There are literally thousands of these types of sites. They claim to help you earn free money. Some show you how to read the news and earn free money, and others show you how to send and receive free money and build up a small account. Most of the sites that claim to show you how to earn free money, teach you how to spend that money, and then send you a fee for the service.

Cointiply is a free bitcoin earning site that pays out newly earned bitcoins in our free bitcoin wallet. Unlike other sites, we don’t redirect users to the bitcoin exchange to sell their earned bitcoin, so you don’t have to worry about hitting the buy button at the bottom of the page.

The big online payment systems are trying to get in on the act by allowing you to pay for goods and services using bitcoins, the online digital currency. Cointiply, currently in beta, is an example of one of these. The site lets you convert your bitcoin to cash every day, so you can use it to pay for things online.

Is Cointiply a rip-off? Is it worthwhile to join Cointiply? Read my honest review to learn everything about the benefits, drawbacks, and how you can make money and earn free Bitcoin with it.


CointiplyCointiply-Review-Earning-Free-Bitcoin-or-Wasting-Time-ThinkMaverick is one of the many free Bitcoin faucet sites you can join to earn Bitcoin for Free.


Cointiply is one of several free Bitcoin faucet sites where you may earn free bitcoin.


The good news is that you don’t need any complex skills or expertise to begin earning.


Cointiply is a free service that is accessible to everyone in the globe. You can now earn money from your laptop or phone, from anywhere in the world, on your own time and schedule – all without the requirement for a bank account!


There are hundreds of Bitcoin reward systems to choose from, so you’ll definitely need some guidance before signing up for every free site you come across.


Don’t be concerned!


That is exactly what I am here to accomplish!


Are you unsure whether Cointiply is worth your time?

Are you unsure whether Cointiply is worth your time?


Is it possible to make money using Bitcoin on Cointiply?

Yes, you certainly can. That is something I have done. And I’m still earning free Bitcoin on Cointiply, which I’ve already withdrew to my Bitcoin wallet.


You may anticipate to get Bitcoin directly into your wallet within 1-3 days after requesting a payment.

Cointiply review.thinkmaverick

Here’s a screenshot of Cointiply earnings.

If you’re concerned that this is a con or that you’ll waste precious time for nothing, be assured that you’re in good hands!


You’ll get compensated for work you’re already doing.


Cointiply alternatives

I’m now using these sites to earn free Bitcoin:


What is the definition of cointiply?

1629465766_353_Cointiply-Review-Earning-Free-Bitcoin-or-Wasting-Time-ThinkMaverickWhat is the definition of cointiply?


With Cointiply’s Bitcoin faucet, you may win a random number of Coins every day with only one click.


Furthermore, Cointiply offers a variety of ways to earn coins online, like solving captchas, playing online games, joining up for interesting services, doing surveys, watching movies, finding new goods, and downloading free applications.


Is Cointiply a genuine company?

Cointiply is unquestionably a legitimate website.


Founded in 2018, Cointiply promises to be the world’s #1 Bitcoin Rewards Platform, with over 2.7 million members worldwide and over $3 million in payouts.


Furthermore, Cointiply is rated EXCELLENT on Trustpilot, with over 2850 reviews!

Cointiply review. thinkmaverick


How much money can I make with Cointiply?

By performing easy activities on Cointiply, you may earn up to $30 each month. On this site, the number of coins you may earn varies based on your region, demographics, time, and work.


You may make more money if you are more active.


Take advantage of their referral program, which allows you to earn an infinite amount of money.


There are no restrictions on the amount of time you may spend on the site, the number of recommendations you can send, or the amount of money you can make!


How to Begin Using Cointiply

Joining and using Cointiply is totally free.


Cointiply is a simple and uncomplicated way to get started. Fill up your profile and create a new account using your email address.


All new members are automatically authorized, and you may begin earning free Bitcoin straight away.


On Cointiply, there are many ways to earn free Bitcoin.

Let’s get started converting your time into cash. Cointiply has over 20 simple methods for you to earn free Bitcoin.


No, completing many jobs on Cointiply will not allow you to leave your work or become wealthy. However, it is an excellent method to make a little amount of Bitcoin in your free time.


