Keurig Green Mountain is currently hiring felons for their new 7-Eleven brand. Deciding to only hire ex-felons is not a new trend among other companies, including Starbucks, WalMart, and Target. And while the hiring of felons is a hotly debated topic, this is not a controversial topic. Of all the news stories over the past couple of years, nobody has ever questioned Keurig’s decision to hire felons. But why?

Keurig currently offers a job recruiting service to hire part time workers for the company’s manufacturing and distribution facilities. The company says that applicants are screened through a “third party” and are only hired if they pass the screening.

It’s no secret that Keurig Dr Pepper is a huge operation, and I’m sure they hire a ton of people that work for them. But if I were running this company, I’d look to hire a few. I’d hire people who were honest, reliable, and committed to excellence. I’d hire people who had good grammar, who had good relationships with their parents, and who were under no economic duress to do anything they didn’t want to do. So, when it came to making a decision, I’d hire the best people I could, regardless of their race, class, or criminal history. I’d even look beyond their ability to do the job and hire people who were going to do it, even if they

Is it true that Keurig Dr Pepper employs felons? It would be useful to know, given that they are one of the world’s biggest beverage distributors – and therefore a major employment.

The combination of the Keurig coffee brand and its iconic K-cups, as well as the Dr Pepper soft drink brand and its well-known soft beverages, creates a huge number of employment opportunities, ranging from manufacturing line labor to customer and employee assistance!

Successful Release makes direct contact with businesses to inquire about their employment policies for ex-offenders. We don’t need to tell you how difficult it is to get work if you have a criminal record. That’s why we’re rooting for you to make things simpler. People who have been impacted by the system, including past criminals, make up our workforce.

Stick with us and keep reading if you want to learn how to obtain a job at Keurig Dr Pepper with a felony.

Answers to the following questions may be found here:

  • Does Keurig Dr Pepper employ individuals who have been convicted of misdemeanors?
  • How do I submit my application?
  • Is it true that Keurig Dr Pepper does background checks?
  • Is my felony going to disqualify me?

Let’s have a look at this and get started!

Is it true that Keurig Dr Pepper employs felons?

does Keurig Dr Pepper hire felons

Hiring convicts is against the company’s official policy.

We attempted to contact Keurig Dr Pepper for an official corporate policy on employing criminals, but they did not reply.

They are, nevertheless, an Equal Opportunity Employer. The following statement may be seen on any of their job descriptions:

Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. is an equal opportunity company committed to hiring a diverse staff. Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. hires qualified people and promotes them regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability, genetic information, ethnic or national origin, marital status, veteran status, or any other legally protected status.

Has Keurig Dr Pepper ever employed a felon?

Keurig Ex-felons seem to have been employed by Dr Pepper in the past. Former criminals have posted on the internet that they were able to get work.

However, it seems that this is done on a case-by-case basis, so things like what you were charged with and how long it’s been since then may play a role.

Does Keurig Dr Pepper employ individuals who have been convicted of misdemeanors?

Is it true that Keurig Dr Pepper employs felons? Yes, and because they do, it stands to reason that those who have committed offenses should be given a chance as well.

Is the Keurig Dr Pepper on the list of items to be banned?

Businesses are being asked to remove criminal history inquiries from employment forms as part of the Ban the Box campaign. It paved the path for subsequent initiatives such as the Fair Chance Business Pledge. Another commitment made by companies is to treat all workers equally, even those with criminal histories.

The Keurig Dr Pepper does not seem to be a part of the Ban the Box campaign. They’re also not recognized as a signatory to the Fair Chance Business Pledge.

Is there a specific program for criminals at Keurig Dr Pepper?

There are no specific employment programs for convicts at Keurig Dr Pepper.

What are the chances of someone with a felony getting a job?

Average likelihood of being hired with a felony

With a felony, your odds of being employed at Keurig Dr Pepper are mediocre.

  • There are internet testimonials from ex-felons who claim to have found employment there.
  • Keurig Dr Pepper is a non-discriminatory employer.
  • There has been no official comment from the business about criminals.

What are some examples of entry-level positions?

Keurig The warehouse and contact center are two of Dr Pepper’s top entry-level positions. The following are the two most suggested occupations for getting your foot in the door:

  1. Worker in a Warehouse: Typical warehouse occupations. You fill pallets with merchandise and shrink-wrap them. The most important aspect is that it is a physically demanding profession, therefore you must be able to carry big objects and meet productivity targets.
  2. Customer Service Representative: A support position in which you assist customers in resolving simple issues over the phone. You’ll stand out if you know how to use Microsoft applications like Word and Excel and can operate in a fast-paced workplace.

How can I obtain a job at Keurig? Dr Pepper has been charged with a crime.

Either their warehouse or their contact centers are your greatest bets for getting into Keurig Dr Pepper.

There are many opportunities in distribution and customer service. This is where you should begin if you want to get your foot in the door.

To begin, go to the Keurig Dr Pepper careers website.

You’ll need a CV since they’re on the corporate side of the spectrum. Begin by reading our comprehensive tutorial on how to write a resume that is tailored to your qualifications.

