College is expensive, and your financial aid won’t cover everything. So we made a list of the best discounts for broke college students who need to save money on their rent or tuition.

The “college student discounts 2022” is a blog post that provides 40 great discounts for broke college students.

40 great discounts for broke college students

College, oh college. It’s a long-term investment, but it takes time and money.

You may need a vacation from ramen noodle recipes and how much money you’ve wasted on takeout and delivery.

And there are concerns about debt, such as when student loans begin to accrue interest (immediately).

And then there’s the question of whether that first job will cover the expenses, as well as the average student loan interest rate.

And whether or not someone may be arrested for using a credit card fraudulently. And why hasn’t anybody thought of allowing you to exchange points for cryptocurrency? (Unless, of course, someone did.)

And if paying overdraft fees and swindling pals is preferable than using a budget tracker.

If you’re a student on a tight budget, we’ve compiled a list of national company discounts for clothing, Restaurants, Transportation & Travel, and Entertainment.

Please keep in mind that discounts are subject to change and may vary depending on the location. You may wish to call ahead to discover whether your local retailers participate in the student discount program or if they provide a somewhat different price than other locations.

Refinancing student loans: Advantages and Disadvantages

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This list contains ten national apparel labels that provide student discounts. is the source of this image.

1. Aeropostale (Aeropostale)


Aeropostale provides a 15% student discount. This offer is valid both online and in-store.

Aeropostale is the source of this image.

2. J.Crew


J.Crew offers students (and instructors!) 15% off in-store and online purchases.

J.Crew is the source of this image.

3. Hanes


Need some necessities, such as shirts or underwear? Hanes gives students a 10% discount when they shop online.

Hanes is the source of this image.

The North Face is number four.


The North Face offers students 10% discount at full-price locations only; outlet shops are not included. This offer is also valid online, and you’ll get free delivery.

The North Face is the source of this image.

Tommy Hilfiger, No. 5


Tommy Hilfiger gives a 10% discount to students. However, you must first register with UniDAYS, a famous website that assists retailers in determining whether or not clients are students. Signing up is free, and it might help you uncover more shops that offer student discounts!

Tommy Hilfiger provided the image.

6. Levi’s


Levi’s gives 15% discount online purchases to students.

Levi’s is the source of this image.

Club Monaco is ranked number seven.


Students who support Club Monaco will get a 15% discount both online and in-store.

Club Monaco is the source of this image.

Docker’s 8.


Docker’s gives students a hefty 25% discount on online purchases.

Docker’s is the source of this image.

Outdoor Voices (nine)


Students may save 20% when they buy on the Outdoor Voices website. To get started, you’ll need to sign up for StudentBeans, a service similar to UniDAYS that lets students verify their status and provides discounts at partner businesses.

Outdoor Voices is the source of this image.

Champion No. 10


Students that join up with StudentBeans will get a 20% discount from Champion.

Champion is the author of this image.



These ten national retailers provide student discounts. Local restaurants may also offer student discounts, however we determined that these are the most typical national chain student discounts.

SolStock is the source of this image.

11. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


Who among your fellow college students wouldn’t appreciate a 10% discount on coffee (or tea)?

Image courtesy of.

McDonald’s (#12)


McDonald’s is always a quick and inexpensive alternative, but it also offers a 10% discount to students.

Image courtesy of.

Chick-fil-A (Chick-fil-A) (Chick-fil-A


With any purchase, most Chick-fil-A stores provide students a free drink.

Image courtesy of.

14. Dunkin’ Donuts


If you show your student ID at your local Dunkin’, you might receive 10% off your order.

Image courtesy of.

Arby’s is number fifteen.


Students get a 10% discount at Arby’s.

Arby’s is the source of this image.

Buffalo Wild Wings (#16)


Do you want to watch the game while eating wings with your friends? You may also get a 10% discount at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Image courtesy of.

Waffle House is number seventeen.


Do you need a late-night meal? Waffle House gives a 10% discount to students.

Waffle House is the source of this image.

18. IHOP


If you don’t have access to a Waffle House, IHOP also gives a 10% discount.

IHOP is the source of this image.

19. Qdoba


For students, Qdoba offers two discounts: a free drink with purchase or a burrito lunch for just $5.

Qdoba is the source of this image.

