There are many factors that can put someone at risk for theft of their car. This includes driving a certain type of car, living in an unsafe neighborhood or having a high-value vehicle to begin with. But if you think your hot rod is safe from thieves? Think again! According to the FBI, cars like these make up one quarter of all stolen vehicles in America.

The “Do you drive one of America’s most stolen cars? near McAllen, TX” is a question where the answer would be yes. The car in question is an American car that is commonly stolen.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has released its annual “Hot Wheels” report, which names the top ten most stolen automobiles in America for 2020. Apart from a significant rise in thefts from 2019, the Ford full-size pickup truck was the most stolen vehicle in the United States for the second year in a row. It was followed in second place by the Chevrolet full-size truck, which surpassed the Honda Civic in 2019 to become the third most stolen vehicle in America in 2020. is the source of this image.

State-by-State List of the Most Stolen Automobiles


Vehicle theft may happen everywhere, but certain areas are more vulnerable. California, for example, has the highest number of vehicle thefts in 2020, with 168,323, with the top ten most stolen automobiles accounting for 41.23 percent (69,407) of the total.

Vermont, on the other hand, has the fewest car thefts (264), yet the top ten most stolen automobiles in the state account for more than half (63.64 percent) of the total.

Regardless of where you live or what you drive, it’s critical to keep an eye on your car and take the necessary precautions to prevent theft. By clicking or pressing the states on the interactive map shown below, you may find out what the most stolen automobile is in your state.

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The Top 10 Most Stolen Automobiles in the United States


Thieves choose specific car types for a variety of reasons, including ease of theft and readily available components. Vehicle theft may also be exacerbated by owner complacency, particularly if key fobs are left in the car or if you leave your car running in a parking lot or driveway. Knowing which car models are the most often stolen will help you decide whether or not you need take additional security steps with your vehicle.

The top ten most stolen automobiles in America are shown below.

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Dodge Full-Size Pickup (10)


  • Thefts totaled 11,991 times.
  • 2001 is the most stolen model.
  • $21,150 is the starting price for this model.

The 2001 Dodge Ram is a strong and dependable vehicle that is ideal for any situation. This might explain why 11,991 of them were taken in 2020. This is 699 more than in 2019, when it was placed seventh. Because of its lack of high-tech anti-theft mechanisms, this late-model vehicle might be an attractive target for thieves.

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Honda CR-V (number 9)


  • Thefts totaled 12,309 times.
  • 2000 is the most stolen model.
  • Model’s starting price is $18,650.

In terms of size and manner, the CR-V is similar to a sedan, but it still has many of the amenities that consumers expect in an SUV. Aside from that, the CR-V is a family-friendly SUV with front and four-wheel drive, which explains its appeal in a variety of climates. This might explain why a vintage automobile was stolen 12,309 times in 2020, up 2,215 or 22% from the previous year.

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Toyota Corolla (number 8)


  • Thefts totaled 12,515 times.
  • The most stolen model is the 2020.
  • $19,600 is the starting price for this model.

The 2020 Toyota Corolla is a five-seat, four-door small vehicle with a long list of amenities and advanced safety features. Regrettably, not enough. In 2020, 12,515 units of this model were stolen, a little rise from the previous year’s total of 12,137 units, which ranked seventh for the year. The 2020 Toyota Corolla features a sharper look, a classier interior, and a touchscreen dashboard with Apple and Amazon connectivity, which might explain why this model is popular with thieves.

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GMC Full-Size Pickup, No. 7


  • Thefts totaled 13,016.
  • The most stolen model is the 2005.
  • Model’s starting price is $18,190.

Another truck on the list is the GMC Sierra, which had 13,016 units stolen in 2020, up 16.6% from the previous year’s model. Given its price range, this quiet pickup truck with front and all-wheel drive is a dependable alternative. Owners of GMC full-size pickup trucks, which are the third most stolen pickup truck and the seventh most stolen vehicle, may wish to invest in alarm systems, since earlier versions lack the required equipment to assist prevent theft.

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Nissan Altima, No. 6


  • Thefts totaled 14,668.
  • The most stolen model is the 2020.
  • $24,300 is the model’s basic price.

