Before you sign up for renter’s insurance, ask yourself the following:

Insurance is a notoriously difficult topic to write about. Insurance is great if you know the ins and outs of it, but if you don’t, it can be confusing. It’s quite possible that you don’t need renters insurance. However, what if you do?

With the rising cost of automobile insurance, many people are asking whether it’s time to buy renter’s insurance. There are two kinds of renter’s insurance: personal property and liability. Personal property insurance covers your personal belongings while they’re in your house and it will pay to replace them if they get damaged or stolen. Liability insurance, on the other hand, will pay you for your legal defense if you are sued, even if that person is not at fault. If you’re not sure whether you need both types of insurance, you can get a free quote from a reputable company through comparison shopping websites like Read more about is renters insurance worth it reddit and let us know what you think.

Is Renters Insurance Worth It

When I initially began renting my first apartment, insurance was certainly not the first item on my mind. I was concerned about making my monthly payments, moving my stuff in, and the facilities offered by the community.

However, I realized that purchasing renter’s insurance to protect myself from any problems that may occur in my new home was one of the most essential things I could do for myself.

First and foremost, I needed to learn more about renter’s insurance and how it might benefit me. Renters insurance reminded me of homeowner’s insurance in certain ways, but it was less expensive. It’s essentially a method to protect yourself as a tenant in a house that you don’t own.

And the more I looked into it, the more I began to consider what might go wrong during my apartment lease and how I planned to pay for it.

Let’s break down some of the basic coverages that come with renters insurance & discuss whether or not renter’s insurance is worth it.

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Renter’s Insurance Coverage Options


Let’s say you’re sued for damages after an accident occurs in your residence. Perhaps someone stumbles on your carpeting and breaks their leg, or perhaps some wall décor falls and injures one of your dinner guests. If anything goes wrong and you’re held responsible, as in these scenarios, liability coverage will protect you.

This is a fantastic coverage to have in case you have to pay a lot of money in legal costs because of an accident you didn’t cause. When you buy your policy, you may set a limit for how much the insurance company will pay for these kinds of expenses.

Anything else will fall on your shoulders, so make sure you have an emergency fund to safeguard your money in the event of a catastrophe!

Personal belongings

This is exactly what it says on the tin. If you have any damaged or destroyed goods in your house, they will be covered here. Jewelry, electronics, and furniture are valuable items that should be protected and repurchased if they are destroyed by fire, theft, or plumbing problems. This policy, like liability coverage, has a maximum amount that the insurance company will pay out.

This insurance is a must-have since it protects you from unforeseen circumstances. When there was a robbery in their flat, my neighbors took use of this coverage! Make a movie or snap photos of your belongings to help you recall what you have and its approximate worth.

When many of their belongings went missing, my neighbors were relieved they had done so.

Additional Charges

What if you are unable to remain in your leased property due to an accident or fire? You’ll need extra costs coverage in such scenario. If you are unable to remain in your leased home, this coverage will assist you in finding a new place to live.

As I remained in my flat, this covering gave me tremendous peace of mind, since the more I stayed there, the sketchier it became (case and point: the burglary).

I knew I could rent a hotel while I looked for a new home if my landlord had any problems with mildew, plumbing, a fire, or simply general degradation of the property that made it unsafe to live in. Thankfully, I was able to move out of that apartment and into a nicer one before any of those things occurred.

If you’re on the fence about getting renter’s insurance, here are several reasons why you should:

1. It may be spelled out in your lease.

Many landlords insist on renters purchasing renter’s insurance for the duration of their lease. Although renter’s insurance isn’t needed by law, it is required by your lease, and the majority of us have leases that require insurance. I had to provide evidence to my landlord that I had obtained coverage for my new flat. The apartment complex wants to ensure that its structure is safe, just as a mortgage lender wants to ensure that the house they’re financing to is safe in the event of a catastrophe.

2. It is typically extremely inexpensive.

Renter’s insurance is often far less expensive than homeowner’s insurance. We’re talking about a savings of approximately $15 per month compared to the average homeowner’s cost of $86 per month. It’s recommended obtaining this low-cost coverage if you own anything worth replacing if it’s lost or destroyed. Every month, my renters insurance payment was deducted from my bank account without my knowledge!

