Home security is something that a lot of people consider using, but it can be quite expensive. There are many very effective DIY home security systems out there, but they come with varying degrees of complication. This is not a guide to install any of these systems, but it is a guide to provide you with the information you need to decide if any of these DIY home security systems are right for you.

From CCTV cameras to motion detectors and even a simple DIY torch, there are a myriad of ways you can protect your home and loved ones. But there are a few things to look out for when DIY home security is discussed – bodily fluids, for example, are one of the most dangerous threats of all.  The phrase “Don’t Touch Me” is probably one of the most common phrases around the home, so why not prevent the problem from arising in the first place?  These are some of the best DIY home security ideas to keep intruders out – and your property safe.

Home security is a very hot topic in the news today. With the rise of online shopping, we are now more susceptible to burglary, and there are many different ways to protect ourselves and our homes from crimes.

This article presents the best home security ideas for military familiesbut these ideas are great for anyone who needs an inexpensive or portable security system! Okay, this is what happened: We moved to a new state and found a house for rent in a quiet neighborhood. It was a great find, especially since a lot of the neighborhoods in this area are not safe. Anyway, it’s been a few months and we consider ourselves lucky so far. There have been a few car break-ins, but we always leave the car in the garage and lock it to keep valuables out of sight. We even went on vacation for a week and visited Paris! But then the unthinkable happens.   word-image-15288 word-image-15289 A normal day began and I went shopping and grocery shopping. Then my husband calls me. Someone just tried to break into our house, and the police are on their way. I stood in the middle of the store, pushing my cart, trying not to cry in front of everyone. But I managed to keep my cool-like. My first thought was what could I do to make sure this never happens again.   word-image-15290 word-image-15291 Note: This article may contain affiliate links, but at no extra cost to you. Click here for the full disclosure policy.

Tips and tricks for safety in the home

These are some of the things I bought to secure our home and make us feel safe again. These are all simple home security solutions that you can take with you when you travel.

1. Door/window alarm

word-image-15292 word-image-15293 That day, before I went home, I bought GE alarm sensors for about $70 for each door and window. It was the only way to sleep in the house that night. The advantage of these sensors is that they are an inexpensive way to secure your home, installation is quick (they are simply attached with tape), and you can easily take them with you when you move. It is ideal for military families who move frequently! The biggest drawback, in my opinion, is that you are not alerted when they go off when you are outdoors, as is the case with wired security systems. They are also difficult to level on some surfaces.   word-image-15294 word-image-15295   word-image-5549 word-image-5550

2. Weapons for self-defence

Then a firearm was acquired. This was not at all on my list of home security strategies, but over time I began to accept it.   word-image-15296 word-image-15297 We bought this cheap case on Amazon and headed to the training ground. A friend who is a GM (Gunner’s Mate) even came to teach us. You can also buy a safe to protect the device from little hands and criminals. Safes can be hidden in an inconspicuous place and then bolted to the wall or floor. In addition to the handgun, other means of self-defense exist:   word-image-15298 word-image-15299   word-image-5551 word-image-5552 If you decide to buy a firearm, make sure you are aware of the local laws in your area. Also, adopt safe habits and learn how to use them. You don’t want to be in a situation where you are unarmed and the gun is pointed at you.

3. Outdoor lighting

These illuminated outdoor motion detectors offer an affordable level of security. The great thing is that they also work on solar energy! I’ve had them for over a year now and they still work great. I bought one to put over any entrance a thief would try to enter. It’s hard to hide when every action you take is marked!   word-image-15300 word-image-15301 They are easy to install and have mounting holes for screws. But since we rent an apartment, we bought double-sided tape for the outside and it works great. Plus, it’s easy to clean if you need to move.   word-image-5553 word-image-5554

4. Home Security System

We considered installing a security system, but found no affordable option a few months before the lease expired. I bought a wireless security camera instead. I’ve looked at all the popular options: However, I decided to buy an EZVIZ outdoor camera. It was less expensive than the other options and its performance was excellent:   word-image-15302 word-image-15303

  • Waterproof
  • Wireless
  • WiFi or wired internet connection
  • Connected (no empty batteries)
  • Two-way audio (useful for conversations with unknown visitors)
  • Night vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Flashing light and alarm siren
  • Connects to the application on my phone
  • You can use a micro SD card for data storage. (I use this cheap 16GB card).

They also had $20 off then, and they do other promotions all the time! At the time of publishing this article, the camera is $15 cheaper!   word-image-5555 word-image-5556   word-image-15304 word-image-15305 The only downside is that it sometimes sends constant weather alerts. However, other versions have intelligent motion detection. TIP: The cameras must be screwed into the wall. Since I don’t have that option, I screwed them into the wood slats and then secured them with double-sided tape.

