Investors were caught off guard when the company’s CEO, Jeff Brown, teased a major announcement on social media earlier this month. But CTX is preparing to release positive news for an investor’s favorite stock today.

CEO Jeff Brown of CTX Biotech is teasing a “CTX” related announcement in the next three trading days. Details are scarce, but there will be an update on the company soon.

Jeff Brown is a well-known stock market analyst and has been making some big predictions for the future. Recently, he has released a teaser about his next prediction that will be revealed on December 31st.,

What “CTX” Biotech Stock Is Jeff Brown Teasing? (Revealed)

Hello there, and welcome. Today I’ll be talking about a new video presentation regarding “CTX” technology that Jeff Brown told me about.

In his presentation, Jeff Brown said that CTX is kindling a “biotech revolution,” and that it “may yield tremendous riches” to people who “get into the proper companies.”

What exactly is CTX? Jeff Brown is teasing a stock. Is the presentation authentic?

So, fascinated by his prognosis, I proceeded to investigate these topics.

And I’ll show you precisely what I found in this post.

First, I’ll dissect Jeff Brown’s CTX technological proposal. Then I’ll show you the stock I believe he’s hinting about (including the ticker). Finally, I’ll give you a summary of what he’s selling (The Near Future Report) as well as my thoughts on it all.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What Does “CTX” Stand For? (Examining Jeff Brown’s Biotech Forecast)

The presentation I’ll be addressing is an interview between presenter Chris Hurt and Brownstone Research’s financial expert Jeff Brown.

Also, there are other versions of this presentation floating around.

For example, one version is labeled “The Biotech Revolution,” while another is titled “The Launch,” and still another is titled “Elon’s ‘Final Act.’”

So, depending on the version you’ve seen, some of what I’m going to say may alter from what you’ve seen, but the presentation is largely the same.

In any event, in the version I watched, Jeff Brown started by talking about how Elon Musk “predicted five technologies would revolutionize the world” while he was in college in 1992.

The internet, private space flight, artificial intelligence, and electric automobiles were the first four, according to Brown. According to Brown, the fifth one includes “a very particular section of the biotech world,” which he refers to as Musk’s “last prediction.”

“Four of his five forecasts have proven to be correct. Four of the five have gone on to become worldwide sensations and billionaires.

Elon Musk is now focusing on number five, which is his ultimate forecast.”

What exactly is Jeff Brown on about?

In the lecture, he quoted from a CNBC piece on five items Musk believes would have a global influence. And the report demonstrates that the fifth “prediction,” as Jeff Brown put it, was linked to altering human genetics.

To summarize, Jeff Brown feels that Elon Musk, as well as other billionaires such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, are “rushing towards” a “strange” technology (related to gene editing).

“And I think Elon Musk—and many others, as you’ll see soon—are plunging headlong towards this ‘abnormal’ technology.” They’re putting in as much money as they can and diverting as many resources as they can.”

A “particular occurrence” that is “happening very soon,” according to Jeff Brown, will trigger a “historic boom,” which he also refers to as a “revolution” and “renaissance.”

“Because of a certain occurrence that will occur very soon, a historic boom—a revolution—will occur.” There has been a Renaissance. It will completely transform current medicine. It will completely transform the IT sector. It will forever affect the way you think about the stock market and investing.”

The “event” in question, according to Jeff Brown, is the debut of “C-T-X.” He argues that “zero-zero-one” might be the “beginning of the end of sickness as we know it.”

“I’m referring to the release of ‘C-T-X. Zero-zero-one.’”

Make a note of the name since it will be in history books one day.

It is still operating under a codename for the time being.

But what every top scientist, engineer, doctor, and medical professor knows—what every well-connected tech VC and billionaire knows…

In no uncertain terms, is this ‘CTX’ technology…

“This is the start of the end of sickness as we know it.”

What is “CTX” technology, exactly?

It’s a medical technology, according to Jeff Brown. And, as I found out later in the lecture, the medical technique he’s talking about is gene editing.

A tale of an Oregon lady called Carlene, who was born with a rare eye ailment that rendered her blind, was one of the key examples Jeff Brown used to demonstrate what the technology did. According to Brown, she was given a “CTX” trial run.

“After obtaining this ‘CTX’ trial run…

After spending her whole life blind…

Carlene had noticed.”


“No surgery required.” No pills.

‘CTX’ is a medical technology unlike any other we’ve seen.

Chris, it’s just one injection. That concludes the discussion. Forever.”

Jeff Brown then tweeted a remark from NPR about this “trial run,” which directed me to a story on about a gene-editing experiment that restored color vision to people with eyesight loss.

In summary, the paper focuses on how participants with a rare eye illness (such as Carlene and Michael, both of whom Jeff Brown addressed in his presentation) volunteered for a scientific research. They also allowed physicians to alter their DNA in the study by infusing a gene-editing technique called CRISPR straight into their cells.

According to the NPR piece, the ultimate outcome wasn’t a total reversal of blindness; none of the patients were able to achieve “normal vision.” The trial, according to the paper, allowed them see color again, and other benefits were noticed.