3. It has the potential to save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long term.

As I previously said, while I was living in my apartment, I had neighbors who had many things stolen during a burglary while they were away. They kept their flat secured at all times, yet it was still broken into.

They had gone out for supper and a movie on a typical weeknight. They hadn’t been gone for more than a few hours, but they could sense something wasn’t quite right when they returned to the flat. Their door was ajar, and there were a few things that weren’t quite right. They discovered that several of their most valuable gadgets, such as computers and televisions, as well as some emotional jewelry, had been taken.

They were fortunate to have a renter’s insurance coverage! When it came to replacing their stolen goods, it saved them a lot of money. If you’re curious in how it might appear to use your renter’s insurance benefits, their tale is very instructive. When they discovered items were missing, they followed these actions, and you may do the same if you feel it’s time to take use of your renter’s insurance policy:

1. I called the cops.

First off, this was a crime. My neighbors had to let the police come to assess the damage and file a police report so they had a professional outlook on the situation. If you have renter’s insurance in place, you’ll most likely need to file a police report with the insurance agency, so this step is crucial if you want your money returned after an incident!

2. They contacted their landlord.

My neighbors were aware that they were obliged under their contract to inform the landlord of the situation. A landlord can assist you in navigating the issue and assessing any further damage to your rental property.

3. Photographed

If you ever find yourself in a position like this, you’ll need some paperwork. Take photos or videos of the damage or where the item was when you left it if you discover anything is damaged or missing. My neighbors even recorded everything prior to make sure nothing was forgotten!

4. They contacted their insurance provider.

They finally dialed the insurance company’s number. They had their policy number, information about the burglary chronology and lost goods (together with their estimated worth) on hand to provide to an agent over the phone. This significantly aided them in speeding up the process.

5. I made a claim.

They were able to submit a claim with the agent over the phone, and that was the end of their job. My neighbors got a payment for all of the lost goods less than a week after the claim was filed. They had no idea what they would have done if they hadn’t had renter’s insurance! But, thankfully, they didn’t have to consider it.

What Is The Best Way To Get Renter’s Insurance?

Now that you’re aware of the many advantages of having a renter’s insurance, I’m certain you’ll want to acquire one for yourself!

To begin, just compare prices online by obtaining several renters insurance quotes from various insurance providers, and choose which coverages are non-negotiable for you.

After that, you must register! Several insurance providers enable you to finish this process entirely online. You may protect your insurance by simply providing your personal information and basic information about the house or apartment you rent. You’re all set once your coverage begins and you begin paying your monthly payment (which may also be done online).

Finally, if your landlord requests it, you must give a copy of your insurance information. If not, just save your information in a secure location and be ready to use it on a rainy day!

After that, just check in every so often to insure your rates & coverage options haven’t changed, but for the most part, the insurance that you’ve chosen should protect you in case of a disaster.

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Final Thoughts

I’ve never had to submit a renter’s insurance claim before, but watching my neighbors go through this made me understand how important my coverage was. I couldn’t fathom having to cope with the stress of such a scenario, much alone having to pay for damages with my hard-earned money!

In the end, it’s generally worth it to spend a little amount of money now to avoid large losses later.

Before you start looking for insurance, check with your landlord to see whether renter’s insurance is needed. Then, determine which coverages are best for you and take any pictures or videos of your unit to ensure you don’t overlook anything if you ever need to submit a claim.

We can’t guarantee that nothing terrible will ever happen to us, which is why renter’s insurance should be considered in case catastrophe hits. You’ll be happy you did your homework and set up a policy ahead of time.

Otherwise, you’ll be held liable for any property damage or loss caused by a break-in or natural catastrophe.

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Renters insurance is something that every home buyer should have, but is it really worth it? According to some financial experts, the answer is no. For example, a recent study conducted by, a personal finance website, found that renters insurance is not always necessary. Based on the results of the study, it was found that most renters don’t need renters insurance because they are underinsured. This means that they either don’t have enough insurance to cover their personal property at their rented home, or the insurance they do have is too expensive for their needs.. Read more about what does renters insurance cover and let us know what you think.

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