Taco Bell is number 20.


Are you looking for your next Taco Bell fix? You’ll be able to satisfy your hunger while also saving 10%.

Taco Bell is the source of this image.

Travel & Transportation


Do you need to go home for your next vacation on a budget? Perhaps you need a low-cost hotel or a relocation firm. These ten discounts might help you save money on a variety of travel and transportation requirements.

MStudioImages is the source of this image.

Greyhound, number 21.


Greyhound provides 10% off travel and 15% off package shipping made via Greyhound Package Xpress through Student Advantage. The Student Advantage card is $30 per year and provides students — as well as their parents — with a variety of benefits.

Greyhound is the source of this image.

Amtrak is number 22 on the list.


On orders made one day in advance, Amtrak provides students a 15% discount, plus you may earn additional points.

Amtrak is the source of this image.

Choice Hotels (number 23)


Students get a 10% discount at Choice Hotels, which includes the following properties:

  • Ascend
  • Cambria Suites is a hotel in Cambria, California.
  • Clarion
  • The Comfort Inn is a comfortable place to stay.
  • Suites of Comfort
  • EconoLodge
  • Suites at MainStay
  • Inn of Excellence
  • Rodeway Inn is a hotel located in the city of Rodeway

Choice Hotels is the source of this image.

United Airlines is number 24.


United Airlines offers a 5% discount to students on flights. Other travel and accommodation bargains are available via StudentUniverse.

United Airlines is the source of this image. is number 25.

hotels provides up to 40% off certain hotel reservations made via the internet. is the source of this image.

FlixBus (n.d.) (n.d.) (n.


StudentBeans members get a 15% discount on Flixbus tickets.

FlixBus is the source of this image.

27. Hertz


Hertz gives students 21 and above a 15% discount on cars and a 20% discount on vans.

Hertz is the author of this image.

Budget Truck Rentals (ninety-eighth)


Students may save 20% on local moves and 15% on one-way moves with Budget Truck Rentals.

Budget Truck Rentals is the source of this image.

Penske, No. 29


When you reserve a truck rental with Penske online, you’ll save 10%.

Penske is the author of this image.

Red Coach is number 30.


Red Coach, a well-known bus operator similar to Greyhound, provides students a 10% discount on bus tickets.

Red Coach is the source of this image.



Many students believe they do not have the financial means to enjoy themselves, yet ten big corporations provide generous student discounts. is the source of this image.

31. AMC


AMC discounts vary by region, but they are typically 20% off.

AMC is the source of this image.

Cinemark (number 32)


Cinemark offers different discounts depending on where you go, but you should expect to save roughly 10%.

CINEMARK is the source of this image.

Amazon Prime is number 33.


Students may get six months of Prime for free with Amazon Prime Student. After that, Prime will cost you $59 each year. is the source of this image.

Apple Streaming (n.d.) (n.d.) (n.


Students may purchase Apple Music for up to 48 months at a subsidized cost, and then get Apple TV+ for a short period.

Apple is the source of this image.

35. Hulu


Hulu’s ad-supported plan is $1.99 per month for students.

Hulu is the source of this image.

Spotify Bundle (ninety-sixth)


For $4.99 a month, students may obtain a Spotify, Hulu, and Showtime package.

Spotify is the source of this image.

The Washington Post (number 37)


The Washington Post offers a $1-per-month digital student membership.

The Washington Post provided this image.

38. acclaim+


Students may get a 25% discount on any monthly membership with Paramount+.

Paramount+ is the source of this image.

YouTube Premium (#39)


Students may subscribe to YouTube Premium for $6.99 per month at a subsidized cost.

YouTube is the source of this image.

The Economist (n.d.) (n.d.) (n.


Students may get a 75 percent discount on an annual digital membership to The Economist.

The Economist provided this image.

The Remainder


While student discounts might result in significant savings, many undergraduate and graduate students will find it difficult to repay their debts.

If you have private student loans or higher-interest federal student loans and don’t plan to use federal programs like income-driven repayment plans, loan forgiveness, or forbearance, refinancing, or taking out one new private student loan, ideally with a lower interest rate, to pay off the old ones, could be a good move.

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The “free subscriptions for college students” is a list of 40 discounts that are available to broke college students. The article also includes information on how to get the discounts and what they are.

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