5. Room camera system

Every sound in the night began to worry me; it took a few weeks before I could sleep peacefully again. That’s why I bought an indoor security camera. This EZVIZ indoor camera has many of the features of the other camera, but in addition :

  • Intelligent movement tracking
  • Pots and pans and cigarette butts
  • Almost 360 degree rotation

word-image-15306 word-image-15307 Anytime I hear a noise or am not home, I can quickly go to the app and check the room where the camera is located. I can also see all the naughty things my cat does when I’m not home! Fraud: When the light is mounted too close to the subject, it adjusts the brightness depending on when the camera is pointed at it. It then sends an alarm when motion is detected. But it’s a good option for a cheap surveillance camera. For an indoor camera, the Wyze camera may be a cheaper option, but we find it easier to have all our cameras in one application. Sidenote: I’m not a big fan of indoor cameras because there are always reports of hacking in the news. That’s why I always leave my cameras off when I’m in the room. At night and when you’re not home, you can simply plug it in and activate it.   word-image-5557 word-image-5558

6. Door reinforcement

I also recently learned how easy it is for a burglar to break down a door. According to 2018 FBI statistics, 56.7% of break-ins involve burglary. One of the cheapest ways to secure your home is to simply add a longer screw to the strike plate.   word-image-15308 word-image-15309   word-image-5559 word-image-5560 What’s a deflector? It is a small metal plate with a hole into which the lock is screwed. The small screws that normally hold them in place can easily break during a collision. Watch this video to see how easy it is to break down a door. I could only use longer screws, but it still increases safety. And if you don’t have a deadbolt, ask your landlord to install one.

7. Deactivate any input

Protect your home from burglary without spending a penny by locking every entrance. Unfortunately, this whole situation could have been avoided if we had a lock on the gate. If the thief doesn’t have much motivation to break into the house, you can deter him by just not making yourself an easy target.   word-image-15310 word-image-15311 The combination lock is a good option, but I didn’t like that you can only enter the gate from the side where the lock is. But safety first! It is also advisable to lock the garage and secure the garage door.   word-image-5561 word-image-5562

8. Do not take holidays for granted

Don’t let burglars know the best time to break in and get away with it. Here are some ideas for securing your home when you are away, especially if you are traveling for an extended period of time on business.

  • Don’t announce your vacation on social media; wait until you get back.
  • Ask online or in person at the post office to hold your mail or forward it to another address.
  • Ask a friend to regularly pick up flyers, cut the grass, take the trash to the curb, etc.
  • Disconnect the garage door from the power supply and lock it. Some doors can be opened with a universal remote control.

word-image-15312 word-image-15313

  • Schedule lights to turn on and off with an inexpensive outlet timer. You can also spend a little more on a WiFi smart plug that you can control from your phone.
  • If you own a gun, it’s a good idea to have a safe. But renting a locker at the shooting range would be even safer.

word-image-5563 word-image-5564

Secure your home

What DIY ideas do you have for home security? There are many ways to secure your home. It won’t look like Fort Knox, but it can help you avoid becoming a victim of crime. Take reasonable precautions that will deter burglars from attacking your home. Keep your belongings under lock and key and don’t hide your keys in obvious places. Also keep valuables out of sight, either by curtains or blinds, or keep the garden clear of objects.Home security is an important part of living in a modern society. There are just so many different things that can happen at home—including bad things that happen to good people. Unfortunately, there are also far too many dishonest people in the world who would do us harm. That’s why it’s important to take steps to ensure your home is as safe as it can be.. Read more about best diy home security system no monthly fee and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best DIY home security system?

Home security is an important investment. You want to be protected against break-ins at your home, but you also want to feel safe and secure when you’re away from the house, too. Home security devices offer a range of different solutions, but there are a few that stand out from the crowd. Here are eight of the best DIY home security ideas. In today’s blog post, we are going to show you 8 of the best DIY home security systems and tips to help you keep your home safe.

Can I make my own home security system?

I’m a big fan of home security systems, but I don’t like paying a lot for one. I don’t want to spend a bunch of money just to have a simple system that is easily hacked. I want to keep my system as simple as possible, and I want to do it myself. If you are a DIY type of person, you probably understand that. And if so, this article is for you. I get a lot of questions on how to make your own home security system. The truth is, I don’t have the answers, but hopefully this will give you some ideas.

What is the best home security system without monthly fee?

Here are the 8 best DIY home security ideas for a modestly priced security system. One of the most important things in home security is to decide on a budget. The best home security systems that won’t break your bank aren’t going to be the most expensive ones. They’ll probably be cheaper than the high end systems, but not necessarily the cheapest. To help you get started, I created a list of top security systems that will help you get a system you can afford. If you have some help, this list is ideal for you. Home security systems are a great way to keep your property safe from those who would want to do you harm, but they often come with monthly fees that you can’t afford. That’s why we’re here to help with 8 DIY home security ideas you may not have considered!

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