That’s the “trial” Jeff Brown was talking about. If you want to learn more about the trial, check out the NPR item I just linked to.

What is CRISPR-Cas9?

As I previously said, the trial mentioned by Jeff Brown in his presentation employed a gene-editing technology known as CRISPR. So I decided to investigate what was going on.

Furthermore, according to Wikipedia:

“CRISPR gene editing is a molecular biology genetic engineering technology for modifying the genomes of living organisms.”

CRISPR gene editing may be found at gene editing

Because I am not a medical professional, I am unable to describe how this technology works. However, the main notion, as far as I can tell, is that this technology allows scientists to “edit” an organism’s DNA.

What is the connection between this and Jeff Brown’s pitch?

If you follow Jeff Brown’s cues from the presentation, it seems that when he cites “CTX” technology, he’s talking to gene editing and, more precisely, the science underlying CRISPR.

In his recent “Omnia” technological forecast, Jeff Brown suggested a similar scenario with DNA sequencing. His “CTX” presentation, on the other hand, focuses more on how this technology may possibly influence the healthcare industry, and I feel he’s hinting to a different stock.

So, what is Jeff Brown’s forecast?

In other words, he believes “CTX” will “replace medicines and surgery on a vast scale” and “steal over $3.5 billion from Big Pharma” every day.

“CTX and the biotech revolution it is unleashing might soon steal $3.5 billion from Big Pharma every day.” For the remainder of our lives. Over 30 trillion dollars in time. And, in the process, if those at home can buy into the appropriate stocks before the launch, they might amass incredible fortune.”

“CTX” technology, according to Jeff Brown, may be used for “almost anything” and “has over 6,000 ailments in its sights.”

“The technology underpinning ‘CTX’ is a bit of a ‘wildcard.’ It can be used for almost anything.

‘CTX’ has over 6,000 illnesses on its radar, including some of the world’s most prevalent.”


“‘CTX’ is aiming for almost everything. Over 6,000 distinct marketplaces are available. It’s delivering a product that’s better than anything else on the market – arguably the most pleasant and effective medical device ever made.”

To summarize, Jeff Brown believes that this technology has the potential to “give spectacular riches” to investors who buy in the “correct companies” before a specific “launch” takes off, which he subsequently says is tied to the “genesis launch of “CTX.”

“I call the first launch of ‘CTX’ ‘CTX #1,’ since that’s the codename it’s been using in testing.”


“And, according to my study, this is just the beginning of a larger revolution.”

Following CTX #1, we know at least CTX #2, 3, and 4 are in the works.”

What does he mean by “launch”?

The launch that Jeff Brown is referring to is CTX001:

“I’m referring to the release of ‘C-T-X. Zero-zero-one.’”

And, as I’ll explain later, it has everything to do with the business he mentions in the presentation, which is working on a gene-editing technology called CTX001.

What firm is he making fun of?

In a presentation titled “The Biotech Revolution,” Jeff Brown said that he had written the name of “one very exceptional firm” that owns CTX #1. The report is only available to members of The Near Future Report who pay $49.

While this may be a useful service, I was curious about the stock he was teasing without having to join it. So I dug through his hints to see what I might uncover.

I think I know the firm he’s referring about.

Jeff Brown’s CTX Stock Prediction (Revealed)

At first, I assumed Jeff Brown was teasing Editas Medicine, the business featured in the NPR piece I linked to earlier. But deeper inspection revealed that this was not the case.

So I decided to look up the word “CTX001” since it was one of the primary hints Jeff Brown gave earlier in the presentation when discussing the “launch.”

To cut a long tale short, this led me to CRISPR Therapeutics AG (NASDAQ: CRSP). And after looking through the company’s website, I’m certain this is the “CTX” firm that Jeff Brown is teasing.


CRISPR Therapeutics, for example, has a program named CTX001.

The website I just linked to goes into great depth about this initiative, but the point is that it attempts to employ gene editing to cure hereditary disorders.

So, when Jeff Brown said in the presentation, “C-T-X. Zero-zero-one,” he was likely definitely talking to CRISPR Therapeutics’ CTX001 initiative.

And if that wasn’t enough, the following section almost supports my suspicions…

The following is a snapshot from Jeff Brown’s presentation on the “CTX #1” program: is the source for this information.

And the above picture (the section I’ve circled), which was shown in the presentation, was obtained from the CRISPR Therapeutics website, according to this page.

As a result, Jeff Brown’s choice is most likely CRISPR Therapeutics.

However, it’s still plausible that he’s teasing a business.

Why? Because CRISPR Therapeutics and Vertex Pharmaceuticals have joined to co-develop and co-commercialize the CTX001 program.

As of this writing, Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) has a far greater market cap than CRISPR Therapeutics, which is significant since VRTX is a large-cap company.

And the service Jeff Brown is proposing in the presentation, the Near Future Report, concentrates on large-cap companies.

In the end, any corporation might be the culprit.

Crispr Therapeutics comes to mind if I had to pick. Especially considering it has already been, and is on the verge of being, a large-cap stock.

