After all the anticipation for the end of the month – and the near-certainty that the end of the month will be less quiet than the rest of the year – it’s time to look ahead. What’s going to happen in April 2021?

In April of 2021, the financial markets will see no major economic releases for the first time in the modern era. While this may seem like an extreme point, it is not an uncommon occurrence. As a result, the average investor has likely never seen this scenario occur, and it is an event that can be extremely profitable to those who know when to cut losses.

It’s a quiet time in the finance world. GDP is close to a record, stocks are near record highs, and interest rates are barely moving. Even though corporate profits are higher than ever, stock buybacks are hitting record levels, and CEO pay is running wild, the markets have been relatively calm this year. This lull in activity is likely to continue, as the Fed is likely to raise rates to the 2.25% range in the first half of next year, and the market is pricing in a more hawkish Fed in the second half.

(Disclosure: some of the links below may be affiliate links). word-image-6118 April 2021 was a pretty normal month for us. We did some activities with my family and friends, which was great. But less than last month, so we could enjoy a quiet moment. And when the weather got nice, we were able to go outside more, but not as often as we would have liked. Financially it was a good month with high income and extremely low expenses. For example, we managed to save 77% of our income in one month.

April 2021

By April 2021, we have found a good balance between quiet time and activities with family and friends. Overall, it wasn’t a bad month. We are getting used to the state of COVID and it is getting more and more pleasant as the days get warmer. Last month we had too many people (in small groups, so more activities) and got tired of hosting. We had a much better record this month. I still work from home and I really enjoy it. I really want to work from home forever. In my case, there are so many benefits. It’s better for my time, my health and my family. And my productivity hasn’t suffered, even though I take more breaks. With the exception of a large wedding gift, we spent very little this month. So this month we were able to keep our expenses pretty low. This is a good thing after a rather expensive last month. This month our income is back to normal after last month’s bonus. But since our spending this month was only half of that, we still saved 77%! That will change next month with the tax refund, but it’s still great!


Let’s take a look at the details of the April 2021 spending:

Category Total Status More information
Insurance 745 Average Health insurance premiums
Transport 67 Below average Several parking lots in the city, a gas station
Communication 70 Average Internet and hosting
Staff 1434 Slightly above average A few medical bills, a wedding gift, and many small expenses.
Power supply 446 Slightly above average Food and some small meals outside
Housing 585 Below average Our mortgage payments and heating
Taxes 23 Below average Small property tax

In April 2021, we spent a total of CHF 3,373. Excluding taxes, the amount is 3,349 CHF. This is an amazing result. I’m pretty happy with our spending this month. You may have noticed that I haven’t paid any taxes this month. This is linked to the Swiss tax system, at least in the canton of Fribourg. In fact, we don’t get one bill a month, we get a series of bills, and it’s only 10 or 9. So everything will be paid at the end of March. And we’ll be back in May. This always makes April a very good month for us. Next month we should have a new set of bills and all unpaid taxes from 2020. So next month, the savings rate won’t be as high. I’m glad our grocery bills are down again. Our food spending for the month is 390 CHF, which is below my goal of 400-450 CHF. I’m excited to see more business this month too. There’s not much we could have done better.

2021 Targets

Let’s take a look at where we are in relation to our 2021 targets (as of the end of April 2021): Our targets for April 2021 word-image-6119 word-image-6120 Overall, our goals are being met pretty well! I was able to improve some goals that were a little behind, and now we are back on track. With this month’s very low spending, we have significantly improved our average spending. If we can maintain a good level in the next month, we will be back on track to reach our goal. Our savings goal is also doing well, but with the next two months going to be tough on taxes, it won’t stay that good for long. I switched to a new routine at the gym: Monday, Wednesday and Friday instead of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  This is much better for me because I rarely did it on Saturdays. Of course I still don’t like him. But I can force myself to do it during the week, not on the weekend. This has allowed me to do more than in the previous months. When I was learning Chinese, I hit a wall when learning online. So we spoke more Chinese with my wife. We usually try to speak Chinese at dinner and sometimes on walks. It helps me a lot more and I feel like I’m not wasting time. As a result, I missed fewer days. The goal of pageviews on the blog is one I don’t think we’ll meet. It started well in January, but it got worse month after month. At this point, I don’t know what else to do to achieve this goal. So, overall, it’s good for our 2021 goals!

Net cost

Let’s look at our net worth in April 2021: Our net assets at April 2021 word-image-6121 word-image-6122 We’ve passed the 400,000 mark! This is a big step we’ve taken. We need to reach 500,000 in less than two years. There wasn’t much in the way of net worth this month. Most of the growth comes from our savings. The stock market did well, but the US dollar lost further ground against the Swiss franc, largely wiping out our gains.


The best platform to create a blog SiteGround SiteGround is an excellent hosting provider with very low rates. It has one of the highest user ratings of any hosting provider.   For the second month in a row, blog traffic is down. Some articles did very well, while many articles lost a lot of traffic. Overall, this is a decrease from most articles. I kept writing new articles, updating old articles and translating articles. That’s all I can do for this blog right now. Other than that, there wasn’t much to read on the blog. I made some minor changes to the design to improve it, but nothing drastic. I don’t foresee any major changes in the next month either. Next month I’ll probably focus on new articles. My attempts to update and translate it have not been successful. If you had to read just one article this month, it would be my article on frequency.

Next month – May 2021

On a personal level, April 2021 should be pretty good. We have a few small events planned with friends and family. But it won’t be too much, so it should be another fun, relaxing month. As the warmer days arrive, we can take more walks and work in the garden. Financially, May 2021 is likely to be a bad month. Since my income increased significantly in 2020, I didn’t pay enough tax. I usually receive my tax return in May. So I get a big bill in 2020 for not paying enough. So it is unlikely that we will save any money in May. Sure, it sucks, but these are the consequences of a significant increase in my income, and that’s a good thing! And we were expecting it anyway. What about you? How was April? Do you have plans for the month of May? Get our best strategies and tips delivered straight to your inbox. Get free advice on your finances to help you become financially independent!

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