Proofreading Academy is a platform that teaches people how to proofread their writing, and provides them with professional proofreading services. It is a very niche market, with a very small number of people taking advantage of it. It is a good choice for someone who wants to learn how to proofread their writing, or for those who want to take a more in-depth look at the program. Proofreading Academy is very good at what it does, and the results are impressive. The program is highly recommended.

Proofreading Academy is a company that has earned a reputation for providing outstanding proofreading services to businesses worldwide. The company has a strong focus on its customers and offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service. It also offers a wide variety of services, including editing, business writing and more. So, if you are interested in learning more check out the following review.

Do you need help writing a research paper or thesis paper? Are you looking for a proofreading service that provides you with a customized and professional proofreading service? If so, then you want to know where to begin with Proofreading Academy.

The How to Become a Proofreader course from Proofreading Academy claims to transform you from a total novice to a confident, well-trained professional proofreader and copy editor. It also offers a guarantee of freelance employment for pupils who achieve an average of 80% or above on the final project. 

Is the course, however, able to deliver on its promises? Is it worthwhile to spend the money and join up?

In this Proofreading Academy review, we’ll look at the business and course in detail to see if:

  • Is this a genuine and worthy opportunity?
  • The course’s content’s quality and usefulness.
  • The course’s support team’s attentiveness and helpfulness; and more.

Continue reading to find out whether it’s worthwhile to join up!

Points to Remember

Name Becoming a Proofreader
Description The Becoming a Proofreader course from Proofreading Academy will teach you all you need to know about providing professional proofreading and editing services online.
Length of Course 50 hours
What’s in the Box There are 15 modules, 88 lessons/quizzes, and one final assignment in this course.
Assurance of Work If you get an 80 percent or above on the final task, you may work with Proofed as a freelancer.
Price $295

Process of Evaluation

To prepare for this Proofreading Academy review, I first took the course’s free trial to get a feel for it. As an associate, I was given limited-time free access to the whole course so that I could go over everything.

Next, I recruited a professional proofreader and editor who has been working in the business since 2012 to have a look at the course to obtain an impartial outside perspective from more competent eyes. They read the materials individually, made notes, assigned a grade to the course, and summarized their views. All of this has been taken into account in the following review.

Overall, despite the fact that I am a Proofreading Academy affiliate, this review is as honest and open as it gets, and it will be updated over time to keep it that way. I hope you’ll find it useful!

Do you see an error or have something to add to this review? Please leave a remark or get in touch with us.

What is Proofreading Academy, and how does it work?

Proofreading Academy is a digital proofreading and editing training curriculum developed and built by professionals with real-world experience. Becoming a Proofreader, the program’s flagship course, was created with the assistance of the team at Proofed, a professional proofreading and editing service provider since 2010. 

Proofreading Academy homepage

Proofreading Academy was established in 2017 with the goal of teaching proofreading and editing in the contemporary day. Proofreading Academy aims to offer up-and-coming freelancers with the tools and expertise they need to deliver high-quality services to a variety of customers, with the need for digital proofreading and editing on the increase.

The Becoming a Proofreader course will teach you how to proofread and edit a variety of papers in US, UK, and AUS English, including academic, creative, and business materials. It covers everything from Microsoft Word’s technical elements to reference styles, readability, grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, and more.

Most notably, students who get an 80 percent or above on the final project are guaranteed freelance employment at Proofed. That’s really solid evidence (ha) that they trust their instruction since they’re actually risking their own reputation.

Furthermore, the training offers tools and ideas to assist you in landing freelancing work if/when you decide to go it alone.

About the Business

Proofreading Academy logo

Is the Proofreading Academy a genuine company?

Yes, Proofreading Academy is a genuine business; it is a trade name of Interactive Learning Ltd, which is a legally established company. The business, which is now owned by Kiran Chauhan and Adam Harvey, is very open and information is readily available. 

The topic outlines for Proofreading Academy’s courses are accurate and deliver on what they claim. The material for their primary course, Becoming a Proofreader, is precisely as stated, and students who achieve 80 percent or above get a job guarantee, just as promised.

