Summer is here, and students across the country are eager to earn some spending money. Whether they’re looking for a job or just something fun this summer, you’ll need an extra $20 per week to survive at home with no school-related expenses.

The “do school staff get paid during the summer” is a question that comes up often with teachers. In this article, I will answer it and provide some summer jobs for extra cash.

Do educators get pay during the summer? Get all the information!

I often receive a ton of inquiries regarding my employment as a high school math teacher. They may concern anything from how I maintain order and discipline with my adolescent kids to more private matters like how much money I make. 

Do teachers get paid in the summer has by far been one of the most often asked issues throughout the years. Everyone, I suppose, is curious as to whether teachers get paid on their much-needed vacations. 

Maybe you’re thinking of going into teaching yourself. Or maybe you’re simply interested. You want to ask your teacher buddy all these urgent questions, but they are too private.

“How are instructors compensated?”

“How much money do instructors make?”

“Are instructors ever paid when they are on summer vacation?”

I have all the answers, so don’t worry!


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It’s no secret that the flexible schedule attracts a lot of instructors to the profession. I myself opted to become a teacher because I like the working hours and the vacations, in addition to wanting to make a difference. It meant that I could be a present parent without having to look for child care throughout the evenings, weekends, and school breaks.

I could leave my kids off and pick them up so they could spend the holidays with me. But did all these school holidays also entail a paid period off? I am aware that our mortgage and expenses would not let us take a vacation. Can we? 

What do instructors do over the summer, I’ve often wondered. 

The National Education Association reports that roughly one third of brand-new teachers work second jobs.


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Do educators get pay over the summer?

In theory, instructors are not paid over the summer. Only the 10 months of the year when teachers work are compensated. The answer to this question is not straightforward, however. Although teachers are only paid for the 10 months that they work, they have the option to split their yearly compensation throughout the whole year. This implies that while they have the option, they do not really get paid time off over the summer. 

The ways in which teachers are compensated differ from state to state and even from district to district. The majority of instructors have a say in their preferred method of payment. The 10-month, 11-month, and 12-month choices are the most popular. 

The same yearly salary will be paid regardless of the payment option selected. For instance, a teacher earning $50,000 a year will always get $50,000, regardless of the payment method he selects. The only difference will be in the amount of money he is paid each month.

If Miss Lucy choose the 12-month option, her monthly income would be as follows:

$50 000 is Lucy’s yearly pay. Lucy’s monthly salary is equal to $50,000 divided by 12 for a total of $4 166.67.

Miss Lucy’s monthly income if she choose the 11-month option will be:

$50 000 is Lucy’s yearly pay. Lucy’s monthly salary is equal to $50,000 divided by 11 for a total of $4,545.45.

Miss Lucy’s monthly income if she choose the 10-month option will be:

$50 000 is Lucy’s yearly pay. Lucy’s monthly salary is equal to $50,000 divided by 10 to equal $5,000.


So, Do educators get pay over the summer? The answer is no! Teachers are not paid for the summer, but can choose to spread their paychecks in a way that will allow them to receive income during those months!


How can educators earn money during the summer?

For individuals who selected a 10-month pay period, July and August are two months in which there will be no money coming in. Likewise, people who choose to divide their compensation across eleven months get nothing in July or August (it depends on the school district). 

What then do these educators do? How do these educators make it through the summer? How do these educators earn money during the summer? Well, many instructors who work unpaid during these months have become into experts at side businesses by now.

During the summer holiday, teachers may earn money by:

• Teaching

• Organizing summer camps

## Applying to drive for Uber

Other odd jobs that are similar


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What are teachers’ summertime activities?

Summer break is for teachers. What they decide to do with this time will differ from person to person since it is their unique time. 

Some instructors take the summer off to unwind, contemplate, and refuel. After a lengthy semester or term, it is much required. Teachers may decide to use this time to visit distant relatives, go on vacation, hang out with friends, go to the pool, or just spend long, leisurely days in bed reading (which is what I’m doing!).

The instructors who decide to do this often have a strategy in place for how they will pay their expenses throughout the summer. These individuals may be people who choose to earn an income for a whole year or even those who regularly saved throughout a 10-month period in order to be able to pay bills during the summer.

Other instructors work side jobs throughout the summer to pay off debt and achieve financial independence. These teachers understand that time is money and want to take advantage of the school vacations to enhance their fortune, even if they have prudently managed their finances to be able to pay their bills throughout the summer.


female teacher in classroom with students


It’s also crucial to be aware that certain instructors may be required to work throughout the summer. This may be done to support academic initiatives, summer school instruction, etc. A teacher will get more compensation if he completes any extra work during the summer holiday. 

