check out these top-rated NFT FAQs. 

NFTs: Are They a Good Investment? 

There’s no doubting that certain NFTs have generated a lot of money for investors. Indeed, in 2021, certain NFT initiatives like as BAYC and Crypto Punks outperformed blue-chip cryptos. 

However, this does not automatically imply that NFTs are a “good investment.” Some individuals see NFTs as “collectibles” and “digital fine art,” while others believe they are a bubble about to burst. 

It’s impossible to predict which NFTs will rise in value over time. Big-name ventures like Crypto Punks and BAYC may have the greatest chance of becoming “investments,” yet even these assets are risky. 

You should only invest as much money as you’re willing to lose in an NFT enterprise at this time. Please keep your expectations in check and keep in mind that the buzz around NFTs may not last forever. 

Why are NFTs so popular?

The extraordinary popularity of NFTs may be attributed to a number of reasons, including novelty, exclusivity, and mainstream hype. 

NFTs are one of the most recent technical breakthroughs, and their uniqueness seems to be generating a lot of interest. People, like EVs and 5G, want to be a part of this new technology revolution. 

Furthermore, since NFTs are rare by nature, they provide token holders with entry to a very elite club. Because of their rarity, valuable NFTs have become a status symbol in the digital era. 

Others may be able to copy and paste a Bored Ape NFT, but it does not indicate they are members of the club. Genuine BAYC members might use Etherscan to easily display their contract address. A non-BAYC member would be unable to take use of all of BAYC’s benefits. 

It also helps that some of the world’s most powerful individuals are investing in NFTs. Not only are entertainers and sportsmen sharing NFTs, but corporations are as well, with anything from NBA footage to Taco Bell meals. Gamers will also find plenty of in-game NFTs to “level up” or trade with. 

It’s easy to understand why NFTs have been so popular in recent years when you consider elements like novelty, mainstream media hype, and exclusivity. 

Where do I look for NFT projects?

Although there are thousands of online NFT markets, OpenSea remains the major daddy. You’ll discover a multitude of NFTs on this Ethereum-based platform, ranging from the uber-popular BAYC to smaller specialized projects. Because OpenSea is a “open” NFT marketplace, anybody with a MetaMask wallet may mint, buy, or sell NFTs. 

Although OpenSea is the most popular site for buying NFTs, it is far from the only one. Rarible and SuperRare are two more popular Ethereum-based NFT markets. 

Outside of Ethereum, NFT markets have appeared on a variety of rival chains, including: 

NFT galleries are also linked to the websites of centralized crypto exchanges. Gemini, for example, operates the controlled Nifty Gateway, while has its own NFT Marketplace. Fans of Coinbase may also look forward to a new NFT marketplace in 2022. 

On their primary websites, several NFT projects have dedicated NFT markets.  

While any of these channels may have news of numerous NFT drops, you’ll have to check social media sites like Twitter and Discord for projects before they go live. Websites dedicated to NFT, such as Rarity Tools, Rarity Sniper, and NFT Calendar, may also keep you up to date on all things NFT. 

Is Bitcoin a non-fungible token? 

Crypto fans often discuss whether Bitcoin is an NFT. 

Because all Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a public ledger, the blockchain can be used to follow the history of each currency. In this way, each Bitcoin has a distinct and traceable history. 

Authorities might, for example, determine which Bitcoins were linked to the 2021 Colonial Pipeline breach. So, although these Bitcoins theoretically trade at market value, they have a unique “fingerprint” that may prevent them from being sold. 

On the other hand, the price of Bitcoin is well-known. All you have to do is look it up on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap. NFTs like BAYC and CryptoPunks are not in the same boat. An NFT, like a Rembrandt painting or a rare baseball card, is only worth what other people think it is worth.

Bitcoin isn’t regarded an NFT in general since it may be traded for a set price with exchanges or other individuals. Some in the crypto community, however, contend that Bitcoin contains several NFT-like characteristics. 

Last Thoughts

NFTs aren’t going anywhere. No, it doesn’t imply that photographs of bored apes will constantly fetch hundreds of dollars, but the technology that underpins NFT projects will undoubtedly transform a variety of sectors. For example, realtors may soon utilize NFT deeds to resolve ownership rights, while physicians may use NFTs to maintain track of medical information. 

Unfortunately, it’s hard to predict whether today’s insanely costly NFT projects will continue to appreciate in value. NFTs may bring you a lot of money, but they also come with a lot of risk. 

If you like an NFT, double-check that the team behind it is legitimate before investing any cryptocurrency. To prevent theft, you should consider keeping your NFTs in a hardware wallet. Please don’t spend more on NFTs than you’re prepared to lose, like usual!

NFTs are digital assets that can be traded on the blockchain. In 2022, 12 of the best NFT projects were released. These projects range from a decentralized exchange to an online game. Reference: best nft to invest in.

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