This article will show you how to make money with your hobby by using these 48 low cost hobbies. I’ve gathered a list of 48 different hobbies that are not only fun but also profitable.

The most profitable crafts to sell is a list of 48 craft hobbies that make money. The low cost of each hobby makes them good for beginners and experts alike.

Hello there, you ingenious feline! Are you looking for the greatest money-making DIY hobbies? 

For some individuals, hobbies are just something they like doing to pass the time or relax, but did you know they may also help you make money? 

There are lots of money-making craft hobbies, and the greatest thing is that you don’t need to be very artistic or talented to get started.

 Here are 48 money-making crafts to attempt whether you’re seeking to supplement your income or just want to try something new.

Here’s a brief look at some of the most profitable craft hobbies. Continue reading to learn more! 

  1. Bracelets with charms and collectible items
  2. earrings made of polymer clay
  3. Bangles with inscriptions
  4. Pendants for necklaces
  5. Bombs for the bath
  6. Lip balm made from natural ingredients
  7. Scrubs for the body
  8. Skincare that is organic
  9. Makeup with a natural look
  10. Ceramics or clay Vases
  11. Lamps
  12. Pillows, carpets, and throws are examples of home textiles.
  13. Decorations for the walls (art prints, decals, signs)
  14. Ottomans, coffee tables, and stools are examples of furniture.
  15. Candles
  16. Paintings on canvas and framed art prints
  17. Kits for painting by numbers
  18. Postcards
  19. Posters
  20. Mugs
  21. T-shirts and other articles of apparel
  22. Bags for Tote
  23. Bibs, rompers, and towels with your name on them 
  24. Straps for pacifiers
  25. Kits of activities for children
  26. Hats
  27. Pet toys
  28. Collars for pets that are made to order
  29. Pet snacks made from scratch
  30. Pillows and beds for pets
  31. Cards with personalized location names
  32. a wedding banner
  33. Personalized Guestbook
  34. Favors for the party
  35. Headbands
  36. Handkerchiefs
  37. Swaddles
  38. Covers for cushions
  39. Packs of stickers
  40. Coasters with your name on them
  41. Toppers for cakes
  42. Chains for masks and glasses
  43. Notebooks made to order
  44. Macrame arts and crafts
  45. Placemats
  46. Pins made of enamel
  47. Bookmarks made of resin
  48. Repurposed items

Money-Making Craft Hobbies (The most profitable options)

craft hobbies that make money

  1. Jewellery

Nothing says “I Love You” like one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry. 

Handmade jewellery is highly valued and in demand for the exquisite workmanship and expertise required to handle precious metals and jewels, whether it’s giving a tiny trinket to someone special or treating yourself to a stunning piece of bling.

Working with less costly materials like glass beads, wire, and clay can still allow you to create stunning items that are also inexpensive.

As you progress to more valuable metals and jewels, you’ll be able to charge a greater fee for your expertise and product quality.

You may try your hand at the following jewelry crafts:

  • Bracelets with charms and collectible items
  • earrings made of polymer clay
  • Bangles with inscriptions
  • Pendants for necklaces
  1. Products for the bath and body

craft hobbies that make money

Bath and body items are the holy grail of money-making handcrafted crafts. 

People like trying new things, whether it’s a new fragrance, a new recipe, or just treating themselves with a little TLC, and they’re quite simple and inexpensive to make. 

Mega brands may rule the cosmetics market, but that doesn’t mean tiny, independent artisan companies are left out.

Because increasingly informed customers seek healthier options that make them feel good inside and out, demand for organic, handmade, and all-natural goods is greater than ever.

They are constantly in demand since they run out and may expire, but there is generally a limit to how much consumers are prepared to pay for a very basic commodity. 

Making big quantities of bath and body products by purchasing raw materials in bulk at wholesale rates and improving your crafting method may save labor costs and boost earnings.

Selling big quantities of goods via wholesale marketplaces or retailers is a fantastic method to get your brand out there while also ensuring a steady stream of revenue for your company. 

