This is the second in the series of Options Masterclass videos I put together. This time, we return to John Jagerson’s Tools to Increase Return, which focuses on options. We also look at the options implied by the major indexes, and the options that can be purchased when the stock is higher than the strike price.

For those readers who want to learn how to trade options, you’ve come to the right place. In the Options Masterclass, I’ll teach you the basics of the option market – how it works, why it works, and how to.

With all the stock market investing options out there nowadays, I’ve been asked several times to go over a great strategy called “The Options Masterclass”. Many people want to learn this strategy, but don’t know where to start. I’ve put together a guide to get you started and allow you to decide whether or not this option is right for you.

Hello, today we’re going to talk about John Jagerson’s Options Masterclass Series.

After getting an email from InvestorPlace, the business behind John’s “masterclass,” I decided to investigate more. The email directed me to a presentation by John Jagerson, who claims that his method is the “single best way to earn money from home.”

His “little-known technique” allegedly may help you earn $1,480 or more upfront, $2,960 each week, and up to $142,080 in “guaranteed upfront cash payments” per year.

Is it real? It seems thrilling, but is it?

I was dubious at first since several of John’s claims in the presentation seemed too wonderful to be true. But, following closer inspection, I don’t think it’s a hoax. However, there are dangers, so it isn’t a certain method to earn regular income.

I’ll show you all you need to know before you participate in this review.

The Options Masterclass Series: An Overview

The Options Masterclass Series, according to John Jagerson, is “the ideal method to learn how to generate additional money at home.” is the source for this information.

In the presentation, he claims that you may earn thousands of dollars each week using a “little-known technique” that is “mandated by law to pay you as much as $1,480 or more upfront.”

According to John, you might make:

  • a weekly wage of $2,960;
  • $11,840 per month, or $11,840 per year
  • The annual salary is $142,080.

These are supposedly “guaranteed upfront cash payments.”


As I’ll explain later, John’s approach doesn’t guarantee a profit, but there’s some truth to what he’s saying, and it seems to be working for him and his subscribers.

John Jagerson claims to have been making thousands of dollars per week using this technique for years and displays many testimonials allegedly from people who have joined up and claim to be experiencing genuine results.

Like one from “Keith N.” who claimed to have earned “around $80,000 in the past week or two” and “Gordon S.” who claimed to have made “around $200 to $400 each trade” with his “typical return with this strategy.”

He also displays instances of “upfront cash payments” that his members have received in a matter of minutes or less:

  • Dollar General ($2,290) is a store that sells a variety of goods.
  • Blizzard Entertainment ($1,025)
  • Bank of America ($165) is a financial institution based in the United States.
  • ($700) Applied Materials
  • Walt Disney ($1,100) is a fictional character created by Walt Disney.
  • $625 for Cisco Systems
  • Ball Corporation ($620)
  • $1,655 for Adobe
  • Costco ($1,480) is a retailer that sells a variety of products.
  • $1,175 Caterpillar

John says his system has outperformed the S&P 500 by 3.5 times and that you could’ve turned a $100K portfolio in mid-2018 into $188,317 in 2021. Which, if true, is impressive.

What is the mechanism behind it?

Selling options is part of John’s plan. It’s the easiest and “totally lowest-risk method” to utilize options, he adds, and it’s far less dangerous than purchasing equities.

Using a simple options technique you can apply at home, I’ve created a low-risk approach to earn potentially hundreds of dollars in additional money each week, paid straight into your account.

Members of John’s five-part Options Masterclass Series learn about his approach. The first session, titled “Master Class Lesson #1: Your Blueprint for Options Success – Simple Strategies for Big Gains,” is usually $497, but you can have it for $7.

However, the first lesson is just an introduction…

It provides you an overview of John’s approach and demonstrates how to open a brokerage account, plan and execute trades, assess possible profit, and so on.

So that should be enough to let you determine whether or not you like it. However, if you want to understand the rest of John’s options trading method, you’ll have to upgrade to have access to the following four courses.

John also offers a $99-per-month trading advice service called Strategic Trader, which teaches members how to earn money selling options.

And since it’s built on the same trading approach as the options masterclass and provides weekly trade suggestions and other materials that expand on what you learn in the masterclass, it’s a logical progression.

If you enroll in the masterclass, be aware that you will be urged to join his Strategic Trader service at some time. In any case, you’ll want to put away more than $7.

What Is John Jagerson’s “Options Masterclass Series” Strategy and How Does It Work?

The fundamental concept underlying John’s approach is to sell options.

Buying shares in a firm is not the same as trading options. Because you’re not really purchasing the underlying shares when you trade options; instead, you’re gambling on the price.

You have the right, but not the duty, to purchase or sell the underlying security (such as shares) at the agreed-upon price and on the agreed-upon date under an options contract.

The benefit of options is that they may enable you convert a modest investment into potentially much larger profits. One of the reasons they’re so popular is because of this.

Options, on the other hand, include a lot more than just buying and selling stocks. You may lose your whole investment if the transaction goes against you since you aren’t purchasing the underlying item. If you hold shares that have dropped in value, all is not lost since the price may rise again in the future.

So there are advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Despite this, John claims that his option-selling method is the “absolutely lowest-risk approach to utilize options” and that it is a “simple options strategy anyone can apply at home.”

What is the process of selling options?

Options, as previously said, enable you to bet on the price of the underlying asset. You may gamble on the price going up or down, and you can purchase and sell in a variety of ways.

You may, for example:

  • Purchase a call option.
  • Purchase a put option.
  • Purchase a call option and sell it.
  • Option to sell a put

Each of the aforementioned methods has its own advantages, as explained in this Investopedia article, but selling options (i.e., selling calls or puts) is a legitimate way to earn money.

