There are many ways to build a career path and make money. What should you do for work? This blog will help answer this question and give insights into different industries that provide opportunities today.

What should I do for a living? This is a question that people often ask themselves, and the answer can be hard to find. The “what to do for a living quiz” will help you figure out what your best profession would be.

The Ultimate Guide to What You Do for a Living When You Want to Have a Happy, Comfortable, and Financially Free Life

Do you need to decide what profession or career to pursue at this time in your life? I got it. You must make a HUGE choice here. For as long as you live, the decision you make will impact every part of your life!

Your quality of life—both financially and emotionally—is impacted by the profession you pick. Therefore, your career decision should be based on your abilities, interests, desired income, desired amount of free time, and the amount of schooling you are willing to pursue. 

I can assure you that looking into each of these aspects will aid in determining what you should do for a livelihood. Let’s examine each one in more detail and consider some of the occupations that could be the most appropriate for you and your tastes.


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I can recall the time I had to make a professional decision. I had to take into account my unique situation (and you will too!). My spouse spent months at a time away from our house due to his work in the oilfield. Did I also desire a job that required me to go far from our house? How would our future children cope if their parents had to travel constantly?

My response was no. That ruled out a good number of promising professional alternatives. When I eventually became a mother, I knew I wanted a job that would provide me ample time to be with my children. I also want one that offered good pay. I was aware that I like geology. I have a college degree as well. 

After taking all of this into account, I decided to become a teacher. My interest of geology is intimately tied to the fact that I teach high school math and geography. I get to take my kids on school breaks and drop them off and pick them up from school.

I side hustle my way into a better salary category to make up for the decreased teaching pay (from the comfort of my home). I have the opportunity to influence my pupils’ lives and the next generation.

Overall, I feel content and joyful, which is what a profession should make you feel. I am confident in my choice. Let me now assist you in determining what you should do for a livelihood if you want to have a happy life.


What profession should I pursue?

One of the most important life choices, this one is one that virtually everyone must make at some point. Making the proper decision is crucial… No Obligation!

In fact, a poll by Harris Poll for Fast Company revealed that 44 percent of American employees really have intentions to change jobs, while 52 percent are contemplating doing so. 


What if we had the ability to choose wisely from the start? 


“What profession should I pursue?”

Maybe we may broaden our primary question into many more specific ones to assist you make the appropriate choice.


What career should I pursue if I want to be happy?

What profession should I choose if I want to have a healthy life?

What career should I pursue if I want to be debt-free?

What career should I do if I want to be financially independent and never have to worry about money?

What career should I choose if I want to spend a lot of time with my family?

What career should I choose if I want to see the world?

If I never intend to attend college, what should I do for a living?

If I want to work from home, what should I do for a living?


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All of these things need to be taken into account while selecting a profession or vocation. Is there such a thing as the ideal job? one that satisfies all of your criteria? Maybe. perhaps not 

You’ll need to make a list of your desires, needs, talents, and interests before determining which occupations can satisfy them all. See how close to the ideal job you can achieve! 

Before we go through a list of possible job paths, keep in mind that:


• You should like your work.

You won’t have to work a day in your life if you love what you do, as the proverb says. Your occupation should be something you are enthusiastic about if you want to live a happy life.

After all, you do work for the majority of your waking hours. Consider picking a profession that you’ll love and enjoy if you don’t want to feel trapped and disappointed.


• It’s important to be able to afford life.

Why would you select a profession or career where you would have trouble making ends meet? Your goal while working is to support a decent lifestyle, right?

Now, each person’s definition of a “comfortable living” will be unique. Some individuals are naturally thrifty and minimalist. These people can live well without receiving large wages.

Some people, though, may want more out of life. These people need enough money to pay the mortgage on a big house, nice automobiles, holidays, and other extravagances. And it’s absolutely okay. However, if this is your ideal lifestyle, the career you choose must be able to finance it without plunging you into debt.


• It should be compatible with your education and skill level.

You must see a return on your investment if you put in the time, money, sweat, effort, and tears to better your education and skill set. This implies that this aspect is crucial in the debate over “What Should I Do for a Living”!

Are you trained and certified in your area of expertise? Did you attend a trade school to hone your skills in a certain service? Your revenue should then correspond to this!


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67 Jobs (by Category) to Help You Decide What to Do for a Living

It could be simpler for you to choose what career path you’d love and appreciate if you had a list of possible employment. These categories ought to help you focus your search and get the job you deserve.

Keep in mind that the listed wages are only typical base pay and will vary from state to state. Additionally, income may be greater with more training and experience.