The course is also CPD accredited, which means it was assessed and reviewed by an independent committee to guarantee high-quality material and structure.

The one warning sign I could discover — and this is a stretch — is that in Proofreading Academy’s FAQ, Proofed is listed as having been established in 2010, yet on their About page, they claim to have been working with freelancers since 2008. It’s only a little omission (maybe they should employ me as a proofreader!). They responded and informed me that this was a mistake. It’s now repaired!

What Is the Purpose of the Proofreading Academy?

The Becoming a Proofreader course from Proofreading Academy is designed for anybody interested in working as an online proofreader and/or copy editor, as well as existing industry professionals who want to improve their abilities.

For example, let’s say you want to leave your job and work from home full-time. The Proofreading Academy course may be able to assist you in your endeavor. However, I would not depend on their job promise for full-time employment (more on why below).

Or, hey, maybe you’re just searching for a way to supplement your income when you get home from work. Proofreading Academy would be ideal for this, and if you like the job, you could eventually move to full-time proofreading and editing. 

One final example: maybe you used to proofread professionally and would want to apply your knowledge to the digital world. Proofreading Academy is a fantastic all-around answer for whatever it is.

However, there are a few prerequisites you must fulfill before diving in:

Prerequisites for the course

  • The minimum age limit is 18 years old.
  • Requirements by country: Available in all countries. However, the Proofed job opportunity may be limited to individuals who live in a nation that has a tax treaty with the United States (list) – I’d double-check with Proofreading Academy first.
  • Laptop or desktop PC, Microsoft Word (2016 or later), and internet connection are required.
  • You must be able to communicate well in English and navigate a computer. It’s best if you have a keen eye for detail, are self-motivated, and have a natural knack for spotting mistakes in writing. There is, however, no need for prior proofreading or editing expertise.

Quality should be supported.

When it comes to online classes, the level of assistance you can get may make or break your whole experience. 

Fortunately, in the case of Proofreading Academy, customer service is excellent. You may reach out to them through a variety of ways, including email, phone, and a live chat feature on their website. 

If you haven’t yet bought the course, the support staff would be glad to answer any questions you may have and assist you in making your choice.

You will be able to contact the support team/Proofreading Academy tutors for any queries you may have as a student of the course. They have a number of certified instructors on staff.

Best of all, they usually respond within a day or two after you submit a support request.

How Does the Course on Becoming a Proofreader Work?

The training operates in a very straightforward manner. The Proofreading Academy website has the complete learning platform, which functions similarly to a PowerPoint presentation. You choose a module, then a lesson, and then travel through several slides containing written information, pictures, examples, videos, and interactive quizzes to evaluate your understanding.