1. Turn the Faucet on.


On Cointiply, rolling the faucet is the simplest method to earn Bitcoin.

  1. Register for a Cointiply account.
  2. Click “ROLL & WIN” and complete a captcha.
  3. That is all there is to it. Depending on the number you roll, you’ll get a certain amount of coins.


The greater the number, the more coins you will get.

  • Earn 10 coins by rolling a number from 1 to 69,999.
  • Earn 14 coins if you roll between 70,000 to 89,999.
  • Earn 23 coins if you roll 90,000 to 96,999.
  • Earn 45 coins if you roll 97,000 to 98,999.
  • Earn 110 coins if you roll 99,000 to 99,998.


You’ll receive an additional 17 coins if you obtain a prime number. Of course, winning the jackpot, if you’re fortunate enough to roll 99,999, is the greatest reward.


Login to your Cointiply account in a matter of seconds to begin earning free daily faucet coins. It may not seem to be worth it at first, but even a little sum of 10 cents each day adds up with time.


Fold Bitcoin Rewards App is a great way to earn Bitcoin without putting in a lot of work.


Fold’s faucet offers out more Bitcoin payouts each spin than Cointiply’s. Sign up for a free Fold account now and get 5,000 sats!



2. Use Cointiply Coupon Codes

To get free coins, go to Cointiply and enter the offer code.


It’s really simple, but you must be quick! I’m talking about lightning quick!


Because Cointiply only gives out 99 free coins to the first 13,999 people that redeem the code, it’s a limited time offer.


Follow Cointiply on Twitter to be among the first to learn about new promo codes.



3. Participate in daily surveys

You may participate in product and service surveys if you like expressing your thoughts. Per online survey, you may earn anywhere from $1 to $5.


They will suggest surveys that fit your profile once you answer a few basic questions about yourself. Before completing a survey, you can check how much you can make and how long it will take.


When compared to other survey sites, Cointiply pays you coins even if you are rejected from a survey – other sites don’t do so.



4. Have fun with games

If you like playing games, there is another method to earn free Bitcoin.


The following is how it works:

Choose a game you like and begin playing as you usually would. You will get 10 coins every time your activity meter fills up.


The more time you spend actively playing a game, the more Coins you’ll earn and the more Bitcoin you’ll earn!



5. View Videos

One of the greatest methods to earn semi-passive coins on Cointiply is to watch videos.


Choose a movie to view, begin watching, and Coins will be added to your account.




6. Take a look at the Pay-Per-Click advertisements (PTC Ads)

PTC advertisements are a quick and simple method to earn Coins, but they don’t pay well.


You’ll get paid if you click on advertisements for a certain amount of time.



7. Download and install the mobile app

You may also earn Coins by downloading a free mobile app and signing up for deals. It’s possible that higher-paying bids may take longer to fulfill.



8. Participate in the Cointiply Chat Rain Pool

The Rain Pool is a totally passive way to earn Coins.


To qualify for the Rain Pool, you must complete at least one offer, survey, or PTC ad on that particular day.


You won’t have to do anything more after that; you’ll automatically get a part of the pool.


To raise your share, you must complete offers, participate in surveys, and just be active on the site. The greater your rain share, the more Coins you get from performing other chores!


It’s like if you’re receiving a free penny on top of your profits.



9. Increase the value of your coins by a factor of ten.


Multiplier allows you to double your Coins’ worth if you’re prepared to put your Coins at risk.


The following is how it works:

  1. You may bet as little as 10 coins or as much as 100 coins.
  2. You win if you locate a red Gem cluster. You lose if you strike a black Gem cluster.


Your Coin balance will grow each time you choose a successful goal. However, if you pick the wrong one, it’s game over and you’ll lose your wager.


It’s similar to gambling, where you win or lose based on your luck.


10. Make money from your coin by earning interest.

If you accumulate 35,000 coins, you may opt to leave them on Cointiply and receive a set interest rate of 5%. It’s a fantastic opportunity to earn some extra cash while you’re at it!


Go to your account settings and activate this option to start earning 5% interest on your Coins balance. Interest is computed on a daily basis and paid on a weekly basis.