Options for Jobs at Home

1. Virtual Assistant ($59,199 in base pay on average annually).

Virtual assistance for organizations to handle meetings, type paperwork, and keep organized. You must have prior experience in business administration (diploma or degree). Additionally, you need to be familiar with administration software.


2. Social Media Specialist ($44, 106 on average per year in base pay)

Do you like maintaining a social media presence and producing content? You’ll appreciate working as a social media specialist after that! Earn a degree in marketing or communications while taking classes in consumer research, advertising, etc.


3. Customer service representative ($49, 690 on average year in base pay)

A CSR position can be ideal for you if you’re strong at communicating with people. All that is required to begin is a high school diploma. The average salary for someone with a FINRA license and Zendesk expertise is higher.


4. Freelance Writer ($53, 402 on average per year in base pay).

When you write for website owners, online periodicals, etc., you might have a flexible schedule. You will be able to work for any wage you like.


5. Blogger ($64, 225 in base pay annually on average)

Why not write for yourself if you want to write? Create your own profitable blog and control your own schedule. When you stick with it, it can be a very profitable profession even if it may only pay you pennies when you first start. Technically, you are not need to have any special skills, but you must be an excellent writer!


6. Vlogger ($67,472 on average annually in base pay)

To start making money with vlogging, choose your specialty, record videos, edit them, then post and market them. There is a chance to make six figures.


7. Web designer ($49, 913 average annual base salary).

Create a beautiful, user-friendly website for customers using your graphic design and technical talents. You’ll need to have some IT experience or training, as well as specific talents like coding.


web designer working on laptop


8. Transcriptionist ($38, 734 on average per year in base pay).

Enjoy typing? capable of typing? Then maybe turning audio into text is the ideal profession for you! All that is required to get started is a high school diploma! Take a look at these top 12 transcription jobs for beginners.


9. Social media content creator and influencer (average annual base salary: $56, 023)

In a technical sense, the aforementioned bloggers and youtubers are content providers. However, because social media content production is a whole different game than blogging and YouTube, I wanted to make a distinction between the two. You can expand your following, advertise sponsored and affiliate material, and earn a ton of money with SO MANY social media sites to select from!




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10. Proofreader ($51, 866 on average per year in base pay)

possess a keen eye? Grammarly sound? You can really be paid to proofread, umm, correct grammar. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline is often required to start the majority of proofreading and editing employment. Check out these 43 jobs for home-based proofreading.


11. Bookkeeper ($53, 402 in base pay on average year).

All financial transactions for a firm are recorded by a bookkeeping clerk. In recent years, bookkeepers have benefited from working from home. A high school diploma or GED is all that is required to get started.


12. Affiliate Marketing Manager ($67, 690 in average annual base pay)

You’ll have the opportunity to lead marketing initiatives for businesses. Connect with content producers to discuss and advertise affiliate programs. Typically, you need a degree in marketing, advertising, or a similar subject.


13. Freelance Graphic Designer ($70, 054 on average per year in base pay).

This position can be a fantastic fit for you if you’re imaginative and skilled with graphic design tools. Although it’s not a must, many graphic designers have degrees in related fields.


14. Online Tutor/Instructor ($53, 929 on average per year in base pay)

Any subject, including academics and cookery lessons, may be tutored. 


15. Owner of a drop-shipping company (Average Annual Base Salary: $61, 359)

With dropshipping, you can run a retail company and accept online orders without having to store inventory on hand. Instead, you will place the order and arrange for the client to receive the goods. It’s a fantastic choice for anybody who wants to be their own boss, and there are no prerequisites in terms of degree or qualification.


16. Create Products for Sale ($49, 263 Average Annual Base Salary)

Do you want to run your own home-based business? Consider producing your own goods to sell! Making candles to sell, printables to sell on Etsy, or even other creative products to sell can be fairly lucrative and, with enough work, result in 6-figure incomes!


17. Baker/Caterer ($43, 671 in average annual base pay)

Home-based bakers and caterers are essentially company proprietors. The income potential is quite strong since they produce a product to be sold! Either enroll in a culinary program or begin your training with a seasoned baker if you want to pursue this career route. The number of self-taught bakers is likewise large.


baker with bread - what do you do for a living


18. Sell Plants ($44,512 on average per year on base pay)

Again, by putting yourself up as a company owner by cultivating plants for sale, you will be removing any possible earnings restrictions. You may grow food, ornamental plants, or even landscape plants. To begin, there is no certification needed.


Trade Jobs with Good Pay

19. Welder ($40, 848 in average annual base pay)

There is always a need for welders. You must enroll in a welding school to get a certificate before you can begin.