Overview of the Course

  • Introduction is the first module.
    • One lesson is included. Content is limited to less than 30 minutes.
    • Covers: How to browse the course and how to use it.
  • Module 2: Editing and Proofreading
    • There are three lessons in this module, as well as a quiz at the conclusion. There will be 1-2 hours of material.
    • The distinctions between proofreading and editing, what each entails, the abilities required for each, examples, frequently asked questions, and more are discussed.
  • Module 3: Microsoft Word Fundamentals
    • There are five lessons in all, as well as a module-ending quiz. There will be 2-3 hours of material.
    • Covers: The technical aspects of working with Microsoft Word, including settings, tools, recommended workflow, best practices, and frequent questions, on both Mac and Windows systems.
  • Common Spelling Mistakes (Module 4)
    • There are three lessons in this module, as well as a quiz at the conclusion. There will be 2-3 hours of material.
    • Common spelling problems such as homophone errors, irregular plurals, variations between UK, US, and AUS English, letter order, silent letters, and more are covered.
  • Common Grammar Mistakes (Module 5)
    • There are five lessons in all, as well as a module-ending quiz. There will be 2-3 hours of material.
    • Faulty agreement and parallelism are discussed, as well as fragments and modifying clauses, adverbs and adjectives, and popular grammatical myths. 
  • Common Punctuation Mistakes (Module 6)
    • There are seven lessons in all, as well as a module-ending quiz. There will be 2-3 hours of material. 
    • Covers: Full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, run-on sentences, comma splices, and more are all examples of frequent punctuation mistakes.
  • Other Common Errors (Module 7)
    • There are four lessons in total, as well as a quiz at the conclusion of the module. There will be 2-3 hours of material. 
    • Other mistakes you may see include the use of Latin terms, acronyms and other abbreviations, numbers, times and dates, capitalization, and more. 
  • Proofreading in Practice: Style (Module 8)
    • There are five lessons in all, as well as a module-ending quiz. There will be 3-4 hours of material. 
    • Stylistic problems such as common writing styles, dealing with various client types, academic and non-academic style guidelines, tone and voice, formal and informal English, sentence structure and length, repetition, and more are covered. 
  • Module 9: Microsoft Word For Windows Advanced Formatting
    • There are seven lessons in all, as well as a module-ending quiz. There will be 3-5 hours of material. 
    • Customizing the spellchecker, sophisticated search capabilities, find and replace, text direction, dealing with styles, document layout and spacing, proofreading images/tables/charts, shortcuts, and more are all covered. 
  • Module 10: Microsoft Word For Mac Advanced Formatting
    • There are seven lessons in all, as well as a module-ending quiz. There will be 3-5 hours of material. 
    • Covers: The same information as the last module, but for Mac machines. 
  • Module 11: Proofreading for Academic Purposes
    • There are six lessons in all, as well as a module-ending quiz. There will be 3-4 hours of material.
    • Academic editing and comments, linguistic and technical terminology, quotes, common stylistic components, dealing with LaTeX papers, and more are all covered in this book.
  • Module 12: Academic Proofreading: Citations and Referencing
    • There are eight lessons in all, as well as a module-ending quiz. There will be 3-5 hours of material.
    • Citation styles and source types, reference styles, legal referencing, specialized citation styles, secondary citations and citation order, missing or inaccurate information in citations, and more are all covered.
  • Module 13: The Publishing Industry and Creative Writing
    • There are six lessons in all, as well as a module-ending quiz. There will be 3-4 hours of material.
    • The publishing process, essential vocabulary, and ethical concerns for creative writing are all covered, as well as dealing with writers and publishers, fiction vs. nonfiction, non-standard English, and working with scripts and screenplays. 
  • Module 14: Business Writing Proofreading
    • There are seven lessons in all, as well as a module-ending quiz. There will be 3-4 hours of material.
    • Different kinds of business papers, dealing with business customers, establishing a style sheet, recommendations, skim reading editing, accessibility, SEO, and more are all covered. 
  • Module 15: Job Searching and the Final Project
    • One lesson is included, as well as the final homework. There will be 3-4 hours of material.
    • Covers: How to obtain freelance proofreading work (including client-finding techniques, résumé advice, rate recommendations, and more), as well as top revision areas for the final project, a sample practice assignment, comprehensive comments for test efforts, and additional coaching if required.

As you can see, the Becoming a Proofreader course is quite thorough and in-depth. Except for the first, each module has at least 2 hours of material (including examples, quizzes, videos, and images). 

You’ll know how to identify, remark on, and fix the most frequent writing errors in UK, US, and AUS English, as well as academic, creative, and/or business writing, at the conclusion of the course. 

Even if you’re not a computer aware person, you’ll be able to succeed as a digital proofreader using Microsoft Word at the end of the course. 

Note that the course outline, modules, and lessons are subject to modification and updating. This plan is current as of June 2021. The Proofreading Academy website has an up-to-date overview and additional information.

Features of the Course

  • When possible, use examples and pictures in your written material.
  • Videos with instructions (both Windows and Mac versions are provided when necessary)
  • Weekly tutored group webinars
  • 3 kinds of questions and quizzes to choose from:
    • Mid-module questions assess your understanding of certain courses. These quizzes are not graded, and you are free to take them as many times as you like.
    • Quizzes at the end of each lesson assess your understanding of the whole subject. These quizzes do not count toward your final grade, and you may take them as many times as you like.
    • The tasks at the end of each lesson are short papers that you may download and proofread/mark up in Microsoft Word. You may then compare your findings with those of Proofreading Academy’s editors by downloading their version.
  • The last task is to
    • This is the final test of your knowledge. It’s graded by a real person, and if you get an 80 percent or above in three tries, you’ll be asked to work with Proofed as a freelancer (more details below). 
    • There are two proofreading exams and one formatting test in this assignment. In 7-10 business days, your exam will be marked and scored, along with comments. 
    • You may arrange a feedback call with a tutor if you don’t achieve your target score the first time around.


