Etsy is a platform for handmade goods. People use Etsy to sell their crafts, from jewelry and clothing to ceramics and paintings. It’s a popular shopping destination with over 500 million visitors in 2018 alone! With so many people purchasing items on the site, how do you get your shop noticed?

The “how to increase etsy sales fast” is a question that many Etsy sellers have. It can be difficult to answer this question, but there are some tips and tricks you can use to increase your sales.

Do Etsy Ads Work - Common Questions + Tips to Increase Sales

Do you have any questions about how Etsy advertisements work? 

Have you been having panic attacks because you believe it is complicated? Are you upset by low traffic to your Etsy business and unsure what to do?

Don’t be concerned! You’ve arrived to the correct location! In this post, I’ll get right in and show you how Etsy advertisements operate. 

Etsy is a prominent worldwide marketplace where individuals can buy and sell one-of-a-kind handcrafted things, vintage items, antiques, and more. Of course, all of this traffic opens up a lot of options for sellers. 

Unfortunately, not all retailers benefit from the increased foot traffic. One approach to deal with this is to advertise on Etsy. So take a seat and get ready to learn!

How Do Etsy Ads Work – The Best Etsy Seller Tips! 

  • Begin with volume and adjust as needed based on quality.
  • Examine your ad spend’s return on investment.
  • Examine your CTR (Click Through Rate).
  • Take a look at the seasons and trends.
  • Examine Your Funnel


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What Are Etsy Ads and How Do They Work?

Many internet stores use a variety of venues to promote their products. Some of these stores succeed in becoming well-known, while others fail. 

Unlike Facebook advertising, Etsy advertising is rather simple.

All you have to do now is:

  • Go to your Shop Manager for assistance.
  • Marketing with a Click
  • Advertisement with a Click
  • Make a daily budget, which is the utmost amount you are willing to spend each day. 
  • Start advertising by pressing the Start Advertising button.

Voila! Do you know you’ve just mastered the fundamentals of how to advertise your Etsy shop?

You didn’t need to make any special posters or films to market your goods, right? You are paying to have your listed things advertised without having to perform any more work. 

This makes it a lot simpler to use than Facebook Advertising, which needs you to add extra descriptions and media to your ads.

So, what happens next? In the Etsy search results, the listed goods that you are promoting will be favored. Similar to Google Ads, which include the word Ad beside them to indicate that they are sponsored ads.

Most crucially, your adverts will only be accessible to purchasers in the countries to which you want to export. 

As you read on, you’ll see that just putting up your Etsy advertisements isn’t enough to ensure success. There are still certain best practices to follow when it comes to Etsy advertisements, which will be discussed.

do etsy ads work Where Are Etsy Ads Displayed

Where Do Etsy Ads Appear?

In the Etsy search results, you’ll see Etsy advertising. Etsy advertising are positioned in an auction based on how likely a buyer is to click on them and how relevant they are to the shopper’s search.

Some users choose to pay a small fee for prominent places at the top of the page, which may make their goods stand out to more prospective customers. 

Promoted Listings-boosted advertisements will also display at the top of your shop’s list of recently posted products. If you have advertisements, they will display in the Banner directory as well.

do etsy ads work How Do You Adjust Etsy Ads

How Do You Change Your Etsy Ads?

Etsy ads function differently than other kinds of advertising, where you may change the media creatives or captions for sponsored posts.

You may change your Etsy adverts by changing your promoted listings. This means you may enhance your photographs, write a better product description, use more relevant keywords, and add additional product tags, among other things.

This indicates that the advertised product is more comprehensive than previously, and that it may tempt more consumers if it appears in search results thanks to your Etsy Ads. 

As previously said, Etsy adverts are positioned based on how relevant they are to the search. This is why choosing the appropriate keywords and product tags for your Etsy ad is so important.

 How Much Do Etsy Ads Cost

What Are the Prices of Etsy Ads?

This is dependent on how much money you’re prepared to spend on Etsy advertising. You are not paid based on how many people see your ad. Rather, the number of clicks your ad receives. 

As a result, the more hits you receive, the higher your Etsy advertising cost will be. The fee will be limited to your daily budget limit. Your ad will cease displaying for that day once your clicks reach the ceiling.

Is it Worth It to Advertise on Etsy?

Etsy ad success is determined by a number of things.

To begin with, if you choose to run advertising for competitive keywords, you will be able to rank higher than those that choose to rank organically. 

Keep in mind that your advertising budget is unaffected by your selling price. The fee Etsy charges you for buyers who click on your advertisements is the same regardless of how much your goods costs.