Make sure you have the job description for the position you’re applying for handy while you’re writing it. If your CV is tailored to the position you are applying for, you will stand out.

Let’s take the job of a warehouse worker as an example. It claims that the work involves a lot of physical activity and has productivity requirements. You should be able to lift 50 pounds and switch between hot and cold conditions.

On the inside, you may have had to do something similar. If you did, don’t be shy about mentioning it! Make a list of instances when you’ve had to fulfill quotas or do hard labor. The goal is to demonstrate that you can keep up with the workload!

Let’s pretend you’re more than ready for an office job. Customer service and computer software (think Microsoft Word and Excel) expertise are required for the customer service representative job.

Don’t worry if you’re rusty or unfamiliar with those programs. There are many free online courses available to teach you how to utilize them. The majority of them will even give you a certificate to put on your CV!

It may seem strange to acquire a skill before getting a job. Consider this: if you acquire a new talent, you become more valuable than you were before. If you have a felony and want to work at Keurig Dr Pepper, you need put in additional effort!

There is a lot you can say about customer service. All customer service entails is putting the client first and oneself second. It entails treating nasty individuals with respect. It entails resolving issues in order to complete the task.

List any conventional customer service experience you may have. If not, don’t be scared to think beyond the box! During an interview, you’ll need to think quickly as well.

Remember that if you get an interview, they want to employ you. It’s your duty to persuade them to do it. Tell the truth about your history. Don’t be scared, though, to sell yourself. They want to know you’ll be a dedicated employee who won’t let them down.

Expect to be asked about your problem-solving strategies. Problems arise in customer service and the warehouse. How do you handle an irate customer? What should you do if production is running late?

Many supervisors may ask questions directly from lists like these. They’ll usually inquire about your work experience, why you’re interested in the position, and why they should employ you. Examine the questions on the list and ensure that you respond in ways that are relevant to customer service or warehouse operations.

If you nail it, you’ll be in excellent shape to ace your interview and get a job!

Is it true that Keurig Dr Pepper does background checks?

According to sources, Keurig Dr Pepper does background checks that go back seven years.

What you should know about background checks is as follows:

The following is a list of states that have more lenient background checks. Your felony will not show up in their background checks if it is older than seven years:

  • California
  • Colorado*
  • Kansas*
  • Maryland*
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • The state of New Hampshire
  • *New York City
  • Texas*
  • Washington*

(* Certain wage or income bracket jobs may need one.)

The following states take it a step farther. For background checks, any charges for which you were found not guilty will not show on your record. Period. Take a look at them:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Indiana is a state in the United States (limited check)
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New York

If you reside in one of the states listed below, you’re in for some bad news. Their background checks are very thorough. A background check will reveal almost everything. In these states, it includes not guilty charges as well as crimes committed more than seven years ago:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • DC
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Indiana is a state in the United States (extensive check)
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey is a state in the United States.
  • North Carolina is a state in the United States.
  • North Dakota is a state in North America.
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island is a state in the United States.
  • South Carolina is a state in the United States.
  • Tennessee
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia is a state in the US.
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Ratings for businesses

Keurig On Glassdoor, Dr Pepper received a 3.2 out of 5 star rating, which is a good score.

Employees appreciated the job’s diversity of duties as well as their relationships with coworkers. They also said that the work may be difficult in a fun manner. Benefits include good wages and cheap coffee.

For the disadvantages, individuals said that management does not promote work-life balance as much as it should.

What kinds of criminal convictions may make it difficult to be employed here?

We’ve spoken about how to obtain a job at Keurig Dr Pepper. What we need to figure out now is if some accusations work against you more than others. Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

To begin, any theft or larceny-related crimes may raise a red signal for the business. There will be a lot of product and payment card information all around you. Some executives may be concerned about this.

Then there’s the possibility that you’ll get in trouble with recruiting supervisors if you’ve committed violent crimes. Some employers may not ignore these costs if you will be working in a tense atmosphere with other individuals.

Finally, drug-related crimes may disqualify you. Because the business conducts drug testing, if you have a history of using drugs, this may be a major problem for them.

Is there a drug test for Keurig Dr Pepper?

According to online sources, following a job offer, Keurig Dr Pepper conducts a drug test. If you are injured on the job, you may be subjected to a drug test.

Have you applied for or worked at this location? Let us know about your experiences!

Anyone have any tips for getting a job at Keurig Dr Pepper? Do you have any thoughts or questions? Please share them in the comments section!

We all know that fizzy soda companies are constantly looking to find ways to improve their products and increase their market share, and one of those ways is via hiring felons. After an investigation by the “New York Post,” it was revealed that Keurig Dr Pepper, the Dr Pepper franchise that has been around since the 1950s, has been actively hiring felons since 2010.. Read more about dr pepper merchandiser hiring process and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dr Pepper do background checks?

Dr Pepper does not do background checks.

How far back does Coca Cola go on a background check?

Coca Cola has a long history of being an American company, so they have been around for quite some time.

Can a felon work for Coca Cola?

Yes, a felon can work for Coca Cola.

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