In the past few years, passive income has become more and more popular in every type of industry. It’s also been a boon for those who can’t or don’t want to work outside their home. In this blog post, we’ll take you through some of the best apps out there that will help you earn guaranteed cash just by using your phone and time!

The “passive income apps 2022” is a topic that has been trending for a while. There are multiple ways to earn passive income in the future, but these are some of the best ones.

The best apps for earning passive income in 2022

Simply simply, passive income is money earned without having to put in a lot of “active” effort. Working at a business 9-5 is required for our regular salary: this is active income. Dividends earned on money invested in the stock market, on the other hand, are considered passive income since you don’t have to work for them.

Passive income sources, according to many who have achieved financial freedom, are the key to success. Passive income allows you to get away from the daily grind of work and concentrate on what you really like while still earning money.

The finest passive income applications to generate money this year are listed below.

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1. Sign up with Survey Junkie Pulse and earn money while you sleep.


Survey Junkie Pulse is one of the greatest passive income applications for earning extra money without putting in a lot of work. You may simply make passive cash by automatically sharing your web browsing habits with Survey Junkie via their Pulse program. Survey Junkie Pulse is managed by Survey Junkie, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DISQO, a consumer insights platform.

Browsing habits are studied in market research to see how different customer groups act. Personal identifying information is hidden by encryption, and secure information — such as passwords or credit card numbers — is never gathered. Visit learn more about how insights are shared, go to Survey Junkie’s resource page.

Sign up for Survey Junkie Pulse right now!

Find a Qualified Financial Advisor (SPONSORED)

1. Finding a competent financial counselor is not difficult. In only 5 minutes, SmartAsset’s free service connects you with up to three fiduciary financial experts in your neighborhood.

2. SmartAsset has thoroughly vetted each adviser and holds them to a fiduciary standard of acting in your best interests. Get started today if you’re ready to be matched with local experts who can help you reach your financial objectives.

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2. Earn cash back on your purchases with Ibotta.


In the United States, Ibotta (iOS or Android) is a popular free cashback shopping app. When you purchase online or in-store with Ibotta, you may receive actual cash back. Simply check Ibotta before you buy in-store or online, travel, eat out, or make a transaction in one of your favorite apps to get cash back.

Ibotta has awarded savers with $1 billion thus far. Join the millions of people who are saving money and getting cash back on their purchases!

To discover more, see my ibotta review!

Here is where you can sign up!


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3. Install the Drop app.


Another of my favorite passive income applications is The Drop. You receive money back on every every purchase you make via Drop! Drop lists around 2,500 retailers from a variety of categories, including several well-known names such as Amazon and Starbucks. Remember that Drop has flash bargains and enhanced offers that you can take advantage of as well.

To discover more, see my Drop app review.

Here’s where you can sign up for Drop! Don’t forget to connect your card to get the most out of the benefits!


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4. Make use of a credit card that offers cash back.


One of the oldest methods to make passive money is to use a cash-back credit card.

If you’re searching for a no-fee credit card in Canada, the Tangerine Money-Back credit card can be a good option. It’s my main credit card, and it gives me cash back on everything I buy, including 2% cash back on three areas of your choosing. I use the card on a regular basis and can’t say enough good things about it.

To understand more, read my Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card Review.

Today is the last day to apply for the Tangerine Money-Back credit card!

Worried that you won’t be able to receive a cash-back credit card because you don’t have enough credit history? Don’t panic; you can develop your credit history with a secured credit card like the OpenSky Secured Visa credit card or the Group One Freedom Platinum Card.


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5. Rakuten offers a cash refund.


In the United States and Canada, Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is another prominent online cash-back purchasing platform.

Rakuten is really easy to use. All you have to know is that if you want to make an online purchase, you must first go to Rakuten’s website and pick the appropriate merchant from there. The merchant’s official website will thereafter be instantly redirected by Rakuten. Alternatively, you may install their browser extension (which I did) and get notifications anytime a cash-back or bonus offer becomes available.