As a result, whether you’re selling high-ticket things like jewelry or crystal presents, Etsy advertising are worthwhile. This is because buying only one or two goods can quickly cover your advertising costs.

Another reason to use Etsy advertisements is if you’re a new business looking for rapid exposure and have some cash to spend. 

These new Etsy stores can gain some fast reviews by running advertisements and turning them into purchases, which will help them boost their organic search results after they turn off their ads.

How Long Do Etsy Ads Take To Take Effect?

This is a question for which there is no conclusive solution. The length of time it takes to notice a rise in sales after starting an Etsy advertisements campaign is determined by a variety of variables, including the amount of listings you have, how effectively they are optimized for keywords, and your region.

Setting your advertisements to run for at least 30 days is recommended by Etsy in order for the algorithm to understand your keywords and position them in the appropriate search queries.

Your product listing will be operating much sooner than advertising with bad descriptions if it is thorough with all the proper keywords and related to the search intent.

I’m not sure how much I should spend on Etsy ads.

If you’re unsure how to utilize Etsy advertisements, it’s best to start small. On Etsy, the minimum budget for promoted listings is $1 per day. However, evaluating the effectiveness of your ad will be more difficult. As previously stated, you are paid based on the number of times your ad is clicked.

As a result, after your click-through rate has depleted your daily budget, your ad will no longer be accessible.

Depending on your budget, you should start with USD $ 3 to $10 each day. This offers you plenty of room to monitor ad performance.

It’s generally not worth continuing the ad campaign if the money invested does not result in at least twice as many views to your store or purchases within two weeks. 

How Do I Remove Etsy Ads?

You may cancel your Etsy advertising in the same manner in which you created them.

  • Go to the Shop Manager page.
  • Marketing with a Click
  • Click on Etsy Ads to see what’s available.
  • Other Options should be selected.
  • Turn off Ads by clicking the button.

There are no penalties for canceling your advertisements early, and you will not be charged any further fees. 

Is it certain that if I use Etsy ads, I’ll make more money?

It’s tough to say whether you’ll generate more money after marketing on Etsy since there are so many variables that impact your Etsy advertisements campaign. 

While it’s probable that if everything else is optimized for success, you’ll notice an increase in sales or views to your store, there’s always the potential that something may go wrong and impede results. 

Your chances of success are substantially better if you completed proper keyword research, put up decent product photographs, created informative descriptions, and used clear tags.

Etsy has put up a guide that explains the elements that influence Etsy search results.

Is it possible to advertise on Etsy without spending any money?

Offsite-Ads is a new service that lets you to test out risk-free advertising on Etsy. Etsy will utilize its marketing budget to promote your things on Pinterest, Google, Instagram, and Facebook, among other channels.

Only if a customer clicks on your ad and makes a purchase via that link will you be charged advertising costs.

For merchants who have earned more than USD $10,000 in sales in the previous year, the advertising price will be 10% of the order fee.

For merchants who have earned less than $10,000 in sales in the previous year, the advertising price will be 15% of the order fee.

When Is It Appropriate To Use Etsy Ads?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for utilizing Etsy advertisements at any given time of year or on any given day of the week, but there are several elements to consider when weighing your alternatives.

If you are new to selling on Etsy, for example, it is important to allow yourself some time to build your brand before relying on advertisements. When you have more alternatives for targeting certain phrases and selecting which ones are worth paying for, you’ll have more flexibility in the future.

You should also avoid employing advertisements during peak buying seasons, such as the holidays, when it’s easier for you and other vendors to be lost in the shuffle. 

Examine your sales data and utilize it to determine which phrases were the most profitable and how much money they brought in.

What Is Etsy Plus, Exactly?

Etsy Standard is the default setting for all Etsy merchants. You may join up for Etsy + for $10 per month if you want additional features.

Etsy has launched a new service that enables merchants to buy credits for displaying their shops and running adverts. 

Hover may also provide you with savings on bespoke web address creation. This implies that instead of being tied to an Etsy domain, you may register your store name with a website domain to boost your brand exposure.

Another great feature is that your customers may request restocking and get notifications when your products are restocked.

Finally, if you’re situated in the United States, Canada, the European Union, or the United Kingdom, you may offer extra shipping reductions. 

What Happens to My Etsy Ads Budget?

 Your Etsy advertising budget is allocated to your individual ad campaign and the amount you bid per click. 

Only when a customer clicks on your ad will you be compensated. Your ad will not be visible for the day after the maximum amount of buyers have clicked it, according on your budget.

Your Etsy ad budget is not affected by the number of people that view your ad.

How Does My Etsy Ad Appear To A Viewer?