20. Electrician ($56, 580 on average a year in base pay)

Electrical contractors might choose to work on residential, commercial, or industrial sites. You may start as an apprentice and learn from a more senior employee after completing a training program to become an electrician.


21. HVAC Technician ($48, 853 on average per year in base pay).

The heating and cooling system of a building is installed, maintained, and repaired by an HVAC expert. A legitimate credential from a college or trade school that is accredited is necessary. 


22. Plumber ($53, 841 in annual base pay on average)

Plumbers have two options: they may start out as apprentices and learn from their masters, or they can enroll in a plumbing program at a trade school.


23. Construction Manager ($78, 183 in annual base pay on average)

A construction project is managed by a construction manager. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline may be held by certain construction managers. Others, though, have risen up the ranks after beginning as apprentices. You may enroll in a variety of courses to strengthen your portfolio.


what should I do for a living - construction manager


24. Home and Building Inspector ($58, 428 on average per year in base pay)

A home and building inspector examines houses to look for damage or potential risks. A high school diploma is required to start. Although it differs from state to state, further training can be required.


25. Crane Operator ($52, 997 on average year for base pay)

To work as a crane operator, you must have a high school graduation and a certificate from an intensive training program.


Carpenter ($56, 876 in base pay annually on average)

You may sometimes be required to have a GED or high school diploma. Additionally, you must enroll in a trade school’s carpentry training course. Additionally, you have the option of becoming a carpenter’s apprentice.


27. Mechanic ($53, 270 on average per year at base pay)

A high school diploma or GED is required to work as a mechanic. The next step is to enroll in a trade school’s vocational training program.



Police Officer ($53, 242 on average year in base pay)

You must be a citizen of the United States and over 21 to work as a police officer. You need a high school graduation and a spotless criminal record. After that, you may enroll in a criminal justice course or the police academy.


29. Administrative Assistant ($45, 376 on average per year in base pay)

To get started, you’ll need a high school diploma or GED. 


30. Teacher ($24, 407 on average per year in base pay).

A bachelor’s degree in an area connected to education is required. Whatever academic area you choose to teach, you’ll need a major for higher levels.


what do you do for a living - teacher


31. Truck Driver ($78, 016 in average annual base pay).

For entry-level positions, many trucking businesses need a high school education or GED. The sort of vehicle you drive and the goods you are delivering will determine the licenses and training that are necessary.


32. Firefighter ($50, 800 on average per year on base pay)

To begin, you must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma, and a valid driver’s license. When you get recruited, you will also need to take extra classes.


33. Babysitter/Nanny ($46, 739 on average per year in base pay)

In theory, you can watch children without having a formal education. However, you should make sure that you have a high school graduation or GED if you want to seem genuine and knowledgeable. After that, you may finish lessons at the American Council of Nanny School and First Aid courses. 


34. Server ($40,391 on average per year in base pay).

Usually, formal schooling is not necessary. A high school diploma or GED, however, is helpful.


Security officers get an average base salary of $51, 569 a year.

Most security companies want a GED or high school certificate. Additionally, you could require a license.


Social Workers get an average base salary of $55, 228 a year.

In addition to earning your social work degree, you’ll also need to get certified by the state where you intend to work.


Accountant ($55, 964 on average year in base pay).

A degree in accounting or a closely related subject is required. You might also begin as a bookkeeper and advance from there.


what should I do for a living - accountant


38. Sales Clerk ($29, 279 in average annual base pay).

There is no need for a degree. A high school diploma or GED, however, is helpful.


Lawyer ($73, 945 in base pay annually on average)

You must get a law degree and obtain American Bar Association accreditation in order to practice law (ABA). Then, in order to practice in your state, you must get a license.


40. X-Ray Technician ($60, 003 in average annual base pay).

To operate with radiological equipment, you must pass examinations and get a certification. A degree from a recognized radiological education program is also required. 


41. Flight Attendant ($32, 680 on average per year on base pay)

A high school diploma or GED is all you need to get started. After being hired, you’ll need to finish specialized training and get certification from a range of programs.


Cool, lucrative non-traditional jobs

42. Phlebotomist ($48, 079 on average per year in base pay).

A phlebotomist is employed in the medical industry. This individual is in charge of taking blood samples from patients for testing, transfusions, or donation. You must have a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED) before enrolling in a phlebotomy training program.


43. Bather/Groomer ($39, 108 average annual base salary).

You may wish to be paid to wash and groom animals if you have a strong passion for them. Applying at your neighborhood shelter or pet shop is a good place to start. Or you could even start your own company.


woman grooming dog


DJ ($50,694 average annual base salary).

For the individual who enjoys having fun and being social, being a disc jockey can be the ideal job. 