A one-time fee of $295 is charged for the Becoming a Proofreader course. By contacting Proofreading Academy, you may also set up a three-month payment plan. 

Is it Possible to Get a Refund?

In certain instances, yes. 

Here are the terms: “All course refunds requested within 14 days from the time of purchase will be refunded in full, unless it is otherwise deemed that the course has already been accessed. In that case, the un-accessed portions of the course material will be proportionately refunded, less a $30 administration fee. All refund requests made greater than 14 days but less than 30 days after the course purchase will be assessed using the above methods. No refunds will be given if the course has been accessed and greater than 30 days have passed since the purchase.” – T&C

Contact [email protected] to get started.

Proofreading Academy also offers a variety of other courses.

Proofreading Academy also offers three lesser courses in addition to their main Becoming a Proofreader course:

  • Academic Proofreading – $75 for 12 hours of work 
  • $75 for basic business proofreading (14 hours of material).
  • Microsoft Word Mastery – $75 – 9 hours of material

The material in these classes is basically taken from the Becoming a Proofreader course. They’re designed for anybody who already has a solid understanding of fundamental proofreading/editing and wants to improve their abilities or brush up on a specific subject. They don’t come with a work warranty.

In relation to:

Work is guaranteed to be proofed.

As previously stated, if you complete the course’s final project with an 80 percent or better score in three attempts, you will be asked to work as a freelancer with Proofed. (As a networking benefit, you’ll be invited to a special LinkedIn community of professional proofreaders and editors.)

The issue is, how excellent is the job opportunity? Let’s look at it more closely…

What does it mean to be proofed?

Proofed homepage

Proofreading Academy has partnered with Proofed. On the internet, they go by a few distinct names:


Businesses, students, writers, ESL students, dyslexic individuals, researchers, academics, and professionals may use the company’s proofreading, editing, and formatting services. 

What Is the Guaranteed Work Opportunity and How Does It Work?

What you need know about the job opportunity is as follows:

  1. It’s a self-employed situation. You won’t be promised a certain amount of hours or a specific hourly rate. Payment is made on a per-project basis, and projects are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The gig is flexible since you may take tasks from the work queue whenever and whenever you choose.
  2. The amount of work done varies. One user said that there was very little work available, while another stated that there was usually plenty of work available. During the academic year, when students need their essays proofread, there seems to be more work available. However, according to SimilarWeb, all of Proofed’s domains get approximately 450,000 monthly visits, so I’m sure they have a steady stream of customers. Of course, since work is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and Proofed employs over 400 editors, the low work volume may simply be due to intense competition in the task queue. 
  3. Pay varies as well. Pay varies depending on the length of the document you’re proofreading or revising. This person claimed to have made £40 in two hours on one document and £10 in two hours on another. 
  4. It’s possible that the majority of your job will be academic. This is based on what I’ve learned on the internet. Essays, business papers, ESL, and other similar tasks make up the majority of my job. However, Proofed does welcome creative, fictitious work from writers, so employment in such areas aren’t hard to get by. 

Overall, even if the Proofed chance isn’t ideal, it’s still a fantastic opportunity since it may provide you with your first piece of job experience as a beginning. It will give you the opportunity to build some confidence before pitching your own customers and charging more money. 

Read our complete Proofed Review and Guide to discover more about working as a freelancer with Proofed (coming soon).

Breakdown of the Proofreading Academy Review and Ratings

  • Content
  • Support
  • Value
  • User Interaction


Proofreading Academy, and particularly their flagship Becoming a Proofreader course, is a fantastic place to start if you want to work as a freelance proofreader or copy editor. The course isn’t inexpensive, but it’s definitely worth it for what you receive (very thorough and extensive material, timely support and instructors, and a guaranteed freelancing job chance with a big firm).