When you sell an option, you get paid the option premium (the price of the option) up front when the transaction is made. If the price of the option falls, you may close out your position by buying the option for a lower premium, resulting in a profit.

At least, that’s the basic idea of it.

Although John claims that his technique is easy, trading options is always more complex than just buying and selling stock. So you’re not alone in thinking that seems difficult.

In any case, if you’re going to go into options, it may be worthwhile to educate yourself on how they operate beyond what John teaches. You’ll have greater confidence in what you’re putting yourself into this manner. And this video I discovered may be of use to you:


What is John Jagerson’s background?

John Jagerson has over 20 years of expertise as a broker, money manager, and private equity investor. He’s also the brains behind the InvestorPlace-published Options Masterclass Series and Strategic Trader service.

John claims to have worked for companies such as TD Ameritrade, Nasdaq, and the International Securities Exchange. He also has the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) certifications, according to his InvestorPlace profile.

He was a vice president at thinkorswim Group, Inc, which is behind the popular trading software thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade, according to the website.

He’s also the co-founder of Learning Markets, a website that offers free trading classes, reports, and webinars to help traders improve their skills.

As part of this, he also offers some fantastic observations on YouTube:


Finally, in 2006, John co-authored a book titled Profiting with Forex.

Overall, John does not seem to be as well-known as other of the trading gurus I’ve met over the years, but he does appear to be a skilled trader, particularly in the area of options.

And he produces a lot of free material, which I appreciate because it allows you to learn from him without having to purchase anything, then determine whether or not you want to utilize his premium goods and services.

Joining the Masterclass Series on Options

To enroll in the Options Masterclass Series, go to the InvestorPlace website and join up via the presentation. And, as far as I can tell, it isn’t promoted on the internet; I just learned about it thanks to an email I got that included a unique URL to register via.

In any case, after you’ve arrived to the presentation page, just follow the instructions to claim the (non-refundable) $7 introductory gift.

This provides you access to the first of five lessons in the “Master Class Lesson #1: Your Blueprint for Options Success” training series, which explains the fundamentals of John’s approach.

For example, you’ll discover everything about John’s “upfront cash payments” and how they’re basically “guaranteed” in the presentation (more on this in a moment).

You’ll also learn how to choose a broker and set up your account so you can start trading right away, as well as how to figure out how lucrative a certain transaction could be.

The next four courses, which are not included in the $7 price, teach you more about how the approach works, how to apply it, and why John recommends it.

In some ways, it serves as “bait” to entice you to take the following four classes.

The Options MasterClass Series as a whole is a promotion for Strategic Trader, a service operated by John and his partner Wade Hansen that costs $2,000 to join.

The Options MasterClass Series is valuable in and of itself, so it’s not simply a sales pitch to encourage people to join Strategic Trader, but it does bring you there.

So, if you want his entire approach and weekly trading suggestions, you’ll need to budget more than $7. If you wish to follow John’s advice, you should also consider having some money to trade with.

Is it true that “upfront cash payouts” are always guaranteed?

In a nutshell, the answer is…sort of.

On the one hand, when you sell an option, you are compensated for the upfront premium you paid. To put it another way, when you start the transaction. As an options seller, you do receive “guaranteed payments” in a technical sense.

However, you are not assured to earn a profit.

Not in the least.

The only way to earn a profit is if the transaction goes your way. This implies that if the transaction does not go your way, you may lose money.

So when John claims you’ll receive upfront cash payments with his technique, he’s telling the truth; he simply doesn’t describe the whole process of earning money selling options. Until you enroll in his Options Masterclass, that is.

Trading options, in any event, comes with a set of dangers. Although certain methods may be lower-risk, there are always dangers since no one can forecast the price of any financial asset in the future.

And I believe it is critical to comprehend this before jumping in.

Is the Options Masterclass Series a genuine program?

The Options Masterclass Series isn’t a hoax; it’s a legitimate training program created by a seasoned trader with over two decades of expertise.

InvestorPlace, the business behind it, is a well-known financial publishing house that offers some of the most popular financial advice services.

Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor, The Crypto Investor Network, and Louis Navellier’s Breakthrough Stocks are just a few of the books we’ve evaluated.

With that stated, I believe some of the assertions made in the presentation should be taken with a grain of salt. Because, as I just said, it is not a certain method to earn money.

If the trades he offers as examples are any indication, it might be a fantastic method to earn money every week. However, there are no guarantees with any trading technique.

Furthermore, if you simply allocate a proportion of your portfolio to each transaction and account for wins and losses, you may need more money than you think to reach the $11,840 profit level each month.

As a result, The Options Masterclass Series is genuine. However, I wouldn’t join up expecting a guaranteed monthly income of thousands of dollars. Especially if you just have a little amount of money to play with. I wouldn’t join either if I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.


The Options Masterclass Series, developed by John Jagerson of InvestorPlace, is a five-part training series that teaches you how to earn money selling options as a novice.

Overall, I believe it is worth investigating if you are interested in making money by selling options. With a price tag of $7, it’s difficult to go wrong.

At the same time, for $7, you only receive a portion of what you need.

Because this just provides you access to the first lesson in the course, which John claims is sufficient to let you decide whether or not you want to continue with the rest of the series. However, it is not the whole course. The whole Options Masterclass Series costs usually $497, according to John.

In any case, it seems to be an intriguing approach to experiment with.

If you don’t want to go all-in right once, you may start with his free instruction on his Learning Markets website and YouTube channel. That way, you may at least have a sense of his approach before enrolling in his course and placing your bets on his advice.

Whatever you choose, I hope you found this information useful.

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