The Nissan Altima is a five-seat mid-size car with front and all-wheel drive, making it one of the few of its sort on the market. It’s no surprise that thieves target this current model, which has a slick design and various electronic interfaces. In 2020, 14,668 units were stolen, up 9.8% or 1,313 vehicles over the previous year for the 2015 model. Despite its many safety measures, keyless ignition may cause owners to get complacent and leave their key fobs in the vehicle, resulting in theft.

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Toyota Camry, No. 5


  • Thefts totaled 16,915 dollars.
  • 2019 is the most stolen model.
  • $24,095 is the starting price for this model.

The Toyota Camry has long been a popular mid-size car, with a reputation for dependability and a high resale value. This might explain why it’s so popular with crooks. The 2019 model has a fuel-efficient engine as well as a hybrid variant, which may appeal to environmentally conscious customers. Such qualities might explain why 16,915 units were stolen in 2020, an increase of 8% over the previous year for the 2007 model.

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Honda Accord (#4)


  • Thefts totaled 30,814 times.
  • 1997 is the most stolen model.
  • The basic price of the model is $15,100.

The Honda Accord is a popular car in the United States, because to its high resale value and component dependability. However, due to the fact that it is an older model, security is restricted. Only 69, or 0.2 percent, more models were stolen in 2020 than they were in 2019. A burglar may just need a slim jim to get access, which is an excellent incentive for current 1997 Honda Accord owners to enhance their security.

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Honda Civic, No. 3


  • Thefts totaled 34,144.
  • 2000 is the most stolen model.
  • The basic price of the model is $10,750.

The 2000 Honda Civic is a popular choice with drivers and thieves since it is a tiny car with a lot of power. In 2020, 34,144 units of the 2000 Honda Civic were stolen, a 2.8 percent increase over the previous year. This might also be due to the fact that the Honda Civic shares components with other Honda vehicles, making it easy for criminals to steal and sell parts.

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2. Full-Size Chevrolet Pickup


  • Thefts totaled 40,968.
  • The most stolen model is the 2004.
  • $19,545 is the starting price for this model.

With 40,968 units stolen in 2020, the 2004 Chevrolet Silverado is both the second most stolen truck and the second most stolen automobile in America. This is increased 25.7 percent over the previous year. It’s no surprise that this truck is a favorite of both buyers and thieves, thanks to its large interior capacity, excellent performance, and overall value.

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1. Full-Size Ford Pickup


  • A total of 44,014 thefts have been reported.
  • 2006 is the most stolen model.
  • $18,930 is the starting price for this model.

The 2006 Ford F-150 is at the top of the list of the most stolen automobiles in America in 2020. This is the second year in a row that the pickup has topped the list, with over 44,014 units stolen in 2020, up 13% from 2019. Pickup trucks are obviously favored by thieves, owing to their strength, dependability, and mobility. The Ford F-150, in example, may be the most popular choice, because to its large towing capability, big cabin, and strong engine.

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5 Car Security Tips to Avoid Vehicle Theft


A vehicle is, next to a house, one of the most significant expenditures that many individuals will ever make. With an estimated 873,080 auto thefts in 2020, up 9.2% from 2019, learning how to keep your car secure is essential. Follow the guidelines below to ensure that your investment is protected:

  1. Protect your vehicle by practicing defensive driving. The easiest thing you can do to keep your automobile secure is to follow basic safety precautions, such as locking the doors and windows while entering and exiting the vehicle.
  2. Keep an eye on your keys. Any burglar who finds your keys or leaves them in your car has an open invitation to steal your automobile. Even if you’re at home, keep a tight check on them and make sure they’re on your person or close by at all times. Consider acquiring key alerts so you can keep track of where they are on your phone.
  3. Safety devices should be installed. While excellent driving practices are always a good idea, you may take it a step further and add safety equipment. To prevent automobile theft, you may get immobilizers, steering wheel locks, GPS monitoring devices, and other gear.
  4. Park in a safe location. While you may not always be able to control where you park, you can choose where you leave your vehicle. Aim for well-lit areas and locations with CCTV cameras, or choose a secure parking lot.
  5. Make sure your wheels are safe. If a burglar is unable to take your automobile, they may attempt to steal your wheels. If you’re going to be away from your car for an extended amount of time, you should invest in lug nut locks or wheel clamps to keep it safe.