Recap of the Ratings

4/5 for content

The Becoming a Proofreader course has high-quality, comprehensive material that is presented using examples, interactive quizzes, videos, and pictures. However, several people complained that the amount of information was too much for them. Others wished there were more practice papers and examples to work with.

5/5 support

Proofreading Academy offers a committed support staff and quick and friendly instructors.

Value 5/5

$295 may seem like a lot to spend on an online course, but it’s not when you consider what you’ll learn in the Becoming a Proofreader course. In the big scheme of things, 45-50 hours of material that will help you become a competent freelance proofreader and editor Plus the potential for guaranteed freelance employment is worth a lot more than $295.

5 out of 5 for usability

The course software is very simple to browse and utilize.

A Professional Proofreader and Editor’s Opinion

As previously stated, I engaged Andrew Hillebrand, a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader who has worked with a variety of clients and businesses since 2012. 

His views on the course are as follows:


  • Content 
    • 5/5
    • Why? It’s very thorough and detailed.
  • Value 
    • 5/5
    • Why? I didn’t anticipate it to be a good deal, but it is, particularly considering the assurance of working with Proofed.
  • Usability
    • 4/5
    • Why? I’m not sure whether it was just my browser (Google Chrome) or if I was doing anything incorrectly, but at the conclusion of each part, it instructs you to click the Mark as Complete button to go to the next module. I didn’t have a Mark as Complete button on my screen, thus I had to pick a different module by using the back button many times.


The course is well worth your time. I was dubious that it could possibly cover everything needed to work as a freelance proofreader, yet it did, and then some. I acquired a lot of this knowledge throughout the course of my six years as a freelancer, but taking this course at the start of my profession would have been very beneficial.

Because there is no substitute for experience, I don’t expect most students to be excellent proofreaders right away, but this will start them on the right road. Furthermore, the work guarantee allows you to immediately put new knowledge into practice.

Graduates’ Testimonials about the Proofreading Academy

Here are some Trustpilot reviews from 2021 for Proofreading Academy:

Positive Feedback (4-5 Stars)

If you’re new to the area of editing, this course is a great place to start. It truly lays out everything a pupil might possibly need to know. On the other hand, the quantity of information to absorb may be daunting, particularly when additional modules are added to the coursework. Take your time while going through this course. Reread the contents a few times. Additional examples of the topics being taught, as well as more sample papers to work on, would have been beneficial to me. I didn’t think the multiple choice exams to be very useful or relevant to the skill of proofreading. The support staff was very kind and helpful. They want you to succeed, and if you achieve an 80 percent or above on the test, you will be offered a job. Overall, my time at Proofreading Academy was a good one.

4/5 – Christa from the United States

[…] Proofreading Academy’s material was extremely thorough, and it contained a grammar refresher that I really needed. I was able to finish it all in two to three weeks since the material given was entertaining and interesting. I had access to a variety of webinars and practice papers to help me prepare for the final exam, which I aced on the first attempt. If you’re interested in working as a freelance proofreader, this course will teach you all you need to know.

5 out of 5 – Myken from the United States

This is a fantastic course. I learned all I needed to know to get started as a proofreader, and I’m lot more confident in my ability to get paid employment today. The training was well-organized and straightforward, with lots of examples. There might have been more on occasion simply so you could see the concept in various settings. One example wasn’t always enough to get your mind around it. The module exams were beneficial in terms of practicing proofreading. The webinars were also extremely useful for additional ideas and hints not covered in the training. I passed with an 80% on my third attempt and was able to significantly improve my score each time thanks to the detailed feedback email and feedback calls, which allow you to ask questions, discuss feedback, and get extra pointers to improve your general proofreading skills (shout out to Laura, who was fantastic and very encouraging). The tutors also respond promptly to emails with any questions. I’m hoping proofed will be just as fun to work with!

Lizzie from the United Kingdom gives it a 5 out of 5 rating.