Teachers may be required to participate in seminars on teaching. Many teachers may even utilize a portion of their vacation time to prepare the classrooms, plan lessons, arrange paperwork, create worksheets and teaching aids, and think of new methods to present the curriculum. All of these responsibilities fall outside of the normal workday and must be completed on late evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Many people are unaware of how many additional hours (outside of the classroom) are spent on the education of our kids. So, be sure to give a teacher a thank-you today!


How many weeks off do teachers receive?

Teachers receive around 6 weeks off throughout the summer. However, during the course of the full academic year, teachers get a total of around 13 weeks off. This covers all vacations and breaks from school. 

Because so much of this time is spent creating lesson plans and marking homework, many instructors do not see these as “weeks off.”



What summer jobs are available for teachers to earn additional money?

We now know that the answer to our Do teachers get paid during the summer question is NO, so What summer jobs are available for teachers to earn additional money?

There are several attractive opportunities for instructors who would want to work a side business over the summer. To name a few:


one) Tutoring

Being a private tutor is the most typical side job for instructors. To improve your revenue, you may do one-on-one sessions, small courses where each student receives personal attention, or even big groups.

You won’t have any problem expanding such courses if you’re already a well regarded educator inside the educational system. 

With websites like VIPKid getting more and more popular these days, online tutoring is also a fantastic choice. What could be better than being a teacher that attends classes and influences the lives of their students? Obviously, being a teacher who makes a difference while at home in her pajamas on her sofa! 


teacher teaching online during summer



2. Organizing summer camp

Summer camps are usually a terrific opportunity to gain money for the entertaining and daring instructor! Working parents are always seeking for summer programs that will be both educational and fun for their kids.

Keep in mind that many working parents may need to locate trustworthy child care for their school-aged children throughout the summer. Your summer camp will be useful in this situation. You already have an edge since you are a teacher. You have what it takes to run the most successful summer camp in town and earn a nice living doing it.


Question: How much money do instructors make annually?

Numerous variables may affect how much instructors are paid. It depends on the state, the individual’s education, their teaching experience (e.g., high school vs. primary school), and their degree of education. 

According to a recent New York research, instructors with a bachelor’s degree and 10 years of experience might earn an annual income ranging from $35 479 to $89 830. What a significant change. Similar to how other states and school districts may present this data differently.



3. Earn Money Writing

Why not utilize your expertise as a teacher to earn money writing? I had no idea you could do that. You can, without a doubt. There are several options available to you.

You may opt to become a freelance writer and market your writing skills on websites like Fiverr or Upwork if you’re searching for fast cash. Even better, search relevant Facebook Groups for paid writing opportunities. Websites are always seeking freelance writers.

For a 2000 word article, you may earn around $300. Just choose a subject, produce a masterpiece, and cash in! You’ll make more money the more you write! What a fantastic method to earn additional money during the summer (and throughout the year!).

Consider launching your own website if you’re searching for a long-term side gig as a writer that may even earn you more than your regular employment. It’s simpler than it seems, I assure you! This particular website, which I launched a few years ago, now generates passive money for me each and every month. It significantly raises my teaching income.

If a writing side business appeals to you, follow these step-by-step instructions to launch your own profitable website.


How do instructors make it through the summer?

Teachers must come up with creative solutions to ensure that the bills are paid since they are not paid over the summer. To ensure a consistent income each month, some instructors decide to spread out their yearly compensation over a 12-month period. This reduces their total monthly income, but it is a big help in getting through the summer.

Other educators who are only paid over a 10-month period will follow a rigorous budget that includes money saved up for expenses and summer survival.

Remember that it’s quite simple to indulge when on vacation from work. Many instructors decide to take on a second job to make up for the loss of income over the summer vacation and to be able to engage in pleasurable activities during this time.



4. Make Money with Your Phone

When you’re on vacation from work as a teacher, do you ever simply want to lay in bed scrolling through your phone, reading strange information, watching movies, and playing games? Ahh, what fun. 

What if you could get compensated for doing this? Please, yes! Count me in.

All you need to do to utilize your phone to earn money is create a profile with Swagbucks and start being paid for all those odd jobs. Utilize your leisure time to earn money by doing surveys, watching movies, and more! It’s really easy.

Even playing games that quickly give you money could pique your curiosity (via PayPal). Our phones are like miniature money-making devices, in my opinion. It’s a ching!


Fifth. Uber Driver

Uber driving is a fantastic summer job for a teacher looking to earn a little more money on the side. The fact that you can decide how much labor you put in is its biggest benefit.

You are free to pick how frequently or how little you work. As a teacher on summer holiday, you may have the best of both worlds!


