If you’ve been looking for a novel that explores the economy, this is it. Sanditon has everything from fashion to finance and philosophy in just one book!

“Marie Dobbs” is a novel written by Elizabeth Gaskell. It was published in 1851 and tells the story of a young woman who lives with her aunt and uncle on an island called Sanditon.

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Have you enjoyed Sanditon? These novels are similar to Sanditon and will satisfy your Sanditon need.

The TV show Sanditon is based on Jane Austen’s unfinished manuscript. She only finished eleven chapters of the book before she died, and she never finished it. Jane Austen’s unfinished manuscript has been adapted into a hit television series. The TV program deviates from Jane Austen’s original “book” since she never completed it.

These novels are comparable to Sanditon and will satisfy your Sanditon cravings!

Many of these books are available at your local library; you may check them out in person or use Libby to download them to your device. Any of them may also be purchased through Amazon or a bookstore.

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If you like Sanditon, here are 20 books to read.


Sensibility and Sense 

“Sensibility and Sense” is the story of two sisters, Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, who have contrasting temperaments. On the surface, Elinor, the older sister represents sense or reason while Marianne represents sensibility or emotion; however, upon closer examination, they both exhibit varying aspects of each characteristic. Jane Austen’s first published novel was a classic coming of age story, “Sensibility and Sense.”

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Deronda, Daniel 

Searching for his life’s purpose, young Deronda, Daniel is immediately attracted to the beautiful but shallow Gwendolen Harleth during a chance meeting at a casino. As they pursue separate journeys of self-discovery, culminating in Daniel’s discovery of his Jewish heritage, Daniel and Gwendolen reveal much about the depth of their characters and the circumstances that have influenced their lives.

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Jane Austen narrates the tale of Anne Elliot, who was persuaded by a friend to abandon an engagement with a man she loves in this great satire of vanity and conceit. Jane Austen’s last finished work tells the story of what occurs when they cross paths again. Persuasion is a superb satire of vanity and conceit set in the elegant circles of Lyme Regis and Bath, but it is also a love tale laced with the sadness of squandered possibilities.

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Pemberley is visited by death.

P. D. James, long one of the most famous mystery authors of our time, weaves the characters from Jane Austen’s classic book Pride and Prejudice into a story of murder and emotional mayhem.

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Edenbrooke: A Romantic Comedy

Marianne Daventry will go to any length to avoid Bath’s monotony and an undesirable suitor’s attentions. So when her twin sister Cecily extends an offer to join her in a huge rural home, she leaps at the opportunity. Marianne expects to be able to relax and enjoy her favorite English countryside while her sister snags the gorgeous heir of Edenbrooke, but even the best-laid schemes may go wrong.

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Miss Darcy Has a Love Affair

Georgiana Darcy is a talented pianist who defies society’s standards and expectations to follow her passions. As a result, she travels on a tour of Europe, culminating in Paris, where two very different men will kindle her heart in quite opposite ways, igniting a fierce competition to win her. Only one person, though, has the secret to her happiness.

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Jane Eyre

Jane becomes the governess to the children of the attractive Mr. Rochester, with whom she falls madly in love, but the dark secrets of Rochester’s background and outside influence threaten to suffocate their blooming relationship. Jane Eyre is a timeless story of sorrow, mystery, and passion, told in the unique voice of its exceptional heroine.

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Our heroine is swept off her feet by the handsome widower Maxim de Winter and his unexpected marriage proposal in Monte Carlo. She’s orphaned and working as a lady’s maid, and she can’t believe her good fortune. When they arrive at his sprawling country house, however, she sees the huge shadow his late wife will throw over their life, presenting her with a lingering evil that threatens to ruin their marriage from beyond the grave.

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Emma Woodhouse is a young lady from a decent family who does not need a husband’s financial assistance and is resolved not to marry. Emma, on the other hand, is not averse to others marrying, and she is eager to play matchmaker between various local residents. Despite her decision not to marry, Emma finds herself drawn to numerous men during the novel and contemplates marriage.

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A Boat with Three Men

A Boat with Three Men, published in 1889, became an instant success and has never been out of print. In its first twenty years alone, the book sold over a million copies worldwide. George and Harris and Montmorency take a boat trip on the Thames. Much hilarity ensues.

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the north and the south

The superb storytelling of Elizabeth Gaskell utilizes an unusual love tale to highlight how personal and public life were intertwined in a rising industrial world. This book recounts hard-won victories, such as logical intellect triumphing over prejudice and humanistic treatment triumphing over market blindness. The complicated public and private connections between men and women of various classes will captivate readers in the twenty-first century as this Victorian book explores the beginnings of issues and opportunities that are still challenging a hundred and fifty years later.