Having a distinctive product and a strong brand are essential for locking down merchants.

Consider artisanal, organic, and natural foods.

The following are some examples of popular bath and body product crafts:

  • Bombs for the bath
  • Lip balm made from natural ingredients
  • Scrubs for the body
  • Skincare that is organic
  • Makeup with a natural look
  1. Interior Design

craft hobbies that make money

Despite the fact that Ikea is the home furnishings mecca, no one wants their house to feel like an Ikea store. 

Adding warmth and individuality to a room by mixing it up with unique décor pieces carefully selected from local craft companies.

The beauty of home décor crafts is that there is no limit to how much money consumers are willing to part with. 

Smaller things like candles and flowers may be less expensive, but bespoke carpets, wall hangings, and other furnishings may quickly cost hundreds of dollars.

The key to making your craft hobby lucrative is to keep overhead expenses low and choose hobbies that don’t need a lot of costly equipment. Producing goods in quantity may also help you save money and increase your profit margins.

The home décor market is a massive sector, and crafts that profit from it include:

  • Ceramics or clay Vases
  • Lamps
  • Pillows, carpets, and throws are examples of home textiles.
  • Decorations for the walls (art, decals, signs, clocks)
  • Ottomans, coffee tables, and stools are examples of furniture.
  • Candles
  1. Products of the Arts


Creating art goods is a wonderful method to show off your skill and flair for crafters with a serious creative side. 

It’s also a highly adaptable method to earn money via crafts. 

Art materials may be costly, and creating art can be a time-consuming process; nevertheless, a lot of art, particularly unique, one-of-a-kind works, can be sold for higher rates.

Using the artwork on different goods or commodities is another method to make money from art crafts. 

You have the option of finding providers on your own or using print-on-demand services like Society6 and RedBubble. This enables you to reuse the same artwork many times without increasing the cost of manufacturing.

Some money-making arts and crafts include:

  • Paintings on canvas and framed art prints
  • Kits for painting by numbers
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Mugs
  • T-shirts and other articles of apparel
  • Bags for Tote
  1. Baby and Children’s Items

craft hobbies that make money

No one, particularly parents and close aunts and uncles, can resist adorable newborns! 

Any aspiring maker will find baby and child craft goods to be a gold mine, but bear in mind that these products have a higher quality standard (eg, non-toxic materials).

Because babies and children go through clothes and other items so fast, demand is always strong. With these baby and kids craft items, you may cater to baby showers, births, and other milestones:

  • Bibs, rompers, and towels with your name on them 
  • Straps for pacifiers
  • Kits of activities for children
  • Hats
  1. Pet Supplies


Pet owners are frequently ready to spend on unique things for their fur kids, similar to the desire for baby supplies. Pet goods are part of a multibillion-dollar sector that is still in its infancy, with little competition.

Check read this post on How To Start A Dog Treat Business for more information (7 Easy Steps)

These are some of the money-making DIY hobbies for pet owners:

  • Pet toys
  • Collars that are made to order
  • Pet snacks made from scratch
  • Pillows and beds for pets
  1. Products for Weddings

craft hobbies that make money

One of the greatest categories for craftsmen to enter is weddings. 

Personalizations such as engagement announcements, bachelorette party items, party favors, and wedding décor all contribute to making a wedding genuinely unique to each couple and setting the tone for a truly unforgettable event.

The following are several wedding-related money-making crafts:

  • Cards with personalized location names
  • a wedding banner
  • Personalized Guestbook
  • Favors for the party
  1. Sewn-On Items

craft hobbies that make money

Sewing is one of those life skills that, when used imaginatively, may result in wonderful hobby crafts that can be sold. 

Sewn goods may be made in a variety of ways, from basic to complex. 

Focus a significant portion of your time and money on easy-to-sell and lucrative craft hobbies that don’t take a long time to make if you want to maximize sales and earnings.

Here are a few ideas for sewing money-making hobbies:

  • Headbands
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Swaddles
  • Covers for cushions

Easy Money-Making Craft Hobbies

These simple craft hobbies are a fantastic place to start developing your creative side if you’re new to making and want to start a crafting hobby company.