The average annual base salary for a party planner is $61, 546).

Party organizers need to be well-organized. A degree in event management, hospitality, or a related profession is common among party planners, although it is not necessary.


46. Photographer ($39, 685 in average annual base pay).

As a photographer, you have a variety of options. Some, like magazine or newspaper photography, call for formal instruction. You may establish your own company page to provide photography services to customers if you’re just naturally talented and have access to a camera.


47. Registered Nurse ($83, 953 in average annual base pay).

You may start your career as a nurse by earning a Bachelor of Science degree, an Associate’s degree, or a certificate from an accredited nursing school. To practice, you’ll also need to get a license. This can be an alternative for you if you have a passion to serve and want a job that pays well and is also satisfying!


48. Warehouse Worker ($40, 818 in average annual base pay).

Since more people are required to organize, monitor, and collect merchandise for delivery as a result of the increase in online shopping, warehouse employees are in great demand. If this seems like a career you’d be interested in, start building up those muscles since you may sometimes need to perform some heavy lifting and movement.


49. Delivery Driver ($64, 023 in average annual base pay).

Delivery people transport goods from one location to another. Obviously, you’ll need a driver’s license in order to work as a delivery driver. You’ll need extra licenses if you need to operate heavier automobiles. You may need to have your high school diploma or GED in order to apply to a corporation for a delivery driver career.


delivery driver


50. Store shopper ($33, 891 on average year in base pay)

Love to purchase but refrain from using your own funds? You can learn to shop, believe it or not! Daily errands for a business or customer must be completed by a store shopper. 


Dental hygienists get an average base salary of $78, 110 a year.

A dentist supervises a dental hygienist. They have tasks like brushing a patient’s teeth on the agenda. You must graduate with an Associate’s Degree from a dental hygiene program that is approved in order to get started. The required licenses may also need to be applied for. 


52. Realtor ($96, 820 in base pay on average annually)

Realtors aid buyers and sellers of real estate. They differ somewhat from real estate agents in that a realtor may also operate as a broker and buyer’s agent and is a member of the National Association of Realtors. To pursue the job of your dreams, you must examine your local area’s requirements and credentials as they differ from state to state. By the way, while their average yearly revenue from commissions is also listed above, realtors are paid a salary.



6 Figure Occupations (above $100,000 each year)

53. Machine Learning Engineer ($132,843 in average annual base pay)

The duty of developing artificial intelligence algorithms for social media, online shops, and other relevant web software and applications falls to a machine learning engineer. A degree in computer science, math, or information technology is required. You must be able to code if you want to follow this professional route, and you must also possess great problem-solving abilities.


54. Full Stack Developer ($103, 865 in base pay annually on average)

Another high-paying IT position is that of a full stack developer. A programmer or web developer that works on both the back end and the front end of a website, software, or app is known as a full stack developer. They are thus responsible for project management as well as user experience in addition to development. You will need a bachelor’s degree at the very least in a relevant discipline.


Numerous other related and corresponding IT careers are widely renowned for earning six figures. These consist of:

55. Software Engineer ($118, 167 average yearly base salary)

56. Front End Developer ($104,440 on average per year in base pay)

57. Back End Developer ($115, 369 average base salary annually)


58. Loan Officer ($180,976 average annual base salary).

A high income and commissions are advantages for loan officers. To get started, you’ll need a high school diploma. Then you may pursue a degree in a related discipline, such as finance, business, or economics.


loan officer


Actuary ($115,382 average annual base salary) is number 59.

Actuaries evaluate and manage risk for companies and organizations using math and statistics from collected data. In the future, this helps shield businesses from financial damage. You must obtain a degree in math, statistics, actuarial science, or a similar field in order to begin on this professional path.


60. Doctor ($219, 061 average yearly base salary)

One of the best-paying job options is becoming a doctor or physician. If you are interested about biology, chemistry, and medicine, you may want to think about attending medical school.


Dentists ($208, 043 in average annual base pay) are number 61.

Dentists earn significant salaries and follow a similar educational route as physicians. 


7 Figure Employment (above $1,000,000 per year)

62. CEO 

CEOs of sizable businesses and organizations make up a large portion of the world’s billionaires. If you want to work at this level, you should acquire a degree in business and put a lot of effort into moving up the corporate ladder. 


63. Entrepreneur 

A CEO/Founder of a firm may be a business owner, however a CEO need not always be a business owner. It goes without saying that with effort and sacrifice, you can build and take any company from nothing to seven figures.


actor or actress 64

The fact that many movie stars are millionaires is no secret. If you love drama and performing, this can be a good career path for you. Just be aware that your chances of being famous are slim, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


movie stars


athlete 66.