Although, if it hits a significant amount, I would suggest withdrawing to your hardware wallet.


11. Take use of your Loyalty Bonus


If you go into your Cointiply account every day and roll the faucet, your daily loyalty bonus will grow by 1%, all the way up to 100%. (your last 100 days).


It’s simple and enjoyable.


The caveat is that you must claim every day to keep your loyalty bonus; otherwise, it will reset if you miss a day!


12. Item Pods and CointiPoints


Owning unique collectibles is another excellent method to increase your profits.


CointiPoints are earned automatically when you earn Coins on Cointiply. You’ll earn 10% more CointiPoint for every dollar you spend.


For example, after you complete a job, you will get 10,000 Coins as well as 1,000 CointiPoints.


Item Pods may then be purchased using CointiPoints.


There are two kinds of objects in this category:

  • Consumables are goods that can only be used for a limited period of time, allowing them to offer momentary bonuses.
  • Equipped: things that are part of your equipment and may help you make more money in the long run.



13. Recommend users

Another simple method to earn incentives is to invite friends to join Cointiply.


You will get 25% of their faucet claims FOR LIFE as well as 10% of their offer profits for each new user you recommend.


There are no restrictions on the number of people you may invite or the amount of money you can earn!


How will I be compensated?

Every action you perform on Cointiply earns you Coins. The value of each coin is $0.0001.


One dollar is equal to 10,000 coins.


You may change your Coins to cryptocurrency after you meet the payment criteria.


To withdraw Coins to your Bitcoin wallet, you’ll need at least 50,000 coins ($5), and a minimum of 30,000 coins ($3) to your DOGE, Dashcoin, and Litecoin wallets.


What’s even better is that Cointiply doesn’t charge you any fees for withdrawals. You get 100% of your profits in your cryptocurrency wallet.


You will get your payouts within 24-72 hours after requesting one.


Pros of Cointiply

  • Anyone in the globe may use it.
  • Joining is completely free.
  • There are numerous ways to earn money.
  • Customer service that is responsive
  • A generous referral program is available.
  • Payment method that is both transparent and quick
  • There are no costs for withdrawals.


Coincidence Cons

  • Some tasks have very low payoffs.
  • Because Coins will be converted to Bitcoin depending on the market price at the time of withdrawal, the quantity of Bitcoin received may vary significantly.
  • Only four cryptocurrencies are accepted for payment: Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.


Is it worthwhile to use Cointiply?

Cointiply, like other faucet services, requires time and effort to make a significant quantity of money.


I would suggest Cointiply to anybody who enjoys playing games, giving their thoughts, watching movies, or browsing the web since it has one of the highest paying averages on the market.


The Bitcoin rewards program also provides a diverse selection of earning options. You may discover something that works for you and allows you to earn free bitcoin while doing something you already like.


Invest an hour or two a day in earning money/bitcoins with Cointiply instead of aimlessly browsing around Facebook or watching TV.


There is no danger.


Now is the time to act! Sign up for a free 100 Coins bonus and start earning cash/bitcoins in your leisure time by clicking here.


There are other methods to get free bitcoin.

Earning and storing BTC pays dividends.


In the long term, your $30 worth of Bitcoin will double, treble, or even grow x1000 times if you hang on to it.


It’s certainly worth exchanging some spare time for bitcoins in my opinion.


If you’re searching for additional ways to make money with Bitcoin, I suggest reading my article on 10+ Legit Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin (#3 is my personal favorite).


Also, have a look at these articles.


Read the following articles to understand more about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency:


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I’m obsessed with earning money online. 

Soon, I’ll be providing additional tips and recommendations. Keep an eye out for updates.

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The website Cointiply claims to offer the opportunity to earn free Bitcoin. The site claims to award 1% of all Bitcoin you earn to be sent to your Bitcoin address. But, according to the site, you need to be patient to earn your free Bitcoin, and almost almost never get it.. Read more about cointiply minimum withdrawal and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cointiply really work?

Yes, Cointiply really works.

How long do Cointiply withdrawals take?

Cointiply withdrawals can take up to 48 hours.

Can you really get free Bitcoin?

Yes, you can get free Bitcoin.

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