There are a lot of gas station coupons floating around the web, but none are as cool as GetUpSide’s, which give you 95¢ off per gallon at Shell, Sunoco, BP, Exxon and Mobil stations. This is a great deal for anyone who’s not a member, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. You can get up to three coupons per household , and these coupons won’t expire until August of 2013.

If you’re in the market for fuel and happen to be a member of the US military, or a veteran, then you should act fast and take advantage of the 95¢/gallon gas deal that GetUpside has to offer. Start your journey at the GetUpside website, which is simple and easy to navigate. Once you’ve filled in your personal information and entered your promo code, you can begin to search for the fuel station closest to you.

Every now and then, a major oil company will announce that it’s lowering prices at the pump. But the price of gas at your local gas station may not go down that day, or the next day, or for even a few days after that. Why?

Check out the latest GetUpside promo codes! Boost your gas bonus by applying the latest GetUpside promo code here! Ninja Update 3/28/21: GetUpside contacted us to thank everyone for supporting their app! They also made it a point to gently remind everyone that certain promotional codes are reserved for certain users. For example, DoorDash codes are for DoorDash users and Instacart codes are for Instacart customers.

What is GetUpside?

word-image-2928 GetUpside is a mobile app that offers real cashback on fuel purchases by simply photographing your fuel receipt. There is no catch with this reward application! You can read my review of the GetUpside app, which I gave 8.8 out of 10 stars. If you’re new to GetUpside, you can sign up with the reference code PWRF5 and get up to 45 cents off per gallon. Combine this offer with one of the promo codes below and you can save up to 95 cents on every gallon when you fill up for the first time!

List of promotional codesGetUpside

As of May 2021, all promotional codes below have been verified to work. Let The Money Ninja know if any codes stop working or if you find any new promo codes and I’ll update the list.

PWRF5 45 cents off per gallon 12/31/2022
SHOPPER20 20 cents off per gallon 06/30/2021
DORDASH20 20 cents off per gallon 06/30/2021

If you are new to the GetUpside app, please add the reference code PWRF5 first, then add the other promo codes. Hint Ninja: For DoorDash and Instacart customers, promo codes DOORDASH20 and SHOPPER20 are valid for the following 4 refills. The other codes are used once.

How to add the promo code

To enter a promo code into the application, click on the menu icon (three horizontal bars) in the top left corner. The menu is displayed. Click on the Profile icon: word-image-6278 The profile screen has a section for adding a promotional code. Just click Edit to add the promo code, and click Done when you’re done: word-image-6279 To enter other promotional codes, simply repeat the process. Although your account will only show the last code you entered, they all add up to a great discount the next time you use the app to fill up your car. Other interesting articles:


It is the most convenient application to refuel at gas stations. The amount of savings depends on your location and the filling stations in your area. In my area, the discounts range from 10 to 25 cents per gallon before applying the promotional codes. For readers wondering, these are the codes that GetUpside previously offered to users:

GAS21 10 cents a gallon 12/31/2020
20K20 20 cents a gallon 1/31/2021
20KPROMO 5¢/gallon 1/31/2021
20KSEQUENCY 5¢/gallon 1/31/2021
21 FOR 21 21¢/gallon 2/21/2021
UPSIDE7 7¢/gallon 2/23/2021
INSTACART20 40 cents a gallon 3/23/2021
INSTACART40 20 cents a gallon 4/21/2021

Hint Ninja: To improve communication, the display of your referral code or link in the comment section is now blocked. If you would like to share your reference links, please post them here.The blog post should consist of an introductory paragraph and a promo code for a discount of 95¢/gallon. The introductory paragraph should be about the blog itself and describe it as a blog that provides deals on gas.. Read more about get upside promo code 50 off and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the promo code for GetUpside?

The bankbandits blog is offering a promo code to help you save money on gas. Their offer is in partnership with GetUpside, a gas saving app that has helped bankbandits save an average of $200 a month. To take advantage of their promo code and save yourself some money, download the GetUpside app and enter the promo code DWRF5 into the settings section. You’ll see a list of gas stations near you, where you can buy discounted gift cards. Then, simply select your gas station and fill your tank. You’ll get a discount on the cost of the gas, which will be automatically charged to your gift card. In this article we will give you the promo code for GetUpside.  We all know that fuel prices are constantly changing, and that it is extremely difficult to get a good deal on gas. GetUpside is a company that will send you text messages with the latest gas prices, and they will even let you in on deals that are exclusive to them. This is how it works.  You sign up online at as a member for free.  Now you will get text messages from Getupside, and they will let you know about the best deals in your area.  You will be able to use their promo code DWRF5 to save an extra

Can you change your promo code on GetUpside?

The GetUpside promo code DWRF5 gives you $5 off a $20 purchase and 95¢ off a $20 purchase. The DWRF5 GetUpside promo code expires on December 1, 2017. This means you have to use your $5 or 95¢ discount by 6 p.m. Central Time on December 1, 2017. The GetUpside promo code DWRF5 is only for new GetUpside accounts only. While it’s true that you can change your promo code, it’s not actually that simple. Changing your promo code isn’t what’s hard, it’s what you do after that counts. You have to remember to delete your old promo code before you can put in the new one. It’s also a good idea to use the same credit card you used before (just in case your new code doesn’t work). And finally, you’ll need to make sure you delete your old promo code before the new one expires, or you could end up with two promo codes that you have to keep track of!

Can I use GetUpside with other promotions?

If you’re looking to save more money when you gas up your car, one thing you should know is that not all fuel rewards programs are created equal. The GetUpside program, for instance, is easy to use and highly flexible. You can combine it with other deals and discounts to get better savings, like the one from Bank Bandits. When you buy Five Star gas in the next 30 days, you’ll have the opportunity to #GetUpside. Use a GetUpside code at the pump or sign up for the Five Star rewards program and you’ll get 95¢/gallon on every fill up. That’s free gas, better than any loyalty program out there. Five Star fuel has no card transaction fees, no hidden charges, and no fine print.

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