Popular sportsmen are well-known for making seven figures annually. This can be a possibility for you to explore if you’re already shown talent in your sport.


66. A clothing creator

Great-earning fashion designers are renowned for being in high demand. This one is for you if you have a keen eye for detail and like fashion and creating.


67. Singer & Performer

Of course, a lot of singers also make seven figures annually. You already know that if you have a great voice, you need to make it your source of income.


Pilots, cooks, and custodians are just a few of the many different occupations. Simply said, there are too many to mention here. There are many options available to you! Check out the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ list of the professions with the quickest rate of growth!


Advice on Finding Your Dream Job

Keep in mind that whichever choice you pick, you’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life. Yes, individuals change careers sometimes, but it’s not ideal since it wastes the time and resources spent on prior schooling. Consider the following considerations to help you make the best decision possible:

• Your passions/hobbies

• Your training

• Your expertise

• How is the work market right now?

• Your principles

• Your long-term objectives and desires


woman working from home with two kids


How to Respond to the Question, “What do you do for a living?” Question

You’ve decided on a job and are now really enjoying your life. You’ll be asked, “What do you do for a living?” for the rest of your life. And there are several methods you might use to respond. 

You should first determine the motivation behind the inquiry before deciding how to respond.

They may do this to attempt to link your profession to how often you attend events, to determine your income, because they haven’t seen you in a while and want to know what you’re up to, or because they want to know how you can afford your opulent lifestyle. These all indicate that they are too curious to be considerate of others’ privacy.

Therefore, your response to the inquiry “What do you do for a living?” may vary on your attitude and the asker. You may decide to respond honestly and comprehensively, providing as much information as you are comfortable with. Or you might provide a cryptic response that is neither correct nor incorrect.

Just keep in mind that, as an autonomous adult, you are under no duty to provide any information about your personal life to anybody.


women talking - what do you do for a living answer



What do you Do for a Living for a Happy & Rich Life FAQs

What factors should I consider before choosing my line of work?

It takes a lot of effort and study to decide what you want to do for a livelihood. Most of the time, investing in education, certification, etc. will need time and money. You must weigh all the options before committing in order to make sure that none of this is squandered.

Consider your passions and interests; if you have to do something you detest each and every day, life will be unpleasant. Consider the lifestyle you want to lead and how much money is required each month to support your expenditures. You should also think about the number of hours you’re willing to put in when deciding what you want to do for a career.

You will be guided in the proper route by all of these as well as some prayer and meditation.


– What jobs am I qualified for?

Anything you put your mind to can be accomplished. As corny and cliche as it may seem, this is really true. However, your level of education or how much time and effort you’re prepared to put into this will determine what you can perform for a livelihood. 

Only certain certifications, licenses, and/or degrees will be necessary for the job of your choosing. When you’ve selected precisely what career path you want to take, examine the abilities required and join up right away after learning more. There is never a bad time to begin.


– How can I support myself if I don’t have a job?

You will need to work for a livelihood unless you are the lottery winner or get a sizable inheritance. However, there may be some possibilities available to you if your goal is to earn a livelihood with very little work.

To earn money every day with little to no “labor,” you might look into passive income possibilities. Or maybe your concept of earning a livelihood without a job is to quit your job and start your own business. 

In this case, you’ll want to consider starting your own business, Options for Jobs at Home, and even non-traditional “jobs” like a social media influencer or becoming a YouTuber.


– Tell me about your occupation.

Depending on your state of mind and who is asking, you may decide how to respond to the question “What do you do for a living?”

You might decide to respond in a proper and enlightening manner by stating your position and regular duties. You may also respond ambiguously. Alternatively, you might completely avoid the question. You are not required to provide any information about your personal life to anybody as an independent adult.



I Don’t Want to Work Anymore! (Here’s why & What you can do)

How to Get Rich Quickly

How to Make Candles at Home and Sell Them for Extra Money



Final thoughts on what career I should choose

I hope that after reading my answers to this and other questions on what to do for a livelihood, you have enough knowledge to choose a rewarding and successful career path.

Too numerous to mention here, there are literally hundreds of profession alternatives to pick from. Always keep in mind that “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” while making your decision.

So, if you desire a prosperous and happy life, what do you do for a living? Have you made up your mind yet? Have you have any further advice for us? Tell us in the comments section below. Please get in touch with us.

For more money discussions, advice on living simply, and ideas for side hustles, follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.


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What profession should I pursue? (67 Jobs for a Happy & Rich Life)

The “what should i do for a career” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question depends on what the person wants to do with their life. Some people want to work in a creative field, while others want to make money.

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