China’s Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is worth $US531 billion and has a workforce of 1 million people, but it isn’t the most diverse company in America. Amazon Inc., which is not only huge that its market capitalisation topped $US1 trillion last week, has about 993,000 employees on staff and an equal number of white collar workers as China does blue ones (not counting self-employed contractors).

The “most diverse company” is a company that has the most diversity in its workforce. The most diverse companies may surprise you.

America's most diverse company may surprise you

A number of studies have demonstrated that diversity can be a huge benefit to businesses, with more varied teams producing greater financial outcomes.

Because of this, Statista and Forbes collaborated to create a list of America’s greatest employers for diversity. More than 60,000 workers in the United States were polled, and the diversity of senior executive teams and boards was examined. It also looked at whether organizations have executives who encourage diversity and if they talk about it proactively. provided the image.

This year’s winner is


Progressive Insurance was voted America’s Best Employer For Diversity in 2022. Progressive was placed 20th the previous year. “Progressive’s DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) related activities include a “Dare to Disagree” diversity training,” according to Forbes. “Some of the best-performing organizations on the list have real action plans and projects targeted at providing support and representation for diverse personnel,” according to Forbes. provided the image.

QuickenLoans (#10)


  • 94.46 out of 100 possible points
  • Banking and financial services are an industry.

QuickenLoans provided this image.

9. The Toronto-Dominion Bank


  • 94.48 out of 100 possible points
  • Banking and financial services are an industry.

TD Bank provided the image.

The Clorox Company is number eight.


  • Index score (best: 100): 94.71
  • Packaged products industry

The Clorox Company provided this image.

7. SAS


  • 95.27 out of 100 possible points
  • IT, internet, software, and services industries

SAS provided the image.

6. Adobe


  • 96.72 out of 100 possible points
  • IT, internet, software, and services industries

Adobe provided the image.

5. IPG


  • 97.02 out of 100 possible points
  • Industry: Media & advertising

Image courtesy of IPG.

Cummins 4


  • 97.22 out of 100 possible points
  • Engineering and manufacturing industries

Cummins provided the image.

Booz Allen Hamilton is number three.


  • 98.45 out of 100 possible points
  • Professional services industry

Booz Allen Hamilton provided this image.

2. VMware


  • 98.79 out of 100 possible points
  • IT, internet, software, and services industries

VMware provided this image.

1. Consistent


  • 100.00 (100=best) index score
  • Insurance industry

Progressive provided the image.



Workers were selected from a large sample of over 60,000 U.S. employees working for organizations with at least 1,000 employees in their U.S. operations in an independent survey. The following factors influenced the index scores:

  • Recommendations made directly
  • InRecommendations made directly
  • Top executives/boards are diverse.
  • Indicators of diversity engagement

Statista and Forbes – Best Employers for Diversity 2022 were used as sources. More information is available here.

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Microsoft is America’s most diverse company with a workforce that is 40% female, 10% African American and Hispanic, and 15% Asian. The company has been recognized for its diversity efforts by the US government. Reference: microsoft diversity.

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