Rakuten lists almost 2,500 retailers across a broad range of categories, including several well-known names such as Dell, Walmart, Chapters-Indigo, and Amazon.

I’ve been a Rakuten customer since 2016, and I’ve never been disappointed!

To get a cash incentive with your first qualified purchase, follow these steps:

If you live in the United States, you may join up here.

If you are in Canada: Here is where you can sign up!


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6. Download and install the Honey browser plugin.


Honey, a PayPal affiliate, is a viable alternative to Rakuten. Honey is a browser plugin that makes it simple to locate internet discounts. It also lets you automatically apply discounts to your purchases, ensuring that you always receive the greatest prices!

With your first qualified purchase, earn 500 Gold ($5 free cash) when you sign up for Honey now!


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7. Sign up for SmartyPlus


The SmartyPlus membership is the ideal partner for online shopping. All of the shops you know and trust provide discounts, protection, and convenience. You may earn $15 cashback on your first purchase and up to 10% cashback with double rewards on subsequent transactions!

Join SmartyPlus now and get a $15 reward on your first purchase!


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8. Open a savings account with a high rate of return.


It’s simple to earn some extra money by opening a high-interest savings account. Chequing accounts from large banks pay very little interest these days, so you’re better off opening one with an internet bank.

If you live in the United States, I propose that you open a free online savings account with First Citizens Bank. Check out my First Citizens Bank review!

If you live in Canada, I suggest you look into EQ Bank. This bank has one of the best savings account interest rates in Canada, and the money may be accessed at any time. EQ bank offers registered accounts such as TFSA and RSP in addition to conventional savings accounts.

To discover more, sign up for an EQ Bank Savings Plus Account here, or read my in-depth EQ Bank review.


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9. Use Acorns to automate your investment.


Investing your money is a simple approach to earn some extra cash. You may gain not just from capital appreciation (i.e., price rises), but also from dividend distributions. Both of these revenue streams are completely passive.

Acorns is the most popular micro-investing app in the United States. It’s a simple program that allows you to invest the money you’ve saved throughout your life. Signing up takes less than 5 minutes, and there is no minimum investment necessary. You’ll be putting your money into a low-cost, diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds and seeing it increase over time. Acorns is appropriate for anybody, even novices, who are searching for a simple way to build their money.

Acorns is providing a $20 incentive when you make your initial contribution for a limited period. Sign up for Acorns right here, or read my Acorns review to learn more!


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10. Sign up for Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a semi-passive method to earn money on the internet. You may earn SBs (short-term bonus points) by performing brief activities. Shopping at your favorite store, surfing the web, doing surveys, watching movies, and playing games are just a few examples. Yes, you read it correctly. You can play video games while also earning money!

The task payments vary depending on the complexity of the assignment. The points may then be exchanged for shop gift cards or cash through PayPal.

The Swagbucks awards have an unusual feature: they can be purchased! On some days, they provide discounts of 20–25 percent on various incentives. Wait until one of these days to redeem gift cards to get the most bang for your money!

If you’re interested in learning more about Swagbucks, read my full Swagbucks review!

Sign up with Swagbucks here and get a $5 bonus!


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11. KashKick may help you make money quickly.


KashKick is an excellent alternative to Swagbucks. KashKick will transfer money straight into your PayPal account for all of your online money-making activities!

The greatest method to get money on KashKick is to do online surveys. Of course, there are other ways to make money, such as discovering amazing bargains, browsing the web, and viewing movies.

To find out more, read my in-depth KashKick review.

Sign up for KashKick right now!


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12. Use the Android app Mistplay to play games.


Mistplay is a fantastic Android software that enables you to earn money while playing games. It’s as simple as installing the app on your Android phone, playing games, collecting Mistplay units, and redeeming gift cards!

If you live in the United States, you may sign up for Mistplay here.

If you live in Canada, you may register for Mistplay here.