 They need very little expertise and are almost fail-proof!

  • Packs of stickers
  • Coasters with your name on them
  • Toppers for cakes
  • Chains for masks and glasses

Crafting Hobbies on the Cheap

Crafting may be costly, particularly if you use high-end premium materials.

It’s best to start with something that doesn’t cost too much to make if you’re a beginner craftsman.

You may upgrade to more quality materials after you’ve established yourself and mastered the art of operating a craft hobby company. 

Here are several low-cost money-making hobbies:

  • Notebooks made to order
  • Macrame arts and crafts
  • Placemats

craft hobbies that make money

Unique Hobbies in Crafting

Starting a company out of a unique artisan hobby may be a double-edged sword.

 On the one hand, distinctive goods make it simpler to stand out. On the other hand, your product’s market may be very tiny. 

A successful and lucrative craft hobby requires striking the proper balance between being too specialized and becoming just another craft company.

Why not try one of these unusual craft hobbies that generate money if you want a larger creative challenge or if you’re simply searching for a unique niche to start your crafting hobby:

  • Pins made of enamel
  • Bookmarks made of resin
  • Repurposed items

craft hobbies that make money

Why Is Selling Crafts A Lucrative Business?

Arts and crafts are part of a $40 billion industry that is expanding rapidly — and for good reason! 

People are spending more time at home and realizing the advantages of having a creative outlet. 

People also want to personalize their living environments, and crafts are one of the most cost-effective methods to do so. 

With the emergence of increasingly discriminating customers who value quality, authenticity, and care put into a product, they are willing to pay a premium for something that is individually handmade and meticulously detailed. 

Who Can Profit From Crafting?

Everyone! Selling crafts is a great method to start a successful side hustle whether you like making things with your hands, putting your own touch on everything you come across, or working from home. 

Selling crafts is a wonderful way to earn money while staying at home. There are many money-making crafts that both men and women may participate in.

Crafting is a broad word; essentially, if you’re creating anything with your hands, you may convert it into a money-generating hobby! 

If you like baking, for example, why not try selling custom-designed sugar cookies?

 Alternatively, if you’re a carpenter, there are many carpentry projects from which to earn money.

What about selling wooden coasters produced from leftovers and offcuts?

Crafting hobbies may help stay-at-home mothers (or fathers! ), students, freelance professionals, and retirees, to name a few. Art prints, eco-friendly homeware, and even beautiful sculptures are all money-making hobbies for stay-at-home mothers and fathers.

If you consider DIY to be your middle name, selling your DIY hobbies or projects may be the ideal side hustle or internet company for you. 

Crafting hobbies have no age restriction. Retirement activities that earn money may be very beneficial to senior people since they keep their brains and hands active, preventing them from becoming bored and inactive.


What Are the Most Profitable Crafts?

Uniqueness, usefulness, and beauty are all factors that buyers consider while purchasing crafts. If you take advantage of these opportunities, your money-making hobbies will be well on their way to capturing a significant portion of the crafts market. 

Crafts that have a short manufacturing lead time and are reasonably inexpensive to manufacture are often the most profitable. 

Knitting and crocheting, for example, are inexpensive but require time to complete, limiting the amount of items you can produce on a regular basis. 

The following are some of the most financially rewarding craft hobbies:

Crafts with a seasonal theme

Similarly, appealing to increased spending over the Christmas season is a wonderful way to offer the most profitable crafts. 

It’s also a fantastic method to increase your company’s exposure and recognition by keeping your goods current and relevant.

Personalized merchandise

Having the option to personalize your crafts greatly raises their worth. 

If you currently have a successful product line, adding a ‘personalization’ option will broaden your market and enable you to charge a higher price for your items. You’ll do better business, and your consumers will be happy since they’ll be getting something special. It’s a win-win situation!

craft hobbies that make money

Is it possible to make money through crafting? 


Crafting is one of the more lucrative pastimes. To sell your handmade products, you’ll need a certain degree of creative ability, an eye for aesthetics, and a business spirit. 