6. A delivery driver for food

Similar to this, as a food delivery driver, you may decide when to make deliveries. It’s another another fantastic alternative for earning extra money during the lean summer months.


food delivery driver knocking on door



7. Create products to sell

Teachers have the option of spending their summer holiday creating goods to sell for additional money. Making candles to sell, selling printables on Etsy, or even packing lunches to sell are all examples of this. There are many alternatives, and instructors can quickly discover that the revenue from their entrepreneurial endeavors much exceeds that of their day jobs. 


In all honesty, the list of summer employment for instructors is endless. Teachers may be paid in the summer in a variety of ways. While some may like waiting tables, others might prefer performing odd chores around the neighborhood. Some people could opt for lower-paying positions in a comparable industry that might strengthen and enhance their résumé. 

Everything depends on the person. Just be aware that there are many of legitimate opportunities for instructors to earn additional money over the summer!



– FAQs Do Teachers Get Paid Over the Summer? 

– Do educators genuinely enjoy a summer vacation?

Yes. Summer vacation is off-limits to teachers. But a large portion of this time is often devoted to work connected to the classroom, such as lesson planning, marking of homework, completing reports, entering data, etc.

Sometimes there isn’t much time left to work a side job for additional money or get some much-needed relaxation.


– Are summer wages given to teaching assistants?

No, summer pay is not provided to teaching assistants. Teacher helpers are likewise granted this time off since teachers do not work during the summer. As a result, they are not compensated for the summer vacation.


– Do instructors get pay for 190 days or more?

Only the days that teachers actually work are compensated. A teacher will only be compensated for these days, whether they are 180, 190, or 198 (the precise number changes).


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– How can educators make a living over the summer?

Since they are not paid over the summer, instructors may turn to side jobs to help pay their expenses and other obligations. In theory, a teacher has the option of spreading out their yearly compensation over the course of the year. Utilizing any spare time for a side business is still a smart move. In the summer, teachers may make money by tutoring, performing odd jobs, working online, etc.


Do instructors get pay over the summer?

During the summer vacation, teachers are not compensated. They only get compensation for the 10 months they actually labor. To get a payment over the summer vacation, they might choose to spread out their yearly salary throughout the course of the year.


— What are educators doing this summer?

Teachers have complete freedom over their spare time throughout the summer. Some people choose to unwind and sleep. Others could decide to spend time setting up their classrooms and creating lesson plans. Others decide to work longer hours in order to be paid while on leave.


do teachers get paid over the summer


Do teachers get overtime pay?

No, overtime pay is not given to instructors. A teacher will not get overtime pay for working on lesson plans after hours, supervising extracurricular activities, or carrying out any other teaching-related tasks on the weekend.

It’s crucial to remember that they will get compensation if they are obliged to work for the school throughout the summer vacation.


– Is summer pay given to school employees?

Other employees at schools include secretaries and custodians. Unless they are forced to labor, these people are not compensated. For instance, certain school secretaries may be required to work during the full school year and get pay for the complete twelve months depending on the school district and their job.

Others could continue working one week after teachers return home and come back the week before teachers do. For these two extra weeks, these secretaries will be compensated. Staff members at schools, however, are not compensated for missed workweeks.


– How are instructors compensated?

For ten months of labor, instructors are all compensated. Some people decide to spread this out over a 10-month period, while others decide to do it over a 12-month time. The yearly compensation remains almost unchanged. (See illustration above.)


– How often are instructors paid?

By school district, this varies. While some instructors are paid on a monthly basis, others are paid biweekly or every two weeks. Some people get paid on the fifth and twentieth of each month. Every other Friday, some people get compensated. Really, it really depends on the district and the school.

teacher got paid


– How many days do teachers work in a year?

Depending on the state or even the school district, instructors may work less or more days than stated. However, it lasts between 180 and 200 days in total (legally), and informally, it lasts a lot longer than this.


– Are summer hours required for teachers?

In reality, instructors are not required to work throughout the summer. However, many feel compelled to utilize this time to do tasks like data entry, grading assignments, workshop attendance, lesson planning, and classroom preparation. This is due to the fact that these responsibilities cannot be completed during the standard educational workday.

Teachers already have to interact with children during class time, go to conferences, PTA meetings, and after-school events on weeknights and sometimes weekends. Teachers often are forced to work throughout the summer as well. These are all unpaid hours of labor, of course.



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Last Words on Are Teachers Paid Over the Summer?

I hope that after reading my responses to the questions “Do teachers get paid over the summer?” and others, you have enough knowledge to choose whether or not a career in teaching is right for you. 

What do you think, then? Are you a good teacher? Tell us in the comments section below. Please get in touch with us.

For more money discussions, advice on living simply, and ideas for side hustles, follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.


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Do educators get pay over the summer? Everything you Need to Know!


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