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Zynga Poker is number thirteen (Android only)


Zynga Poker is your home for real games, whether you enjoy casual Texas Holdem Poker or competitive tournaments. You may play at a regular 9-person table or a new 5-person table for a quicker game.

There are several ways to get free chips. Simply by installing your new favorite poker game, you may get a welcome bonus of 60,000 FREE chips! In addition, you may win a daily bonus of up to $45,000,000 in in-game money!

Sign up for Zynga Poker now to play exciting poker games with your friends or make new acquaintances online!


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14. Sweatcoin pays you to walk.


Sweatcoin is the most popular workout app in numerous countries, according to its App Store and Google Play rankings. Sweatcoin may be earned by walking or running both within and outside the app.

For every 1,000 steps you take, you will get 0.95 sweatcoins, which you may exchange for cash (through PayPal) or incentives (gift cards, fitness products, Apple watches, FitBit, music downloads, etc.). You will also get 5 sweatcoins for each person you introduce to the program.

To be paid for walking, sign up for Sweatcoin now!


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15. With HealthyWage, you may be paid to reduce weight.


To lose a few pounds, you must put in a lot of effort and attention. If you’re already trying to lose weight, why not make it fun by using HealthyWage?

HealthyWage’s principle is simple: you place a wager on how much weight you can shed. You win real money if you reach your objective!

Keep in mind, however, that you should reduce weight in a healthy way. To gain money, you should never go to extremes. It’s never a good idea.

Become a member of HealthyWage now!


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16. With Stickr, you may be paid for driving your automobile.


Do you want to make some extra money by advertising on your car? What you’re searching for is Stickr. Drive as usual, but with an advertising in the rear window, and you’ll have a solid side income without putting in any effort! Here’s where you may sign up for Stickr.


Find a Qualified Financial Advisor (SPONSORED)

1. Finding a competent financial counselor is not difficult. In only 5 minutes, SmartAsset’s free service connects you with up to three fiduciary financial experts in your neighborhood.

2. SmartAsset has thoroughly vetted each adviser and holds them to a fiduciary standard of acting in your best interests. Get started today if you’re ready to be matched with local experts who can help you reach your financial objectives.

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17. Start a blog.


If you appreciate writing as much as I do, you might consider starting a blog. Although starting a blog requires some active labor at first, as your readership increases, your blog will become a valuable source of passive revenue. For example, I’ve begun to make a decent side income from advertisements (I joined the ezoic ad network), affiliate marketing (I get the greatest returns from Aragon Premium), sponsorships, freelance writing possibilities, and more.

Starting a blog, of course, necessitates the use of several tools. Here are the tools I use to blog:

  • Bluehost is ideal for novices who wish to move from a free platform (so they may begin profiting) while keeping costs low. See why I selected Bluehost as my first hosting provider in my Bluehost review. Here is where you may sign up with Bluehost.
  • NameSilo is one of the most cost-effective registrars and hosting services available. I came upon this firm by chance and have been quite pleased with the results. It’s the name of my current registrar. To get a special discount, use the coupon code “bellawanana” at checkout. Here is where you may sign up for NameSilo.
  • SiteGround is my current web hosting provider. It costs more than Bluehost, but I prefer it because of the SiteGround optimizer plugin, free email addresses, and faster site performance. Here is where you may sign up for SiteGround.
  • Ezoic: I’m a member of this ad network. It pays much more than Google AdSense. Here is where you may sign up for ezoic.


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18. Let what you have go to a good home.


If you want to produce passive income, renting out something you already have, such as a spare room or a vehicle you don’t use much, might be an excellent option. Using applications like Airbnb (for rooms) and Turo (for vehicles) to generate passive income (for cars). If you’re interested, you could even look for a roommate.


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There you have it: the finest passive income applications you can utilize to earn some extra cash on the side. Most of these endeavors involve just a little amount of initial setup, and you can see your money increase while sleeping or doing whatever you choose. What’s not to like about these applications that generate passive income?


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