With the proper attitude, though, it’s something that anybody can learn to accomplish. 

The greatest thing is that earning money via creating isn’t limited to selling your own items. Why not educate others about your trade love via courses or workshops? 

You may start selling DIY craft kits or even raw materials themselves if you have access to a lot of raw crafting supplies.

You may also utilize your craftsmanship to produce social media content to increase your following and, as a result, increase your sales. Above all, it’s critical to be genuine and connect with your audience; after all, they could always go to a chain shop for something generic. 

People are drawn to handcrafted items because of the human element.

Where Should You Sell Your Crafts To Make Money?

There are a plethora of methods to sell your crafts these days, many of them have minimal or no starting fees — some are even free. Test the waters and get to know your market so you can decide whether to concentrate on one channel or diversify your sales.

The Internet and Social Media

Using social media to start selling your craft hobby goods is a fantastic way to get started. 

It’s simple to join and use, and it enables you to grow your business by interacting with consumers and followers via useful and amusing content. 

One disadvantage of utilizing social media as your primary sales channel is that they are often not designed as a dedicated sales interface, making it more difficult for your consumers to explore your goods and complete the checkout process.

Follow these inspirational social media crafters:

Personal Blog/Website

Setting up a shop on your own website gives you greater control over your company’s identity and allows you to provide a more personalized client experience. 

Woo Commerce and Shopify are two popular choices. Setting up your own e-commerce shop, on the other hand, requires some technical know-how, and you may need extra traffic-generating methods. 

Depending on your payment choices, the payment gateway provider may take a portion of your transaction.

Check out these great crafts blogs and websites:

Marketplaces on the Internet 

An online marketplace like Etsy or Artfire is one of the most popular venues to sell your products. Setting up an internet shop is very easy, and the client base is large. 

However, you will be up against a lot of competition and may need specialized SEO and marketing abilities to increase the exposure of your goods. Furthermore, online marketplaces often take a higher percentage of your sales.

Here are a few well-known internet marketplaces where you may sell your DIY hobbies:

Markets in the Real World 

A real marketplace, such as a craft fair, farmers market, street bazaar, and so on, is a more conventional (but still extremely successful) way to sell your handmade goods. 

While putting up a market stall requires a significant amount of time, effort, and money, it is one of the most effective methods to sell your crafts, particularly if your handmade product is distinctive. 

Consumers can see and feel goods in person at physical marketplaces, and it’s a fantastic way to create genuine connection between you and your customers.


How To Make Money From Your Hobby Of Crafting

  • Personalization services are available.

A large proportion of individuals who purchase handmade goods like the option to customize their purchases. That way, it’ll be really unique to them! Consider adding personalization elements to your goods, such as painted on calligraphy, stickers, or even engraving. 

If personalization is out of the question, a “mix and match” strategy may be a good option. Allowing your client to choose the color scheme and layout or composition of their preferred product, for example. People like the feeling of being in charge and having choices. 

If you want to make money with your craft pastime, you’ll need to advertise it well. A solid product and brand need word-of-mouth recommendations, reviews, excellent photos, and precise descriptions of your handmade product.

Find out the market for your craft interest, or if you’re still undecided, a quick internet search like “most lucrative crafts to sell 2021” can provide you with information on the top money-making crafts.

Make sure you don’t overload yourself to the point where your craft hobby no longer gives you pleasure. Pastime jobs that pay money may sometimes take the enjoyment out of your passion – make sure you don’t overburden yourself to the point where your craft hobby no longer brings you joy.


While most individuals don’t take up a pastime to earn money, it’s not unexpected that an increasing number of people are turning their interests into money-making enterprises to supplement their income. 

Discover your creative side and try one of these money-making craft hobbies. You may might find a secret skill or a new interest, and make some money in the process!

The 48 Craft Hobbies That Make Money ( Low Cost Too!) is a blog post that discusses the 48 hobbies that make money. The blog post also discusses how low cost each hobby can be. Reference: hobbies that make money (2021).

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