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What to Do If Your Car Has Been Stolen


Having your automobile stolen may be a stressful scenario, but knowing what to do next can make the recovery process go more smoothly. You should report your automobile as stolen to the police and your insurance company as soon as possible; the longer you wait, the less likely you are to recover your vehicle.

If you ever find yourself in the terrible circumstance of having your automobile stolen, be calm and follow the measures outlined below.

  1. Call the cops and submit a complaint of car theft: If you suspect your car has been stolen, call police authorities immediately and provide data about the vehicle, including its color, license plate, make and model year, and any distinguishing characteristics.
  2. Call your insurance company: Make a call to your motor insurance company and report the theft. Even if you don’t have a comprehensive insurance coverage, informing them may protect you if your stolen car causes property damage or injuries. You may have to submit the claim online or over the phone, depending on your insurance. To speed up the procedure, make sure you have all of the relevant information on available.
  3. Make the following phone call to your lease or finance company: If your automobile is financed or leased, inform the company about the theft. Request that they contact your insurance carrier directly so that the claims may be paid.
  4. Notify the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the following: Notifying the DMV of the stolen car is critical since they maintain a database of stolen automobiles that might be valuable if the thief attempts to register it.
  5. Check the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s (NICB) VINCheck: Your stolen car will be reported on VINCheck if the NICB or any of its partner agencies and organizations discover it. Check your vehicle’s identifying number (VIN) using this tool on a frequent basis in case it is found.

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After a car theft, there are five steps to filing an insurance claim.


Depending on the conditions and the kind of motor insurance you have, your auto insurance policy may cover theft. Comprehensive coverage, which covers theft and repair costs connected with break-in damage, is often included in the finest vehicle insurance policy.

If your motor insurance coverage covers theft, remember to do the following procedures if you need to submit a claim:

  1. Make an auto theft report: If you wish to file a vehicle theft claim, most insurance companies will demand a police report. Report the stolen car to the police so that they can keep track of everything.
  2. Make a list of the details: Before contacting your insurance provider, make sure you have all of the necessary documents on hand, including your Certificate of Title, the location of all keys to the vehicle, the names and contact information of anyone who has access to the vehicle, an accurate description of your vehicle, and any personal property stolen from it.
  3. Contact your insurance company: You may contact your insurance agent online or over the phone to report the theft. Make contact with them as quickly as possible and provide them with all of the information you’ve gathered.
  4. If you’re leasing or financing your car, call your leasing company and inform them that you’d want to speak with your insurance directly.
  5. If your car is recovered, notify the authorities as soon as possible.

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Car Theft Frequently Asked Questions


Vehicle theft is a stressful event, which is why knowing the facts on vehicle theft may help you secure your vehicle. The following are some commonly asked questions (FAQs) regarding vehicle theft in order to encourage safer driving and automobile practices.

Is theft covered by auto insurance?

Car theft is covered by most comprehensive vehicle insurance plans, although liability-only policies only give the bare minimum of coverage and do not cover it. Keep in mind that your house insurance policy does not cover your car, so only your comprehensive auto insurance will cover you if it is stolen on your property.

What is the most common cause for auto theft?

Car thefts may occur for a variety of reasons, and criminals may have varied motivations. Older vehicles, for example, are simpler to take, and some people may leave their keys in the car. For a thief, this makes it simple and appealing.

Some individuals leave valuables in their cars, such as a pocketbook, wallet, or electronic gadget, attracting unwelcome attention and encouraging a criminal to break in.

How often is automobile theft in the United States?

There were 873,080 car thefts in 2020, or about 2,385 automobiles taken per day. This is a 9.2 percent increase over the previous year’s total of 799,644 thefts.

Which automobile is the most difficult to steal, and why?

Given the variety of innovative technology being integrated into automobiles these days, many vehicles are becoming more difficult to steal. Models from Tesla and other premium manufacturers like Jaguar and Lexus, for example, feature anti-theft technology that make it impossible to take without the owner or even the company knowing.

What automobile is most likely to be stolen in America in 2020?

With approximately 44,014 units stolen in 2020, the 2006 Ford F-150 was the most stolen automobile in America.


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