Unlike Facebook adverts, which display when you’re surfing your home page, Etsy ads have a distinct appearance.

Etsy adverts resemble regular product listings. It is only presented to those who are looking for that specific product. 

It is, however, at the top of the rankings. The customer is more likely to click on your product listing if it is well-optimized with the proper keywords and product descriptions.

What factors influence my Etsy ad cost per click?

The actual cost per click of an Etsy ad is determined by a number of variables, the most important of which is how competitive your selected keyword or phrase is.

Etsy advertisements go through a bidding procedure. This implies that if there are more vendors bidding for the same term, your cost per click will be greater. However, it will not go over your daily budget.

Your cost per click will be lower as well if the product you’re offering isn’t being highly bid for and meaningless adverts are being put for it.

To choose which keywords to bid on, see our useful advice on the finest Etsy Keyword Research tools. Hopefully, this has answered your question about whether Etsy advertisements work.

Who is looking at my Etsy ads?

Your adverts will only be accessible to purchasers in the countries to which you will be delivering. 

If you don’t ship to Sweden, no matter how many people in Sweden are looking for anything that matches all of your search phrases and keywords, they won’t find it.

All of your Etsy ads will be seen by individuals who are looking for something specific that is connected to your keyword and product tag.

This means you may appear in search results if someone searches for a product that is similar to yours or includes some of the same terms.

It’s also possible that your advertisement will reach individuals who have never heard of your company or items before. 

However, since their search phrases are connected to your keywords, Etsy algorithms will conclude that they may be excellent prospective consumers for you.

Advertisements may have an impact on your search position, but keep in mind that ads only appear when someone searches for something you’ve bid on. In other words, sponsored items will only display in Etsy search results.

If someone comes straight to your store, you will not see these adverts. You should still rank well in organic results if you have a decent product picture, a solid title, and detailed descriptions of your items.

Is it possible to find my own Etsy ad if I search for it?

Etsy has done this on purpose. You’re not going to purchase your stuff from your own Etsy listing, are you? As a result, you won’t be able to see it. 

When deciding who may view your Etsy ad, Etsy considers the chance of making a sale. You will not see your Etsy ad since you, the seller, are unlikely to purchase from yourself.

Tips for Boosting the Effectiveness of Your Etsy Ads

Tips for Boosting the Effectiveness of Your Etsy Ads

You must be eager to discover the finest methods to increase your Etsy ad effectiveness now that you understand how Etsy advertisements function.

1. Begin with volume and adjust as needed based on quality.

When you initially start your Etsy marketing, you should promote all of your items since you never know which will perform best.

You can enhance your return on investment by selecting the high-performing listings after you start assessing the effectiveness of your advertising.

2. Examine your ad spend’s return on investment.

You’ll want to be sure you’re marketing the goods that will provide you the best results. Prioritize items that need the least amount of advertising in relation to the revenue generated.

3. Examine your CTR (Click Through Rate).

If a lot of people view your ad, it suggests it’s ranking highly in the search results. 

If buyers aren’t clicking on it, it’s possible that your main picture, product title, or price aren’t attractive enough. Consider making changes to improve your Click Through Rate.

Take a look at the seasons and trends.

Specific items may perform effectively at certain times. Perhaps a viral video celebrating all things pink went viral. Then you could wish to market your pink products.

5. Examine Your Funnel

Consider the following scenario for your Etsy ads:

  • Ad Views: How many people have seen your advertisement?
  • Clicks on your ad — how many people are clicking on it?
  • How many people purchased your goods as a result of your ad?

If 100 people viewed your adverts, but only 10 of them clicked on them, 5 of them would buy your merchandise. What exactly does it imply?

It indicates you have a ten percent click-through rate but a fifty percent buy rate. If you examine this, it suggests that your primary ad isn’t appealing enough in the search results, which is why your shop isn’t getting enough traffic.

Those who did come are, however, making purchases. This suggests your page’s comprehensive information is converting them. 

To increase your click-through rate, you should use the same appealing language in the main product listing description.


Congratulations! You’ve made it to the conclusion of this tutorial and now have a better understanding of how Etsy advertising works! I hope this article has given you a better grasp of how Etsy advertisements function.

It may seem that there is a lot of information and practices to follow in order to make your Etsy marketing effective. Please don’t get too worked up.

Imagine how many different ways you can make your Etsy business profitable in the long run. You can always try another route if one doesn’t work.

Return to some of the other approaches that you can better apply after it improves and you gain confidence.

As you begin your adventure to test with Etsy advertisements, I wish you success and a lot of profit.

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