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The servants take center stage in this seductively conceived belowstairs to the Jane Austen classic. Sarah, the orphaned housemaid, spends her days cleaning the Bennet household’s clothes, dusting the floors, and emptying the chamber pots. Longbourn, however, has just as much romance, tragedy, and intrigue below as it does above. The ordered universe of the servants’ hall threatens to be upended, maybe irreversibly, when a strange new footman arrives.

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The Novel Austenland

Jane Hayes is a young New Yorker with a serious romantic problem: no guy she encounters comes close to matching her one true love, Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Jane’s thoughts of meeting the ideal Regency-era gentleman become more vivid than she could have dreamed when a rich cousin bequeaths her a vacation to an English resort for Austen fans.

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Respectfully, Sir

A regency version of My Fair Lady! Jack Eliot aspires to be the ship’s captain. The Earl of Stansworth, however, designates Jack as his successor with a condition. If Jack fails to impress the aristocracy, his mother and sister will continue to live in poverty. Is it possible to turn a rough-and-tumble captain into a gentleman of society?

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Jane and Lizzy

Jane and Lizzy couldn’t be further from Jane Austen’s famous sisters, after whom they were named. But, as Elizabeth pours her renewed energy into her sister’s care and her burgeoning interest in Nick, Jane’s handsome coworker, her life begins to evolve from the singular pursuit of her dream into the beautiful world of family, food, literature, and love that was shattered when she and Jane lost their mother. Will she stay and become Lizzy to her sister Jane—and Elizabeth to Nick’s Mr. Darcy—or will she return to the life she has worked so hard to create?

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The Marriage of Convenience

When the Earl of Rule offers marriage to Horatia Winwood’s sister Lizzie, she is only assisting her family. Instead, Horatia offers herself. Horatia is prepared to sacrifice herself for the happiness of her family, even if her sister is already in love with someone else. Everyone knows she’s not pretty, but she’ll try her best to stay out of the Earl’s way and be a good wife to him. Sir Robert, the Earl’s archenemy, then sets out to destroy her reputation… Georgette Heyer’s books are among my favorites. This is an absolute must-read!

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Finally, Ayesha

For a new age of love, a modern-day Muslim Pride and Prejudice. Ayesha Shamsi is a busy woman. She set aside her ambitions to be a poet in order to pay off her obligations to her affluent uncle. She lives with her loud Muslim family, and she is frequently reminded that her flighty younger cousin, Hafsa, is on the verge of rejecting her one hundredth marriage proposal. Ayesha feels lonely, but she does not want to get married off. Then she meets Khalid, a man who is as smart and attractive as he is rigid and judgemental. Despite this, she is irritably drawn to someone who scorns her choices and dressed as if he belonged in the seventh century.

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Wuthering Heights is a novel written by Emily Bronte.

In the relationship of Cathy and Heathcliff, and the wild, bleak Yorkshire Moors of its setting, Wuthering Heights is a novel written by Emily Bronte. creates a world of its own, conceived with a disregard for convention, an instinct for poetry, and for the dark depths of human psychology that make it one of the greatest novels of passion ever written.

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Directions to the Lighthouse

The Ramsays visit their summer house on the lovely Isle of Skye every summer, surrounded by the excitement and conversation of family and friends, like Virginia Woolf did during her childhood vacations. However, as time passes and the aftermath of the First World War approaches, the transience of existence becomes more obvious via the vignettes of the novel’s diverse cast’s thoughts and observations.

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The greatest was reserved for last. I’m not sure I can adequately express how much I like every single Georgette Heyer novel. In Middle School, I became addicted to them and developed a lifelong passion for historical romances. Arabella is one of Georgette Heyer’s greatest works. It’s both perfectly romantic and amusing. This is a book you must read!

Arabella, the daughter of a poor rural clergyman, fantasizes of starting a new life in London. Except Arabella’s beauty and charm can only carry her so far, and when she arrives in London with nothing but a sympathetic godmother and her own famously short fuse, she promptly runs into Robert Beaumaris.

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Sanditon-style books

If you like Sanditon, then get one of these Sanditon-style books for your next read!

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More book suggestions may be found here.

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The “best sanditon continuation” is a book that has been created by Jane Austen. It is a story of an orphaned girl who falls in love with her guardian’s son and they marry after she becomes a widow.

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