Only when I was preparing for the final exam did I realize how comprehensive the course was. It is presented in such a manner that it takes you through a large quantity of information without being overwhelming. The live webinar is really worth participating in towards the conclusion.

5 out of 5 – Robert from the United States

The lectures were simple, comprehensive, and well-illustrated with examples. [I] needed to pass all three tests in order to get my certificate, but I felt the exams to be beneficial in terms of developing my abilities since each one was followed by a tutoring session. The wage amount for the job provided is the reason for four stars rather than five. This position is only appropriate as a supplement, not as a primary source of living income.

4/5 – Diana from the United States

This course has been meticulously put together in every way. To others, the cost of this course may seem absurd. But, believe me when I say that this course is much underpriced.

“I feel like something is off,” I would say before this course when I saw a mistake. Now I understand why something is wrong and can even explain why! Of course, I’m far from an expert, but I now have access to all of the tools I need.

To be honest, I think this course supports the notion that the more you study about English, the less you really know. For the record, this course will not cover every single hazard (for proofreading purposes) in the English language, but it will teach you how to identify an issue, approach it, and then correct it; this is what sets it apart. Teaching someone how to think rather than what to think requires a lot of expertise.

5 out of 5 – Bahraini Ali Madan

Negative Feedback (1-2 Stars)

Before correcting, your correcting proofreaders should examine the previous proofreaders’ edits and comments. Your’so-called’ tutors’ mark-up has mistakes. There is no explanation your business could provide for why each of your proofreaders discovered different mistakes in the formatting test. “For full points,…” they all said. New errors were discovered each time.

If you’re going to test anybody, have one proofreader correct all of the tests for a single customer.

I’m relieved that I won’t be working for your sister business.


1/5 – Amelia from the United States

The material is adequate but not exceptional. Work is a nice hook, as is the cheap cost of the training. The bad point is the lack of clarification on how they mark and evaluate above the check boxes. There is a lack of clarification about the scope of editing vs. proofreading for the final projects. Because incorrect comments are penalized, the course should have a consistent commenting section. In what should be the same lesson, tutors teach different things. Passing the last assignment to obtain employment is a game of chance because of the vagueness and lack of consistency in grading.

2 out of 5 – Jayne from the United Kingdom


On Trustpilot, Proofreading Academy has a total rating of 4.8/5 based on 277 reviews.

So far, they’ve only gotten two bad (1-2 star) reviews as of June 2021. (both above). Inconsistent marking during the final evaluation seems to be a common concern. It’s difficult to determine if the bad reviews are just angry because they didn’t get an 80 percent or higher on the exam, or whether their concerns are true.

I’d lean toward the former, based on the amount of reviewers who appeared pleased with the final assignment grading procedure and the extra coaching that was provided in between exam tries. 

Positive reviews praised the extensive material, interesting courses, and helpful assistance and instructors as well.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Good

  • Free trial – This is a good way to get a feel for the course. Take a look at it here.
  • Guaranteed employment — I’m not aware of any other proofreading schools that provide this, so it’s a significant thing. Getting your first job is typically the most difficult aspect of freelancing, so having a guaranteed opportunity is very valuable. Just make sure you study hard enough to get an 80 percent or better on your exam!
  • The Proofreading Academy website and training modules are very simple to use and navigate. Everything is simple, fast, and stylish. Excellent design. 
  • Quizzes that are well-made – The quizzes that they offer throughout the courses are very good. They’re engaging and effective, and they come in a number of formats, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, marking words (where you indicate mistakes in text passages), and true/false questions.  
  • Support and tutors who are helpful and responsive – You may discover more about the course by calling or emailing the Proofreading Academy, and as a student, you can contact a tutor for extra assistance.
  • Detailed and comprehensive – While the course does not cover all there is to know about the English language, it does cover more than enough to prepare you to work as a confident, independent proofreader and copy editor. 
  • Exceptionally well-structured and organized – The Proofreading for Beginners course is packed with useful material, and the Proofreading Academy staff has done an excellent job of arranging and presenting it in an easy-to-understand manner. 
  • Graduates are given a digital certificate of completion – While this is fairly common with online courses, having something to put on your CV is always a plus!
  • Great value – There are online proofreading courses (more on these below) with comparable price tags but less material and no promise of employment. Proofreading Academy is reasonably priced. 