Nonetheless, seeing Jeff Brown’s study “The Biotech Revolution: Stocks to Own Right Away” is the only way to be certain. Because here is where he reveals the name of his stock choice as well as the research that supports his position.

However, as previously said, the only way to get it is to subscribe to The Near Future Report, which costs $49 for a 12-month period.

If you don’t want to do that, the good news is that there are lots of valuable materials concerning each of the firms I listed online.

For example, the Motley Fool has an article on CRISPR Therapeutics that delves into the stock’s investment thesis. There’s also a Zacks Equity Research piece regarding Vertex Pharmaceuticals stock on Yahoo! Sports.

In any case, if you’re thinking of joining The Near Future Report, keep reading.

Because I’ll give you a summary of the service, how it works, and what you receive if you join up in the following part (which is a lot more than one report).

The Near Future Report: An Overview

Brownstone Research publishes Jeff Brown’s main investment advising service, The Near Future Report. The service’s main concentration is on technology and biotech developments, and subscribers get Jeff Brown’s newest research and investment choices in these areas.

Artificial intelligence, robots, synthetic biology, electric cars, and blockchain-related technology are some of the themes he monitors.

He focuses on large-cap growth companies in particular. To put it another way, corporations have a market value of $10 billion or more in the United States.

What does the service entail?

To get started, go to Brownstone Research’s website and sign up for The Near Future Report’s purchase page. If you want to save money, you may enroll via one of his stock teaser presentations, such as the one we’ve been discussing, which would cost you $49 instead of $199.

In any event, Jeff Brown provides you monthly editions of the Near Future Report as a subscription, which include his newest market observations, investment picks, and business analysis.

Aside from that, you’ll get access to a “model portfolio” that includes his most recent suggestions as well as bonus reports.

One of the studies is the one I highlighted before, “The Biotech Revolution: Stocks to Own Right Away.” This report also includes information on numerous other firms he’s following, in addition to his top “CTX” stock choice.

Here’s what Jeff Brown had to say about it:

“One, a tiny biotech company that has created the most crucial scanner since the invention of the X-ray in the 1800s… one that is directly connected to the ‘CTX’ technology.”

“Two, a business that is utilizing the drug ‘CTX’ as the foundation for what might be the world’s most revolutionary cancer treatment.”

“Three, a business whose staff has already acquired six FDA-approved medications.” They’ve now entered the ‘CTX’ realm.”

I wasn’t able to figure out the identities of those firms since, except from the aforementioned indicators, he doesn’t provide anything about them. However, the report goes into further depth.

Should you participate?

If you’re interested in learning more about large-cap growth companies in the tech and biotech area, the program could be worth checking out for $49 per month.

However, after the first 12 months ($129 as of writing), the service will automatically renew at a higher fee, and there’s no assurance it will help you generate money.

Jeff Brown may be an outstanding stock picker, particularly in the IT and biotech sectors, but investing entails risk, and it is still possible to lose money.

Jeff Brown: Who Is He? Is He the Real Thing?

Jeff Brown is a former IT executive and well-known stock picker who manages Brownstone Research’s several services. The Near Future Report is his main service, but he also offers additional, higher-tier services that concentrate on various sorts of investments.

For example, one concentrates on small-cap tech companies and is named Exponential Tech Investor. Another is Unchained Profits, which focuses on cryptocurrency.

I’ve also written on a number of stock teaser presentations he’s put out in the last year. I wrote about his “Omnia” forecast lately. However, I’ve compiled a list of his 2022 forecasts, which summarize the many tech developments Jeff Brown is tracking.

Is he the genuine article?

Some of Jeff Brown’s presentations have seemed a little overhyped to me. However, after reading his free Bleeding Edge weekly and studying some of his forecasts, I’ve come to the conclusion that he is a true expert.

Of course, not all of his suggestions have proven to be successful. However, he is an expert in technology and biotechnology, and he offers excellent advice on a variety of problems.

To be clear, I am not linked with Jeff Brown or Brownstone Research, so whether or not you join his service is irrelevant to me.

If you’re on the fence about joining the Near Future Report, I recommend starting with his free daily Bleeding Edge email.

Because, for starters, it is completely free.

Second, after a few weeks of reading it every day, you’ll probably have a decent idea if the premium service is something you’ll find valuable or not.


Jeff Brown’s most recent presentation is on “CTX” technology, which my research believes is CRISPR gene-editing technology.

I also looked into the hints he gave about the “CTX” equities he’s keen on, and it looks that CRISPR Therapeutics or Vertex Pharmaceuticals are his top picks.

In a report called “The Biotech Revolution,” Jeff Brown reveals more stock recommendations relating to CTX, and the service provides you with continuing tech and biotech investment picks.

At the end of the day, the decision to join The Near Future Report is all yours. But, in any case, I hope that everything I’ve provided in this piece has been useful. Please feel free to comment below if you have any thoughts on any of this.

Jeff Brown is the CEO of “CTX Biotech” and has been teasing his followers with a picture that says “who is jeff brown“. The company’s stock has risen over 6,000% since it’s inception.

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