YouTube marketing is a great tool for businesses. It’s easy to target consumers, and it works as a low-cost alternative to advertising on TV or newspapers. But how can YouTube help your business? How do you know if it will work for your company?

YouTube has created a new subscription service called YouTube Premium. The 3-month free trial allows users to watch videos in 4K HDR and ad-free on the go.

YouTube Premium 3-Month Free Trial

Google is giving a free 3-month trial of its YouTube Premium membership for a limited period. This is for you if you’re sick of seeing adverts while binge-watching YouTube videos.

Ninja Update 3/16/22: Best Buy is giving a free 3-month trial of YouTube Premium for a limited time. The following is a link to the website.

What Does YouTube Premium Include?

YouTube has become the place to go to see everything video-related since its introduction in 2005; viral videos, memes, music releases — you name it, YouTube has it.

However, it is still a company that has to produce money, therefore it has been increasing the number of advertisements in its films. YouTube is beginning to feel like watching television: you get to a thrilling scene and then… advertisements.

Enter YouTube Premium, a monthly membership service that allows you to view videos without being bothered by advertisements. It also has additional advantages!

In comparison to ordinary YouTube, YouTube Premium has three major advantages:

  1. You may view as many videos as you like without being interrupted by advertisements.
  2. Downloads are the ability to save and view your favorite videos while you’re not connected to the internet.
  3. Listen to music ad-free and offline with YouTube Music Premium.

YouTube Premium benefitsYouTube Premium benefits

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Where can I sign up for a free YouTube Premium trial?

Direct Access

Note from the Ninja: Do you like taking advantage of free trials? Other ones may be seen on our website here.

If the offer does not appear when you click the link and instead displays a one-month free trial, try doing it in private mode. For some readers, this strategy is effective, and a few have even received a four-month promotion!

When you sign up, the 3-month clock starts ticking, and at the conclusion of the third month, YouTube will charge you the standard amount of $11.99 each month.

YouTube Premium 3-month trial offerYouTube Premium 3-month trial offer

Ninja Tip: Don’t make things too difficult for yourself. Cancel your subscription as soon as possible after signing up. You’ll still receive the three months for free, but it won’t automatically charge you for the fourth month.

Best Buy offers a free 3-month YouTube Premium trial.

Promotional Code for Best Buy

Best Buy is offering a free trial of YouTube Premium for a limited period. The free trial is for the same 3-month period as the YouTube promotion, so if the main link doesn’t work, try the Best Buy link!

What Happens If I Don’t Get The Free 3-Month Trial?

You may also save money by choosing one of two additional alternatives. YouTube also provides the following services using the same link:

  • Student Plan: one-month free trial followed by $6.99 per month (requires .edu email address)
  • Family Plan: $17.99/month after a one-month free trial (up to 5 family members)

What Is the Process for Cancelling My YouTube Premium Subscription?

Click on your profile icon on or in your YouTube app. There will be a drop-down menu. You may cancel your subscription by going to the “Paid memberships” section and selecting it.

You can also go to it here if you’re a lazy ninja.

Other free trials include:

Final Thoughts

I recently signed up for this offer, which is worth $36. Not only do you save money, but you also save time by not viewing advertisements.

I have opened a YouTube channel for The Money Ninja, which you are welcome to visit and subscribe to. I’m going to start making videos shortly!

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