The Bad

  • Access is limited in time – you only get access to the course for a year (though this can be extended in special cases). While a year of access will allow you enough of time to go over the course material, it would be great to have lifetime access in case the course is updated or you need a refresher. 
  • Requires the purchase of Microsoft Word – This isn’t a huge cost, but it’s something to keep in mind.
  • The guaranteed job opportunity at Proofed may be overburdened – as you can imagine, as more people complete the course, if they all score over 80% and apply for a job at Proofed, there will be a lot of competition for positions. As a result, don’t expect Proofed to offer enough work to support you.
  • If you’re looking for fast, easy money, this isn’t it. Onboarding to Proofed may take a couple of weeks – add in the time spent completing the course, and you’re looking at a couple of weeks. 
  • Doesn’t contain information on proofreading symbols — Proofreading Academy does this on purpose, claiming that proofreading symbols aren’t utilized much anymore owing to the digitalization of most things. Even so, a brief resource recommendation for them might be beneficial!

Is Proofreading Academy a Good Investment?

Yes, Proofreading Academy’s Proofreading For Beginners course is certainly worth it if you’re convinced you want to start a career in proofreading and editing and are ready to put in the effort. 

Not only will the course teach you all you need to know to do professional quality proofreading and copy editing for your own customers, but it also includes a job guarantee to get you started once you pass.

Even though the work guarantee is only available to students who score 80% or higher on the final assessment, with the detailed course modules and a team of tutors at your disposal, you should have no trouble achieving that score within the three attempts they give you if you’re dedicated, study hard, and enter the course with English fluency. 

All of this to say:

Because the course is so in-depth (and not exactly inexpensive), you’ll want to be sure you’re ready before enrolling. The last thing you want is to invest in a course just to discover that you despise proofreading. As a result, the free trial is a good choice.

Furthermore, I would not suggest the course to anybody who is not already proficient in English. That will make completely comprehending the course material and passing the final exam with a good grade very difficult. 

Similarly, if you aren’t committed to studying the material or aren’t a strong self-learner, this course isn’t for you. 

What’s the bottom line?

If you’re serious about starting a career in proofreading and editing, Proofreading Academy’s Becoming a Proofreader course is a fantastic way to acquire the essential skills and get your first job experience.

Note: If you’re still undecided about whether or not proofreading/editing is for you, check out my free tutorial on how to become a proofreader. I also have a list of proofreading opportunities that you may find useful.

Alternatives to Proofreading Academy

Other online proofreading courses like Proofreading Academy’s Becoming a Proofreader include:

  • Proofread Anywhere — This course is intended to help you get started as a freelance proofreader and is taught by Caitlin Pyle, a long-time freelance proofreader. More information may be found here.
  • Skillshare or Udemy – These sites provide a wide range of proofreading and editing courses.
  • Inkylo – Proofreading and editing boot camps from’s creator; 40 hours of material each course; $199 individually or $349 as a package
  • Copyediting and Proofreading 101 – This course, offered by Universal Class, covers approximately a quarter of the material of Proofreading Academy and costs $80.

I haven’t gone far into any of these courses yet, but based on the quantity of material, support quality, and guaranteed job possibility, I’d say Proofreading Academy is still the greatest value. 

Last Thoughts

Was this Proofreading Academy review useful to you? If you did, please consider sharing it – thank you!

  • Are you a present or former student or graduate of the Proofreading Academy? To leave your own brief review, please click here. 
  • Do you have any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment in the box below.

Proofreading Academy review: is it worth it?

If you’re doing some proofreading, and need it done professionally, then consider giving Proofreading Academy a try. They have a solid rating and a staff of professional proofreaders that will provide you a thorough proofread so that your content will be ready for publishing.. Read more about professional proofreader and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is proofreading Academy legitimate?

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What is the best proofreading course?

The best proofreading course is the one that you can afford.

Is proofread anywhere worth the money?

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